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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Masoom Servant ki chudai ki Kahani or larki ki teal torri (Super hot Sex Story)

Masoom  Servant ki chudai ki Kahani or larki ki teal torri (Super hot Sex Story)

Mera naam sandeep hai aur mein ludhiana ka rehna wala hun.Hamary ghar mein ek servant hain jai krishan us ki beti safai karna ati hain. Servant beti hamaray ghar safai keliye chor kay kisi aur ghar chali jaati thi. Us ka naam sohana tah, uski umer 20 saal thi, rang gor aur smart thi, kiya batao, kya bataaon bohet khoobsurat thi jab bhi maa ghar se bahar jaati thi mein us ke badan ko dekhta rehta tah, woh bartan dho rahi hoti thi to mein glass pakrnay ke bahana se us ki gand ko touch karta tah.Ek din maa ko kisi ke ghar jaana tah aur ghar mein koi nahi tah mein tution keliye gaya. Janay se pehle maa ne kaha ghar jaldi ajana isliye ghar mein sohana akeli hogi, usay us din maa ne sohana ko ghar nahi jaanay diya kyu ke us ko khana banana tah.

        Is tarha woh rukh gayi. mein tution say jaldi hi farig hogaya aur us din soahan ko chodnay ka pura plan banaliya, jab mein ghar gaya to woh chawal saaf karahi thi, us ne khana pakany keliye cholay pay rakhnay lagi to mein ne usay kaha ka uper ajao mein tumhe acha music sunata hun. Ek cheez batana bhool gaya usay music bohet pasand tah. Mein usay computer walay room mein le gaya aur usay aisay hi batain karnay lag gaya. mein nay compute mein kuch desi pics open ki us ne bola yeh kiya open kardiya aap nay.usay shoulder se pakra aur bed mein dakha diya aur usay paglon ki tarha choom ne laga. Us ne bohet rokhnay ki koshish ki phir woh khuwaar hogayi aur choomna pasand karahi thi.

Mein choomtey choomtey us ke chahti tak agaya aur us ke chahti ko dabadiya aur dupatta durr fekh diya aur qameez utarni ki poori koshish ki magar nahi hosaka.Fir us ki qameez utaar hi di aur chahti ke uper chooma aur us ke jism pay haath phernay laga woh khamosh hogayi aur kuch kar nahi paa rahi thi. May ne usa ka bra bhi nikaal diya aur us ke ni!pples ko choosnay laga, us ko maja anay laga aur ahista ahista awaj nikal ne lagi aah uhhh. Shalwar ko neeche ke taraf keech diya aur poorey kapray utaar diye aur woh nangi hogayi. Is tarha mein pagal hogaya aur chahti choosnay laga us ke baad mein ne apnay kapray utar diye us ne mera lun apnay haath mein liya aur mera lun choosnay lagi aur ek dum mast hogayi.

fir mein ne apna haath liya aur us ke choot mein fer ne laga us ko bohet maja araha tah.Sohana ko mein ne bed pe leta diya aur us ke baal pakar kar us ke sir ko agay peechey kar raha tah fir mein ne apna lun nikala aur us ke choot mein jab dala to rohney lagi fir mujhe ehsaas hua kanwari ladki ke ander itna bara lun daalna asaan kaam nahi aurat ko dard jaroor hota hain fir ahista ahista andar kiya aur woh ek dum madhosh hogayi.Sohana jab is ki aadhi hogayi fir boli ke sandeep jaan ab aap tezi ke saath andar daalon aur mein ne jhatka dena shuru kardiya aur is tarh woh awaaj nikal ne lagi oohhh sandeep majah araha hai aur karo bus karte raho mein bhi karta raha aur majay leta raha, baar baar kehne lagi mein mar gayi jaan mein mar gayi sandeep kya mast lun hai tumhara mujhe bohet maja araha hain. mein ne kaha haa jaan is mein to maja hi aata hain.

Fir mein ne chahti ko choosna shuru kardiya aur chooste choostey niche tak agaya aur choot ko chaatnay laga to aur sohana mast hogayi fir lun andar dala aur mein maja karta raha fir jab mein ne time dekha ke maa aney wali hongi to jaldi ne apna maal paani us ke choot mein bhar diya aur kaha tum ab ghar jaon apnay. Us ke baad woh nahi ayi kyu ke woh kisi ko mun dekha nahi sakti thi kyu ke woh maa ban gayi thi ab sirf contact phone mein hota hain yah mein akele mein milta hun.Aap ko yeh kahani kesi lagi,

agr apko b aesa he maza chahiye to mjy mail karain. meri email ha App merii dosrii stories b parhain. Apko bht anand ayega.

Saturday, 16 January 2016



After a lapse of long period I am again here at the behest of my net friends, who are searching my love making stories, they often write to me about it. So here is your friend This story I have written as explained by the woman character of my story. This is because I wanted show the heart felt sorrows of her life.
Hi, my name is Anjani, I originally hail from Gujarat.
I have settled in Hyderabad after my marriage. I got married early at my age of 20. My husband is in automobile business along with his family members. Ours is a joint family. My marriage was a happier one as everybody would respect and care me well. But this didn’t continue for long. After few years I lost peace of mind. The reason was that I was unable to conceive.
We carried many tests and done many medications, but nothing resolved. Even at the age of 25 years I was unable to have a child. The family was blaming me for the same. My in laws are very orthodox and I was not allowed to go out without having any family member with me.
I have no way but to pray god for my help. My parents are very poor and stayed at Ahmedabad. They are so poor that they were unable to even visit me at such a long distance from Ahmedabad. My parents were also praying God to save me from this curse.
Many tests were conducted again and again. Doctors were changed. Once a gentleman doctor told me, when I was alone in his chamber, that there is nothing wrong with you, but your husband has low sperm counts and the sperms present are not active. So, there are least chances of becoming pregnant.
My in-laws kept telling me that I am sterile. But I knew the truth. My education and my parents’ poor conditions restrained me from confronting with them about this issue. I have overheard my in laws discussing to divorce me and send me to my parents on any pretext before sending divorce notice. I have tears in my eyes when they use to say me bad words, I didn’t have any alternate, but to sit before almighty God to pray to help me.
During this time, may be God heard my prayer or what. God sent Prakash to me. He was in forties. He is from Ahmedabad. He used to visit Hyderabad for his software business with Chandrababu Naidu Government (he was CM that time).
Many times my parents use to send things for me through him. As he was a towering personality and relations with state Government and personal relation with CM, my in-laws use to try to have good relations with Prakash uncle. Yes, I used to call him like that because he was elder to me. In fact he was very friendly with me. He told me that you can call me Prakash uncle when your in laws are around. Otherwise call me just Prakash and treat like a friend.
He was in a distant relation with my father. Due that relation my father is an uncle for him. When ever he uses to come to Hyderabad, my MIL use to tell him that, instead eating in hotels he should eat at our place.
He was staying in a three star hotel. Later he hired a flat in vicinity of our house. After few visits, Prakash uncle accessed everything. He informed my parents about my plight; they were too much worried but could not do anything. They talked to me on phone and cried but couldn't do much.
I can understand that they were worried about if, I were driven out of the house. Since than my parents use to wait for Prakash’s visit fromHyderabad and hear about my well being. Whenever my parents call me Prakash used to be the centre of their chat.
Next time when Prakash uncle came to our home at noon, I was alone at home. My MIL has told me to treat Prakash uncle well in her absence. My MIL was whole and sole in the house. Her words were final. She was too eager to have good relations with Prakash uncle.
At noon, when we both were alone in the house, I asked him that why you told everything to my parents. He convinced me that it was utmost necessary, from social as well legal point of view. That day I was unable to control my feelings and I burst out in tears. He held me in him. Caressed me and pressed me to tell everything about my problem about not conceiving.
He was so convincing and he treated me so well that I told him everything. I also told him that I have heard them talking about divorcing me. For the first time in my married life, I got such a solace from some one from my relative. He was all the time caring and caressing me. I liked his embrace. When he kissed me, I melted in him. I didn’t find anything sexual in it.
He asked me, Anjani do you have faith in me? I said yes. He said, from today onwards you treat me as your best friend. I will find the best available solution for you. If you do as I say, only than you can save your marriage, otherwise this people may either bring unofficial wife for your husband, or may give you divorce.
I promised him to do what ever he tells. When I went to say him bye at the door, I embraced him voluntarily and sobbed once again. He caressed me again, and kissed me saying Anjani, forget all your worries, from today it’s my problem. I will solve it.
During his next visit, he somehow figured the discussion about this before my mother in law in presence of my husband. I was in the kitchen but my ears were with them. Prakash proposed to get both of us checked with a well known doctor of Hyderabad, who has international fame for such problems. My MIL agreed and said, if you are taking them with you, I don’t mind at all.
My husband knew that this doctor normally give appointments after two or three months. Prakash took us to there with just a call to the doctor. When we reached to the reception lounge, the receptionist stood up and welcomed everybody. She straightway led us to the doctor’s chamber.
After all the routine check up and looking to the reports doctor gave us fresh prescription. The doctor was very good and talked to us so nice. He told us to come after a month. Prakash ventured and said; sure I will bring them with me, so that again I will have privilege to have coffee with you. The doctor said, than why not come after fifteen days? Everybody laughed.
We took leave from the doctor. Out of doctor’s office, my husband asked me if I can go home alone by taxi. His office was very near from there. Prakash said, don’t worry Ramesh I will leave her home, he said that he is going to his apartment, which is very near to our house.
I and Prakash went to his apartment. I knew my MIL has gone to some distant place to attend a function and she was not going to be back before evening. I was coming to his apartment for the first time. Though he was staying alone it was three times in size than ours. He had an old man as a part time servant.
We settled in the living room. We were sitting on two sofas, on the corner of each sofa. During coffee I asked Prakash, do you feel that this medicine will work? Prakash looked away from my face. His voice suffocated, he cleaned his throat and meekly said. No, Anjani, I am sorry, but in your absence, doctor told me that you need some other person’s sperms to conceive. Prakash was feeling low and his eyes became wet. Seeing his feelings for me I was moved. Though I was also upset from inside, I controlled my self a little.
I put my palm on the palm of Prakash and said, Prakash you are so good to me. He looked at me smiling meekly. He again tried to get his composer and said, Anjani, now you have to think in this line only. The only way left for you is to conceive with the sperms of other person. Now it’s your choice, with whose sperm you want a child.
He made me understand how sperm banks work. He also told me the pros and cons of such things. He told me that it’s advisable to have sperms from some one known to us. Though that is also having few problems, but one must find a way out of it.
We discussed many things about it. He sighted examples of ancient Indian history and myths. Showing who was father of whom, officially and unofficially. The summing up of the discussion was that one should opt to have father from some one known and very confidential and reliable too.
Prakash asked if I wanted to chat with my parents. Because from here I can chat at length and promise them that things will be alright. I agreed and talked to my parents on phone. The phone lasted very long. They became very emotional on phone. I too became emotional. I controlled my emotions still last moment, but as soon as I disconnected, I burst in to tears and started sobbing.
Prakash came next to me, and tried to console me. He consoled me very nice. I was fully in him. I was sobbing. I didn’t find anything wrong in his kissing me while wiping my tears. I loved him solacing me. When I stopped crying and composed a little, I responded him with a nice kiss.
He took my face in his palms and caressed my face. He looked deep in my eyes, and said, Anjani I love you. I embraced him tight and hide my face in his wide chest. I felt my self in to a real man’s arms for the first time in my life. I liked to stay like that for a while. My breath became heavy.
My heart was trying to jump out; I didn’t know whether that was due to joy. But I was sure that this man told me these words from the bottom of his heart. He raised me from the sofa. We both were standing now. He started kissing my face again; I was looking deep into his eyes again. I felt that I am melting in him.
His palms started to travel on my curves. He put his lips on my lips. He just caressed my lips with his lips. We both have eyes wide open. I was looking at his feelings while kissing me. I have never felt such sensations with my husband. Not even at our honey moon. He was always in hurry.
My arms went around his chest. I pulled him towards me. I let my boobs get crushed in him. I smiled, he smiled. I widened my lips a little; he took my upper lip between his lips. I took his lower lip between my lips and both eagerly sucked each other’s lips. He leaves my upper lip and took both my lips between his lips and sucked, I pushed my tongue in his mouth.
He started sucking my tongue; we were both doing it like as if we both were hungry. I knew about my self. I was really hungry. For the first time in my life, I was giving all these beautiful treatment. My husband is so conservative that I can’t take any initiative while making love. For him it was a rare night ritual and that too, it was never a love making for him. It was a sex act for him. He wanted to satisfy him self, never cared about me.
Prakash kissed my neck. He kissed behind my ear; he took my ear lob in his mouth. He fondled my ear lob. He did bite it with his teeth lightly. That was a pleasure for me. I said oh. He kissed me at my cleavage. He tries to feel my boobs while kissing my cleavage. That was a nice view. His head on my boobs made me shiver. I held his head over there. He opens up my blouse. I helped him to remove my sari.
We proceeded towards bedroom. As we walked towards bed room another end of my sari was following us. We were walking in unison. Holding each other and kissing and smooching each other. He locked the bed room from inside. Soon I was without sari and blouse.
Prakash looked at me and said, Anjani you are a sex goddess. I knew he is not flattering me. I am fair, five feet three inches tall, well built though not puffy any where. My breasts are perfect round like a teenager. My husband never cared to treat them. Just occasional smooching them were enough for him.
Prakash pulled the string of my petticoat. It fell down. I came out of it, and stand erect with one palm on my waist and another on my bum on my back. He smiled looking at me. My pussy was clean shaven.
I did it anticipating to be checked by the doctor. I knew now onwards my doctor is Prakash. Prakash respectfully led me towards bed; I started removing his shirt and also try to open his pants. He helped to undo it. I pulled his jockey down. We both were in birthday suits. His thick big cock erect and pointing the ceiling. I embraced him tight and said, Prakash please make me pregnant. You are my choice.
I started kissing his manly chest. Caressed his chest, and said, Prakash you are confidential and reliable too. You are my best friend. You are the only care taker for me in Hyderabad. I kissed his neck. I caressed his back. We both lay in the bed. I was flat on my back.
He came over me. He caressed my face looked in my eyes. He said, Anjani I love you. I said, I know that Prakash. Saying so I caressed his head, caressed his face and pulled him near me. We were lip locked and started sucking each other. I wrapped my legs around him. His hard cock was pressed on my triangle. I was very happy to have such a big beautiful cock to serve my pussy. I was eager to have it in me.
His palm traveled on my curves. Some moments ago also he had assessed my curves, but this was all to gather a different feeling. This one is skin to skin contact. Every move of his palm was sending different sensation to my nervous system. His each caress use to send tingling to my sensations. I loved it.
His one palm was caressing my cheek, which I loved the most. Another palm started the tour from my neck to shoulder to my arm, to my waist and again back upward, I raised my arm and he caressed my armpit so lovingly. His face moved towards my armpit. He sniffed me there. I was shocked for a moment; I have never heard any man doing this. He looked at me and said, Anjani, you smell so good.
Immediately after saying this he went back there. He nuzzled me there and kissed my armpit. This was too much for me. Every atom of my cells started to respond to this sensation. My full body cells started to receive signals. He caressed my shoulder.
His face was now in front of me. He kissed my chin than below my chin. He kissed my front neck. He went lower. I knew I am going to melt when he will kiss my boobs. He went lower and lower, I raised my head to look, where is he kissing now. He was master of all the masters of this game.
He kissed just between two boobs. He started licking me there. Oh this man is too much. His tongue travel around the left boob, making it wet. Now his tongue started moving around right boob. My both boobs were dripping with saliva applied by him knowingly.
I was wondering what he is going to do after making them wet like this. He started caressing my boobs with his cheek. His face was moving from side to side on my boobs. This was just fantastic. I was caressing his hair and head continuously as approval to his love making.
Boobs lubricated with saliva and his cheeks, his nose, his eyes his chin everything caressing both my boobs including nipples made me cum. I was Cumming and Cumming and Cumming, but that was not my climax. Just my love juices were flowing like a stream from my pussy.
I never had such a thing in my entire life. I was moving my ass up and down to feel his cock around my pussy. He started kissing my nipples for a while and than kissed my boobs one after another. Than he started the tour again, he kissed my belly button. Kissed around my belly, kissed my naval kissed my lower naval.
He was around my pussy but leaves that and started caressing my thighs. He caressed my thighs one after another. He kissed the insides of thighs, back towards pussy again. My pussy is beautiful. My outer lips tightly closed, you can’t see inner folds till I widen my legs too much and widen outer lips with my fingers. He kissed around my outer lips. He started licking me there.
He kissed the corner from where my thighs starts, he kissed both the corners, just below my pussy. I was shivering expecting him tongue on my outer lips. And he licked them. He devours them so nice. He took my whole pussy in his mouth and sucked it full for a moment. The sensation was unbelievable. I was constantly watching his doings, by raising my head a little every time I expect new thing to happen.
He now started lapping my slit. I raised my legs and made them move in the air. I widened my pussy lips with fingers of both my palms. My beautiful labia open up for him.
I have very small labia. But they are so sensitive. As he licked there pressure started building in me. His tongue licked my clitoris, and I started convulsing. I climaxed. I stiffened. I locked his head in between my thighs and my legs around his head, my feet on his back.
He stopped doing anything except sucking my love juices. A continuous stream of thick love juices started flowing from my pussy. I felt all the cells of my body wanted to greet this moments by sending their contribution in the form of a fluid. And that fluid was rushing from whole of my body towards my pussy via my spine.
After a long time it was subsiding slowly. I gathered some composer and looked towards him. I can just see little of his head. I put my palm on his head and caressed. I loosened my self and removed my legs and widened them. He looked at me smiling.
I was happier than him; still he was smiling more than me. May be he was glad that I am happy. I said, Prakash that was awesome. You made me happy. My eyes were calling him upward. He came upon me. Again our bodies mingled. I took my arms around his neck; he let his one arm go between us. He caressed his cock, which was crushed between us till now; still it was hard and wanted to finish its crusade.
He aimed his cock and pushed a little, my pussy was willing to accept it. His cock head nestled in the folds of my woman hood. I started showering kisses on his face. Kissed his cheeks, kissed his eyes, kissed his forehead, kissed his neck, put my lips on his lips and sucking his lips. He soon responded by pushing his tongue in my mouth
Tongue moving in my mouth. Cock moving in my pussy. He pulled and pushed. Pulled and pushed. He repeated this several times. His thick cock was taking time to get adjusted in my virgin like neglected pussy.
This fat strong cock was making me feel proud today of my womanhood. I was sure to mother a beautiful boy just like Prakash. I calculated my fertility days. Yes I was in fertile periods.
I try to match his each strokes with my upward stoke. I felt like in heaven. He started moving faster and faster. He was making nice love to me all this time.
Looking lovingly at me and kissing my lips, some time kissing my forehead, some time kissing my cheek, some time kissing my neck, some time fondling my ear lobs.
He started fucking my pussy faster and faster, I was moaning loud and talking absurd things about the child and would be father. He took one full boob in his mouth sucking it harder fully, and giving harder strokes. Another palm was kneading another boob. I was saying Prakash, you are my love, I love you Prakash.
He said I love you too Anjani. Anjani, you are my love. Assuring me he said Anjani I shall love you for ever, and never let you feel neglected. Anjani you are a gem. I love you Anjani. He went on saying all such beautiful things to me. His words were making me feel high and fly in the sky, his love making was making me float in the air.
Pressure started building up in me again. My full body was responding to my feeling for my love for Prakash. I started convulsing. I stiffened, every part of my body became like dead. I locked Prakash with my legs and took a tight embrace.
I closed my eyes. I was passed out and was in another world. The same time Prakash started sending wads and wads of hot stream. He was pouring baby making sperms in my womb. It was hot. I knew I was going to over flow with such a huge quantity.
We both stopped doing anything. We both were in each others tight embrace his arms around my shoulders and holding me as if holding a baby from shoulders. I was feeling his pubic bone above my pussy. We both were out of this world for quite a long time. When we both came to senses, we looked at each other.
I can see his love for me in his eyes. We both started kissing and smooch each other. I was soothing his face with my palm. Our kisses stopped for a while, we looked at each other again and we can’t resist our emotion to kiss each other again and again. His hard cock still deep buried in me. He knowingly twitched cock inside, and looked at me. I smiled at him sensing it. I caressed his face lovingly and said he is also happy like me. Prakash said I am also happy to have a nice friend like you in my life.
We came side by side; we lay like that for a long time, kissing caressing each other. We did chat for a long time. We also planned our future meetings initially in the name of meeting doctor.
We also planned how to make my in laws feel free to let me go to his place occasionally. He told me that, he will bring my parents in this apartment and let them use as their own house, so that I can also come here like my parents house.
We cleaned ourselves and we got ready, we reached my home. My MIL was not expected yet. I have kept the food ready for me and Prakash. We had nice lunch to gather. After lunch we again had a nice love making session in my bed room. That was in a way more arousing and we used different positions. After getting dressed properly, we were sitting like lovers, cuddled in each other, pressed and caressing each other. That day we spent all the time to gather.
He prepared to leave after my MIL came. He frankly told to my MIL that doctor has promised that you will be becoming grand mother soon. My MIL was all joyous and happy. Prakash told that he will stake claim for a big gift. I was having smile in my heart, but I can’t let it come on my face. He told me to take medicines regularly.
Before leaving he gestured to bow before my MIL. In turn I bowed to the feet of Prakash. He blessed me with nice words. While leaving he told me to be ready after fifteen days to visit the doctor again, this he knowingly told so that my MIL can understand that I have to go with Prakash after 15 days.
After fifteen days Prakash came with my parents. He took out air tickets for my parents; he took special care that no body knows that he has taken out tickets for them. In the name of visit to doctor, he took me to a five start hotel. We enjoyed there for more than six hours.
Our love making continued till I became pregnant. It was just after 4 months. We did visit doctor also, and in the name of visiting doctor we enjoyed in the same hotel repeatedly. When my parents left for Ahmedabad, we enjoyed at his residence. When my parents stayed in Hyderabad, in the name of staying with parents, I stayed with them. At night after my parents go for sleep, we use to be in the same bed till early morning.
My life was totally changed. After getting pregnant also I made love with him till the last month. We took all necessary care as per our doctor advised us. Prakash insisted to fix the same doctor for my delivery also. At the insistence of Prakash, I delivered the boy at the same hospital. My parents stayed at Prakash’s house after 7th month.
They stayed two months more after delivery. The first person to see the face of my son was Prakash only. We both knew it’s our child. He took utmost care for the kid and me both. As per our ritual the first delivery expenses are borne by parents of the girl. Prakash spent money without looking back.
Prakash is the light in my life. Without Prakash my life is a big zero. I am indebted to Prakash. Today I am happy due to Prakash only. We are still having same relations. His business has increased manifold during all these 3 years. My son is calling Prakash as uncle, but I know that means papa and nothing else.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

13 Saal ki umar mein TEACHER KI Chudai kii

12 Saal ki umar mein TEACHER KI Chudai kii

I m Hamza from Kashmir . Us time mairi age 13 thi aour main 8th main parta tha. Mairy ghar k saath main mairy dad k cousion ka ghar hay Un ki 3 sisters hain 2 ki shadi ho chuki thi aur 1 ghar main thi aur wo pharti thee.Us ka name Lubna tha aur Un ki umer us time 21 sal ha howi ho gi. Main jab bhi ussay daikhta to maira “Lun” khara ho jata. Us k figures 38, 26, 36 tha jo us ney mujhey baad main btaya. Us ki “Gaand” aur Mammy bohat hi sexy they aur jab wo chalti to us ki “Gand” hilti thi yahee daikh k maira “Lun” khara ho jata. Lakin us time mujhey “Choudai” k bary main kuch khas information nahi thi. Main jab bhi us k paas sy guzrta to us ki “Gaand” ko ya body k kissi b part ko touch karta lakin wo koi response na daiti. Kabi kabhaar jab wo neechy hotee to main chori chori us k “Mammy” b daikhta jo mujhey bohat achy lagty thy. Wo jab akailay main mujhey milti tou mairy gaalon pay bharpoor kiss karti but jab koi hota to bohat seriously behave karti us ki kiss k doraan main kabi kbi us k “Boobs” ko b touch karta lakin mujhey bohat dar lagta tha. Jab main us k boobs ko touch karta to mairy pury jism pay kapkapi tari ho jati.
Maira dil bohat chahta k main Uss k “Breasts” ko pukrooon, Gaand py hath pairoon lakin……………… Taqreebn 2saal tk yahee silsla chalta raha. Main us ki Gaand ko daikhta raha aour mouqa milty hi ussy choo k us ka maza b laita. Aik din mairy dost ny mujy “Hand Practice” ka tareeqa btaya jo main ny ussi din school k toilet main hi try kia laikn choutny sy paly hi bahir nikal aya k ghr ja k karooooon ga. School sy wapis aa k apny room main kapry change karny aya. Main pent uttar k apny “Lund” ko sahla raha tha aour ussi k khyaloon mian gum tha k Room ka door khula main jaldi sy underwear panny lagga to daikha k Lubna wahan khari hy wo hansty howay wapis chali gai lakin mujy bohat shirmandgi mahsoos ho rahi thi main ny Trouser pahna aour bahir jany k bajay wheen so gia. Bahir kaisy jatta wo abi hamary ghar main hi thi. Us k baad main kafi din un k ghar b na gia. Thory dinoon baad mairy mid terms ho rahy thy.
Main Math k paper ki tayyari kr raha tha k Lubna mairy paas aai aur muj say pocha: kal kis subject ka paper hy?
Kal nahi Parsoon Maths ka hy.
Agar kuch smjna ho to main tumari help kr skti hon: Uss ny kaha
Main to hamaisha us k paas jany ka mouqa dhoonda krta tha lakin us time main ny kaha nahi mujy kuch nahi smjna. Main tution laita hon es lia mujy help ki zroorat nahi hy.
Wo boli: Tum Us din k baad hamary ghar kion nahi aaay?
Kis din k baad ? (Halannky main smj chukka tha kis din ki baaat kr rahee hy).
Jb tum kapry change kr rahy thy aour main tumary roooom main aaai thi.
Main kuch na bola.
Lubna: Ab bhoool jao us baat ko Ghalti mairi thi mujy knock krna chiya tha. Chalo ab main tumaiaan Math krwati hon.
Abi nahi main shaam ko aap k ghar aaooon ga.
To Lubna boli: Chalo yeh theek hy.
Main shaaam ko dinner k baad un k ghar gia aour ghar main bta dia main Math krny jar aha hon.
Main jb wahan poncha to wo mujy apny room main ly gai aour pochny laggi koan c exercise krni hy.
Main ussy kia btata mujy to sari hi aaati thien khair mian ny aik exercise btaati. Main aaj us k samny najany kion kuch nervous b ho raha tha. Us ki Aankhoooon main kuch aisa tha main jb uss ki tarf daikhta to kuch ajeeb sa feel hota. Us ny kaha chalo paly dinner krty hain phir start lain gy. Main ny kaha nahi main khana kha chukka hon. Wo chali gai.
Wo jb khana khany gai to main us k room ki tlashi lainy lgga. Uss ki almari sy mujy us k brazier aour underwear mily. Main ny bra utha k sungi to us main us pagal kr dainy wali khushbooo aa rahi thi uss k jism ki. Bs phir kia tha maira Lun khara ho gia main us ki brazier ly k us k bed py baith gia. Ussy ulta palta k daikh raha tha k wo kamry main aaa gai wo khana yaheen ly aai thi. Mairy aik haath main us ki bra thi aour 2sra haath Lun py tha. Maira aik martba phir wohee hal ho gia jo kuch din paly colthes change krty howay howa tha. Us ny Bra muj sy lay k wapis almari mian rakhi aur mujhey kiss kartay hooway kaha “Hamzi aisay kisi ki cheezon ko nahi charity”. Main nay sorry kaha aur aik saath khana khaya. Phir ham nay pharna start kia Sardion k din they so ham aik hi blanket ooper lay k baith gaye.
Ham raat k 11 bajay tak phartay rahey is doraan us k sab ghar waly so gayeMaira Lun to khara he tha but ab main Mahsoos kar raha tha k wo bar bar mairy saath apna jism touch karnay ki koshish kar rahee hey. Mairi nazar us k Mamoon per thi, main ab mazeed saber nahi kar sakta tha so main ny apna aik haath kambal k ander dalla aur us ki tang per rakha aur ahista ahista hilany laga wo kuch na boli tou main ney thori aur Himmat ki aur haath us k pait per rakh dia. Phir b us ny kuch na kaha. Wo aik question main phans gai thi jo ussay nahi aa raha tha main ahista ahista apna haath hilata raha. Pait per jo surakh hota hai main us main ungli dal k maza lay raha tha k us ney mairi tarf daikh k kaha kia kar rahey ho. Main ney foran apna haath hataya. Aap shaid imagine nahi kr saktey main bohat nervous ho raha tha.
Wo hansny laggi aur boli tumhian maza aa raha hai kia. Main ney kaha mujhey app k jism ko touch krtay hooway acha lagta hai. Tou us ney apnay Mammy per haath rakh k kaha ya pukro gay. Muhejy tou apnay kano aour aankhoon py yaqeen nahi aa rah tha main ny us k donon mammy pukkar liy. Ufffffffffffffff.... mujy ab bohat maza aa raha tha . Lakin us ny mairy haath pukar liy aour kaha paly ye question kr laiaan phir enjoy krna warna agar ye question paper main aa gia to tumari Ammi khaiaaan gi tum ny esssy kia parya tha. Main ny kaha ye mujy aata hy ab essy choro mujy bohat maza aa raha hy main aaaj aaap k paas hi laitoooon ga. Us ny kaha paly question krooo phirrrr. Main ny wo question kia to us ny kaha jb tumaiaaan aata tha to kia parny aaaaay ho. Main ny kaha bss aaap k paas baithny ko jee chah raha tha. Bs baithny ko ya kuch aour b krny ko. Dil to bohat kuck kary ko chah raha hy lakin darr lagta hy, to wo boli tumaiaaan poori ijazat hy jo dil kary wohee karoooo.
Main ney us k mammy dabany shourooo kr diya. Main us ki kameez k ooper sy hi us k mammy dabba raha tha. Phir us ki kameez upper uthaaiii to us ny skin colour ki bra phan rakhi thi aour mammy us k bilkul safaaiiiiid thy bilkul doooodh ki tra. Main uss k mamooooon py kiss karta raha. Wo boli brazier khool k kro na! main ny ussy kaha tum kameez utaro. Us ny kameeez uteri to main ny us ki bra khoool di. Main ny jb us k nangy mammy daikhy to pagal sa ho gia main apni wo feelings lafzooon main bahyan nahi kr skta. Kia mammy thy yaar us k ghol matool abi b maira Lund khara ho gia hy.
Us ny mairi shirt aour trouser b utaar lia aour apni shalwaar b utaaar li lakin main ny ussy abi tak pait sy neechy nanga nahi daikha tha kion k wo kambal main thi aour main bahair. Main ny ussy kaha mujy sardi lagg rahi hy aour us par sy kambal hataya to to us k jism daikh k mujy yaqeen nahi aa raha tha k kisi ka etna white jism b ho skta hy.Simply wo bohat hi payyari thi. Ab main aour wo sirf underwear pahny howay thy. Us ka underwear skin clour ka tha us main sy us ki bagair balloon ky phuddi thori thori nazar aa rahi thi. Jo bohat tight thi. Us ka jism aisa tha k agar haaath lgaaoooo to maila ho jay ga. Main 1st time kisi larki ko bagair kaproooooon k daikh raha tha.
Khair main ny usss k mamoooon ko choosna start kia. Wo mairy balooon main haath phair rahii thi. Phir main Us k pait py kiss krta raha. Us na mujy ooper uthaya aour French kiss start ki. Us ki zubaan mairy monh main aour mairi zubaaan us k moonh main.
Ham donoon kafi garam ho chuky thy, wo kafi taiz sansain ly rahi thi. Mujy apna Lund us k saath ragarty ragarty bohat maza aa raha tha main ny ussy kaha k mairy Lund main kuch ho raha hy us ny maira Lund pukra aour hilany lagi. Main fargh ho gia. Main zindgi main pahli martaba fargh howa tha. Us time mairy lund main sy kuch b na nikla. Dosto mairi baaat ka yaqeen kro mujy uss time nahi ptta tha k larki ko aagy sy kia jata hy ya peachy sy.
Us ny mairy lund ko pukra aour sahlany laggi lakin wo to so chukka tha. Phir kissing start ho gai main us k mammy b dabba raha tha aour us ny maira lund pukkar rakha tha. Kissing k doraan wo bachoon ki c awaziaan nkaal rahee thi jaisy bachy dooodh (Milk) peety howay nakalty hain aour main bilkul khamoshi sy apna kaaam kar raha hta. Thori dair kissing karny k baad wo neechy howee aour mairy Lund ko gore sy daikhty howay bilkul us k kareeb aa gai. Mian samj nahi paya kia karna chahti hy, us ny foran maira Lund apny mouth main ly lia. UFFFFFFFFFFFFFf..... Dosto aaap samj sakty ho mairi ki halaat howee thi, waisa maza mujy kabi nahi aya. Main jab fargh ho gia to us ny kaha ab mairi phuddi chaatoo.
Pahly to mujy kuch ajeeeb sa laga laikne main ny jb pussy py zubaan rakhi to kafi acha feel howa. Bs phir main non stop start ho gia.. Taqreebn 2 min baad wo b choooooooot gai. Us ny etny pressure sy pani chora k sara pani mairy moun main aaa gia. Us k chout lick karty maira Lund dobara thora thora tight ho gia tha jo us ny moun main ly k pura khara kr dia..Maira lund us time taqreen4” or 5” howa ho ga. Ab main us ki tangooon k darmyan main baith gia.
Us ny tangaiaan ooper utha leen. Main ney lun phuddi k surakh k ooper rakha, aur dabbany lgga. Us ki phuddi k donon hont thoray phoolay aur ooper ko uthay hooway thay. Bari koshish k baad Mairay Lun ki topi ander chali gai lakin mazeed ander nahi ja raha tha. Koi cheez ussy ander janay say rok rahee thi. Main nay ussay kaha k lun ander nahi ja raha. Us na kahaa zor lagao. To main nay aik zordaar jahtaka dia aur maira half Lun us ki choot main guss gia us ny apnay monh pay takiya rakha howa tha mujy nahi ptta tha ussy etna dard ho raha hy. Main nay jab thora our zore lgaya to us ny apny chary sy takiya hataya us ki aankhon say aansoo nikal rahy they us ny rony wali awaz main kaha. Hamza ab thori dair ruko. Phir thori dair baad us ny kahaa ab ahista ahista ander kro main ney phir jhatka lgaya ab maira purra lun us ki phuddi main ja chukka tha.
Uss ki phuuddi bohat garm thi mujhey bohat maza aa raha tha. Ab maira Lun us ki phuddi main tha aur main uss k ooper lait k uss k Mammy suck kar raha tha. Thori dair aisa karnay k baad us nay kaha ab essy aagy peachy karo. Jab wapis utha to daikha k us ki pussi sy khooon nikal kr neechy bed sheet pay gir ho raha tha. Main darr gia aour foran pura lund bahir nakaaal lia. Us ny kaha kia howa main ny ussy bataya k aaap ko to khoooon nikal raha hy. Us ny kaha tum ny sari Mehnat ziya kr deee. Main ny dil main socha koi baaat nahi ab main khud daaal skta hon. Main ny paly us ka khoon saaaf kia aour phir us ki phuddi main Lun dalny lgga. Jb maira 1/2 Lund guss gia to main ny aik zoredaaar jahtka lagya to pura lund us ki phuddi main guss gia. Us k munh sy Uuuu' eeeeeeeeeeee aista aista karo ki dabbi c awaz nikal gai.
Main aik minute main hi fargh ho gia lakin ussy sahiad maza na aya. Mairi tangoon sy bilkul jaan nikal chouki thi. Main us k oooper gir gia aour wo mujy pagloon ki tara chooom aour chaat rahee thi.
Us ny mujy dobara apni phuddi chatny ko kaha.jb wo dobara discharge ho gai to us ny kaha ab thori dair araam karo. Laiken mujy kahan araam tha, main dobara us k oooopper charr k ussy choomta chhat’ta raha.
Main us ka aik mamma choosta raha aour 2sry ko haath sy dabata raha. Us ki phuddi sy abi b khoon nikal raha tha jo wo apni panty sy saaaf kr rahee thi. ab wo mairy ooper char gai aour kissing krny laggi uss k mammy mairi chest py chub rahy thy mujy bohat maza aa raha tha. 10 min baaad maira lund phir khara tha aour us ki chooot ko kiss kar raha tha mean touck kar raha tah. Us raat uss ny etni kissing ki k maira neechy waly hont main swelling ho gai thi.
Ab us ny dobara apni legs mairy shoulders py rakheen aour choudawany lagi. Main ussy aista aista choud b raha tha aour us k mammy b chooos raha tha. Ab ussy b kafi maza aa raha tha. Thori dair baad main ny apni speed bra dee. Jb main apny climax k kareeb ponchta to ruk jata aour phir thori dair baad ussi speed sy start ho jata es. Ab wo choutny wali thi aour us k moun sy ajeeb c awaziaaan b nikal rahee theen. Main ny us ski taangain kandy sy utarien aour us k ooppper lait k us ko fuck karny laga. Us na kaha Hamza plz rukna nahi. Jaldi jaldi kro. Main full speed sy ussy choud raha tha. Taqreebn 2 min k baad us ny apni tangain mairi back k gird mazbouti sy jakar leen aour bazooooo sy mujy apny saath chipka lia ab shaid wo apny climax py thi main b ab choutny wala tha es lia main ruk gia lakin us ny ny mujy bohat zore sy apny bazoooon sy dabaty howay kaha rukoo nahi plz taiz taiz kro mujy maza aa raha hy aour saath hi apni Gaaand ooppper neechy karny lagi. Main phir ussi speed sy start ho gia thori dair baaad main b chout gia. Ham donoon sardi k bawjoood paseeny mian baheeg chuky thy aour aik dosry ki taiz saansoooon ki awaaaz sunn sakty thy. Es martaba bohat hi maza aya.
Main uss k ooper hi laita howa tha uss ny mairy ooper kambel rakh lia. Aour main waheeen so gia.
Us raat main nu ussy 2 martba chouda aour 4 martaba fargh howa,us ny b 3 martaba maza lia tha. Wo puri raat mairy saath kissing krti rahi. Subha swairy us ny mujy kaha ab jao aour ja k Nahana. Maira neechy waly hont main swelling ho rahee thi aour thora thora dard b ho raha tha. Main apny ghar aa gia aour naha k apny room main aa gai aour raat waly khaboon main hi gum raha.
Din mian wo dobara mairy room main aai mairy hont ko daik k hansty lagggi aour ussy apny munh main ly k sucking karny laggi. Thori dair baaad wo boli kal tumarra last paper hy, es lia aaj kuch nahi krain gy kal main yaheen aaooon gi. Kion k maira room us ki nisbat ziada safe tha. Main khush ho gia uss k mamooon ko dbaya. Phir wo chali gai.
Dosry din main ny us ki Gaand ka b maza lia. Laiken yeh story main aap ko phir kisi din sunaooon ga.
Acha ager aap ko mairi story pasand aaiii ho to plz comments karain.. Thanx.......

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Virgin Lahore ki Girlfriend Ko Choda - Pakistani Sex Story

Virgin  Lahore ki Girlfriend Ko Choda

Virgin Lahore ki Girlfriend ki choda

Dear friends aaj main aap ko jo story sunanay jaa raha hoon who kuch din pehlay ki hai aur meri aik girl friend kay sath jis ka naam Rabia hai. Who meray ghar kay sath rehti hai aur chudai say kuch din pehlay hi main nay iqrar mohabbat kya tha. Woh sirf 17 saal ki hai aur bilkul hi virgin thi. White color smart lamba qad patlay hont small tits (boob) choti si gand tight phuddi bas qayamat ka husn hai us ka mean bahut hi cute her taraf say. Aik din who meray ghar aai thi jab main nay us ko pehli baar dekha aur dekhtay hi us per mar mita aur raat ko der tak us ko chodnay ka sochta rehta kuch din aisa chalta raha aur kaafi dinoon baad who dobara meray ghar aai aur is baar mujh say raha na gaya aur main nay us say keh diya kay Amara aap mujhay bahut achi legit hain mujhay aap say pyar ho gaya hai. Rabia: acha to kaisay pyar ho gaya aur kab hua waisay sab lerkay aik jaisay hotay hain pyar kuch dinoon baad khatam jab koi aur mil jaiy to. Nahi dear aisi baat nahi hai really I love u so much. Acha main soch ker bataoon gi. Phir us kay baad meri tarap us kay liye aur bhi berh gai aur main raat ko us kay khaab dekhta raha aur achanak aik din phir who aai aur mauka miltay hi main us kay pass gaya aur jawab manga to us nay ishara ker diya sir hila ker kay haan aur meri khushi ki inteha na rahi. Yaqeen hi nahi ho raha tha kay really us nay haan ker di. Thori der baad mauka bana aur main us kay qareeb ja ker khara ho gaya aur hand shake kya us nay fauran mera hath pakra aur thori der baad chura liya. Us din sirf itna hi hua aik do baar hath pakra aur us say ziyada kuch nahi ker sakay aur na hi mauka tha. Phir kuch hi din guzeray aur who dobara meray ghar aai us din Sunday tha aur main Sunday ko der tak sota hoon aur who jaldi aa gai aur main so raha tha ghar per sirf mom theen aur koi nahi tha aur main apnay room main so raha tha. Mom TV per Geo News sun rahi theen Main so raha tha aur achanak aik bahut hi pyari awaz main main nay apna naam suna aur aankh kholi to samnay Rabia kheri thi. Me: array aap aur itni subha aur meray room main aaj sooraj kahan say nikla janab. Rabia: main nay socha aaj ap ko chuti hai is liye mil aaoon aur aap hain kay abhi tak so rahay hain. Humaray liye kya hokum hai mean hum wait kerain janab ka ya chalay jain kun kay aunty bhi TV dekh rahi hain aur main akeli kya keroon gi yahan. Me: hum jo hain aap ko company denay kay liye lakin sirf thori der wait kerain hu abhi tayar ho jaatay hain. Aur is dauraan main nay us kay hand per bahut saray kiss ker liye us nay kuch bhi nahi kaha na hi mana kya bas aram say baithi rahi meray samnay. Thori der hum batain kertay rahay us kay baad main nay us say kaha kay kya main aap ko kiss ker sakta hoon to us nay kaha itnay to ker liye bina ijazat aur ab ijazat maang rahay hain wah kya baat hai aap ki. Me: janab is baar hum aap kay hont per kiss kerna chahtay hain ager mind na kerai aur ijazat ho to. Rabia main kya keh sakti hoon kiun kay mujhay sharam aati hai aap ki merzi hai. Me: hello madam jab aap yahan aaya kerain us waqt sharam ghar per chore aaya kerain yahan humaray sath sharam ka koi kaam nahi hai understand? Rabia: ok as u wish jo dil chahay ker lain lakin sirf upper tak hi rehna hai neechay nahi jaana abhi. Me: array daro nahi humara hak sirf aap kay pait (stomach) kay upper tak hai neechay hamara kya kaam. Waisay kya dar legta hai aap ko mujh say. Rabia: jee legta to hai lakin bahut kam mean 20% dar legta hai aur 80% nahi legta. Us kay baad main utha aur bath gaya naha dho ker tayar ho ker wapis aa gaya aur who mom kay sath baithi thi main jab achi terha tayar ho gaya to TV lounge main aaya aur dekha mom nahi theen who bath main theen main nay mauka dekhtay hi faida uthaya aur Rabia ko ishara say kaha kay upper aa jao aur bahir janay ka bahana ker kay mom say poocha kay main bahir jaa raha hoon koi kaam hai mom nay kaha nahi koi kaam nahi hai aur main khamoshi say upper charh gaya aur thori der baad Rabia bhi aa gai ab mom ko yahi pata tha kay main bahir gaya hua hoon aur Rabia apnay ghar chali gai hai lakin unhain kya pata kay un ka beta kya gul khila raha hai upper. Uper jatay hi main nay Rabia say kaha kay aao aur mujhay galay milo. Us nay kaha nahi mujhay sharam aati hai. Main nay kaha dekho main nay pehlay kaha tha na kay sharam ghar rakh ker aaya kero jab mujh say milnay aaya kero. To who uthi aur nazdeek aa gai aur us waqt mera lun bilkul hi sakht ho gaya tha aur main aagay hua aur us ko galay say laga ker us kay pooray chehray per kissing kernay laga aur is say thori der baad us ko bhi maza aanay laga. Main nay us kay kaan main kaha kay Rabia kya main aap kay boobs ko hath laga sakta hoon kiun kay mujhay aap kay boob bahut achay legtay hain aur main in kay sath khelna chahta hoon. Us nay kaha jo dil kahay wahi kero mujh say kuch mat pucho kiun kay mujhay sharam aati hai aur main kuch nahi kahoon gi aap nay jo kerna hai wahi kerain bas. Ok jaisay aap ki merzi hum to hokum kay ghulam hain. Us kay baad main nay us ko thori der kharay kharay hi kiss kya aur galay say lagaiy rakha aur aik hath us ki kamar per pherta raha aur duseray say us kay boob ko aram aram say masalta raha taakay us ko ziyada say ziyada maza milay aur jaldi hot ho jai aur aagay kuch bhi kernay say mana na keray. Phir main nay us ko bed per lita diya aur us kay sath lait gaya aur aik hath us kay chest per rakha aur baray pyar say masalnay laga aur sath sath baatain bhi kerta raha us ka reaction dekhnay kay liye. Abhi tak who normal hi thi aur kuch na boli main nay ye dekha aur apna hath us ki kameez kay ander dalnay laga to us nay fauran mera hath pakra aur meri taraf dekha ker kaha. She: dekho Ali mujhay tum per yaqeen hai lakin thora dar bhi legta hai kahin kuch ghalat na hi jai hum say. Tum jo chaho kero main mana nahi keroon gi lakin aisa kuch mat kerna jis say meri zindagi tabah ho jai aur main kisi ko moonh dikhanay kay like hi na rahoon. Rabia ager mujh per yaqeen hai to suno main tumhain bahut chahata hoon aur tum say shaadi kernay ki koshish bhi keroon ga lakin tu kismat kay faislay ko to manti ho na ager kismat main hua to zaroor ho gi humari shaadi werna nahi aur main tumharay sath sex kerna chahta hoon abhi isi waqt kiun kay mujh say wait nahi hota aur rahi zindagi tabaha honay wali baat to aaj kal her duseri lerki ye sab kerti hai tum koi pehli lerki nahi ho aur hum kisi ko bata thora rahay hain jo tumhari zindagi tabah ho jai gi. Rabia: who to theek hai lakin ager kuch gar bar ho gai to mean bacha ho gaya to kaisay chupaoon gi. Is liye derti hoon. Aur dard bhi hota hai us say bhi dar legta hai. Kiun kay kuch din pehlay main apni cousin ki shadi per gai thi us nay sab batay kay kya hua tha pehli raat. Haan dard to hota hai lakin fiker mat kero main aram say keroon ga kuch bhi nahi ho ga aur bacha aisay nahi hota jab tak cum ander na jai tab tak kuch nahi hota aur na hi kisi ko aisay pata chalay ga really believe me. Is kay baad who muskura ker aankhain band ker kay aram say jaisay thi waisay hi laiti rahi aur mujhay ishara mila kay us ki taraf say haan hai. Main ab dil main bahut khush tha. Main nay jaldi say us ko kiss kerna shuru ker diya aur us ki kameez upper ker di us nay black bra pehna hua tha main nay poocha kay kya size hai bra ka to who boli 32c. Phir main nay us ko uthaya aur kameez utar di aur bra bhi ab who aadhi nangi thi lakin main clothes main hi tha abhi tak. Main nay us kay boobs ko bari bari choosna shuru ker diya aur apna aik hath us ki kamar per phernay laga aur dusera us ki phudi per lay gaya aur aram say us ki phudi per hath phernay laga aur jab hath shalwar main dalna chah to us nay mera hath paker liya aur kaha. Rabia: hath ander mat dalo please mujhay really bahut sharam aa rahi hai kiun kay aaj hi main nay shave ki hai aur kabhi kisi ko dikhai bhi nahi is liye please shalwar mat utaro. Me: aisay kaisay maza aaiy ga aur kaisay chodoon ga ager shalwar nahi uteri to. phir main ne us ko kissing kartey kartey itna garam kar dia k main ne us ki shalwar utarney ki koshish ki to us ne mujhey roka nahi balkey khud he apni gand uper utha kar meri help ki shalwar utarney main phir wo ek dam nangi mere samney thi main ne us k jism per kiss karna shorow kar dia wo josh main aahhh uuuffffff kar rahi thi mujhey us ki awaz sun kar bohat maza aa raha tha phir us ne mujh se kaha plz Ali jo kuch bhi karna araam se karna mujhay dard bilkul acha nahi legta is liye aram say kerna aur jitna ho sakay maza dena. Phir main nay aik finger us kay cunt main upper hi pherna shuru ker di aur kissing bhi kerta raha kabhi lips per kabhi boob kabhi nipples suck kerta kabhi kahin mean pooray jism per kiss kia aur kiss kartey kartey us ki choot per zuban se chatna shorow kar dia us ko bohat maza aaney laga aur wo zor zor se awazien niklaney lagi Ali plz aur karoo bohat maza aa raha hai meri choot ko aur chahto apni puri zuban meri choot main daal doo plz bohat maza aa raha hai aur thori der baad jab mehsoos hua kay who hot ho rahi hain to main nay apni finger us ki phudi main dali bilkul aram say. Rabia: ooh Ali please aram say kerna mujhay bahut dar leg raha hai lakin maza bhi aa raha hai really bahut acha feel ker rahi hoon main. Aaj tak aisa kabhi feel nahi hua aaram say ander kero pyar say bahut hi pyar say please aaahhh haan maza aa aha hai aisay hi uff aisa kiun ho raha hai meray sath mujh main itni garmi kiun hai aag lagi hui hai jism main bujha do is aag ko kuch kero bahut hi germi lag rahi hai mujhay aahh maza bahut aa raha hai uumm oohh Ali aahh oohh abhi aik hi finger theek hai maza aa raha hai?.. nahi please duseri ander mat kero na aisay hi acha mehsoos ho raha hai aahh. Me: dekha Rabia kitna maza hai is kaam main aur janab aap kay kapray to uter gay humaray kaun utaray ga. Rabia: jo kerna hai khud kero mujhay bas maza do jitna ho sakay aur jaldi kero kahin koi aa na jai mera pata kernay aur hum pakeray na jain please jaldi kero Ali. Main nay apnay clothes utar diye aur phir us kay sath lait gaya aur us ko bahoon main jaker liya aur thora zor laga ker us ko dabaya aur phir apna kaam shuru ker diya mean fingering and kissing and rubbing. Rabia: haan maza aa raha hai oohhh Ali kertay jao kertay jao oohh uummm array ye kya sakht aur hot cheez mujhay lag rahi hai tangoon main? Yahi to hai jis ka sara kaam hai jis nay aap ko aur mujha khoob maza dena hai yahi to ander daloon ga tumhari phudi main lakin thora is kay sir per hath phero is ko pyar kero us kay baad ye tumhain apna kaam dikhaiy ga. Us nay mera lund apmay hath main pakra aur us ko sehlanay lagi aur us ko bahut acha feel ho raha tha aisa kertay aur kerwatay huay. Who bahut hot ho gai thi shayed ab bardasht nahi ker rahi thi apnay aur meray badan ki heat. Rabia: uff hoo itna maza aa raha hai tum nay pehlay kiun nahi bataya tha kay itna maza aata hai is kaam main main to kab say pyar kerti thi tumhain aur tum nay itna time laga diya kehnay main lakin jo hua acha hua kiun kay sabar ka phal meetha hota hai suna to tha aaj dekh bhi rahi hoon aaj mujhay khoob maza do please mujhay pyar kero mujhay thanda ker do ab aur bardasht nahi ho raha hai. mainn e us se kaha k mere lun ko moon main daal kar lolly opo ki terha choosoo pahlay us ne mana ki lakin jab main ne us ko kaha k main ne tumhari phudi ko bhi chahta tha too wo maan gai aur us ne mere lun ko kiss karna shorow kar dia aur phir moon main lay kar choosney lagi main bata nahi saqta mujhey kitna maza aa raha tha main ne us ko 69 position main kar dia aur us ki phudi ko suck karna shorow kar dia wo mera lun suck kar rahi thi uar main us ki phudi 15 min tak suck karney k bad us ki phudi se juice nikalney laga aur main ne sara juice chat chat kar saaf kar dia us k baad main ne rabia se kaha ki ab tum late jaoo aur us ko bed per lita kar us ki gand k neechey ek takiya rakh dia jiss se us ki phudi uper ki terf uth gay phir main ne us ki tangain uper utha di too us ne pocha Tangain kiun utha rahay ho ab ky irada hai aisay kya ho ga. Ab chudai kernay jaa raha hoon aur aap nay bhi sath dena hai mean pain per control kerna hai aur chilana bhi nahi hai meri khatir berdasht ker lo thori der baad bahut maza milay ga ok tayar ho keroon ander. Haan main tayar hoon aur tumhara sath bhi doon gi tum befiker ho ker apna kam kero bas mujhay maza do chahay jaisay bhi aur tum bhi koshish kerna aram say aur pyar say ernay ki jis say dard kam aur maza ziyada milay aisa kaam kerna. Main nay us ki phudi per lun rakha theek nishanay per aur aram say ander kernay laga who bahut tight thi aur us ko takleef bhi hona shuru ho gai? Aram say dalo aram say haan aahista aahista pyar say kero ander uff bahut maza aa raha hai haan thora aur kero haan aram say oui maa Ali dard ho raha hai lakin tum ruko nahi bas aram aram say ander kertay jao maza aa raha hai oooooohhhhhh mmaaaaaaa aram say haan aisay oohhhhh kero aur ander kero ouiiiiii maaaaa bahut dard ho raha hai aaaahhhh uuummmmm meray lips suck kero boobs ko ragero please mujhay pyar bhi kero Ali. Abhi tak mera aadha lund us kay ander ghusa tha aur ab us ko pain bhi bahut ho raha tha is liye main nay wahi tak hi ander rakha aur aahista aahista hilnay laga taakay us ko maza ziyada aur dard kam mehsoos ho. mera lun abhi 2 inch he ander gaya tha aur ander nahi ja raha tha koi cheez aur ander janey se rok rahi thi main samaj gaya k yeh us ki phudi ki seal hai jo lun ko aur ander nahi janey day rahi Thori der tak main 2 inch lun he ander bahir karta raha phir Rabia boli haan ab theek hai ab kero ander aik hi jhatkay say ander bahir kero. Us nay socha poora ander jaa chukka hai isi liye aisa kaha aur main nay bhi nahi bataya kay abhi 2 inch he ander hai aur5 inch bahir bas us ka yahi kehna tha main nay us kay lips per apnay lips rakhay aur aik zor daar full power say jhatka mara aur poora lund ander gum ho gaya. Lund ander jatay hi us nay aik zr daar cheekh mari lakin meray munh main hi rahi us ki cheekh aur us kay aankh say paani nikal aaya thori der aisay hi leta raha aur jab dekha kay ab kuch normal hai to main nay us kay lips free ker diye aur us nay ghusay say meri aankhoon main dekha aur ronay lagi. us ki phudi se khoon nikalna shorow ho gaya tha Me: I m sorry Rabia please ro mat aur tum nay khud hi to kaha tha kay jhatka mar ker ander bahir keroon aur ab tum ro rahi ho. She: main nay kaha tha lakin mujhay kya pata tha abhi bahir bhi bacha hai aur janab nay bhi batanay ki takleef nahi mehsoos ki bahut buray ho tum ab kuch nahi kernay doon gi bas aaj pehli aur akheri baar ker lo jitna aur jaisa kerna hai is kay baad kabhi nahi kerain gay. Lakin aik baat hai us waqt dard bahut hua aisa laga jaisay kisi nay chaaku mar diya ho aur meri phudi cheer dali ho lakin ab kuch dard kam ho gaya hai pehlay say bahut zalim ho tum ab nikalo is ko bahir thora dard kam honay do us kay baad kerna abhi kuch mat kero. Theek hai lakin ander hi rehnay do main nahi hiloon ga aur jab dard khatam ho jai ga phir start kerain gay. Nahi itni der ander hi raho gay to main mar jaoon gi bas keroo jaisa kerna hai main bardasht kerti hoon. Lakin kerna aram say aur kero bhi jaldi main nay jaana bhi hai. Haan aisay hi pyar say kero bahut maza aa raha hai pehlay saia nahi ker saktay thay ganday bachay? Ooohhh yes ab theek hai acha feel ho raha hai ab aur kitni der kerna hai bas bhi kero na main thak gai hoon 10 min say meri tangain utha ker meray upper charhay hain janab koi ehsaas bhi hai mera ya nahi. Bas jaan thori si der aur only 2 min I m near to cum. Ok ker lo lakin sirf 2 min hain aaaaaaahhhhhh aram say kero na Ali aram say kero please dard hota hai ooohhhh noooo main naraz ho jaoon gi sachi kehti hoon. Jaan aakhir main mat roko mujhay maza lenay do aakhir main main aisay hi chodta hoon. Acha lakin thora sa to aahista kero sachi dard ho raha hai please itna kaha bhi nahi mano gay aaahhhh sachi bahut dard ho raha hai uuffff maaaaa aaj kahan phans gai main achi bhali ghar main baithi thi pata nahi kya hua yahan aa gai tum say chudwanay. Ali haan haan kero aab kuch acha lag raha hai kero aisay hi kertay raho ab mujhay acha lag raha hai maza aa raha hai ab haiiii kitna acha hai chudwana kash main tumhari biwi hoti us say daily to kertay haan kero aur tez aur tez keroo ooohhh aliiiii aahh Tumhari sans kiun tez aa rahi hai. Because I m so near to cum Rabia dabao mujhay hath meri kamar per rakh kero jitna zor hai dabao apnay seenay say laga lo main aa raha hoon I m cumming jaan. Haan haan zor say aur tez please ab maza aa raha hai meray ander kuch ho raha hai jaisay pee aa raha hoo kero kero ab mat rukna oohhhh kuch nikal raha hai aaahhh ooohhh noo kya ho raha hai I m dieing kero arif ruko nahi oohhh I feel something in me ooohhh tum chooot gay na aaah mujh main kuch gir raha hai ali bahut maza aa raha hai oooh chodo mujhay bahut maza aa raha hai jaan I love u. Hum dono aik sath hi farig huay aur aik duseray kay sath lipat ker kuch der letay rahay us kay baad dono uth ker baith gay aur thori der batain kertay rahay aur kissing bhi phir clothes pehn ker chori say pehlay who us ka baad main chalay gaye .....

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Suhagraat Tips For Girls(First Night Tips for Girls)

Suhagraat Tips For Girls(First Night Tips for Girls)

Suhagraat Tips For Girls(First Night Tips for Girls)

Are you Worried How to Attract Men on bed?? Then don't worry now just read the tips given below that will surely blow your mind.

1. Let him see you

Don’t think that turning off the light all the time will be better for you and that it will always make you feel comfortable. It might turn him off if he is not seeing you. Visuals are important to men so don’t worry if your body is not in the best shape because once you both reached the point that you are in bed he will love whatever he is seeing. Of course that is not a reason for you to stay out of shape. If you are shy from him seeing you then start with some candles. If you are not the shy type then why don’t you take it to the next level and let him see you taking your clothes off slowly while he is watching? Believe me you will not regret it and he will like it a lot.

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2. Be heard

Don’t rely on body language only; it is important to express yourself. Tell him you want him; ask him how he feels; tell him when he is doing something you like. Don’t stay silent and do let your facial expressions have some sound effects too. Of course don’t forget to tell him at the end that you enjoyed it and that he was great, even if it was not the best love making experience, this will motivate him for the next time

3. Blow his mind

Use your hands, mouth and all your body parts all over him; touch and pamper every part of him with love and he will reward you back. If he is not enjoying the foreplay then by time he will skip it and in this case you will lose the warm up time that you enjoy. No need to think a lot what you should do and what you shouldn't, just try everything out and ask him what he liked the most.

4. Be interactive and creative

If you are just lying there waiting for him to do every action and every move then by time love making will be boring and you will not enjoy it at all. Be the one initiating some moves, positions and fantasies. Ask him to join you in the shower and be the one to take off his clothes or give him a massage. There are many ideas out there; don’t be afraid to try some creative things, men will definitely appreciate it.

5. Be a new woman

If you are a new woman every now and then, that’s a guarantee he will always be loyal, loving and caring because he will feel he is married to one woman that is worth a thousand women. Change your looks, hair color and style, get new outfits and lingerie, change your perfume collection and make up style … be different every now and then. You can also do some role play so that sometimes you play the role of a shy girl, a control woman, a nurse, a dancer, a teacher, a princess. Unleash your imagination and surprise him with a new lady before he gets bored with the old one.
Tip of the week: Some men like to always be in control; ask him gently if he would like to try something new. Make it clear this is because you want more of him and not because you don’t like your time together.

Suhaag Raat Tips You Missed in Urdu and Hindi For Dulha

Suhaag Raat Tips You Missed in Urdu and Hindi For Dulha

Suhaag Raat Tips You Missed in Urdu and Hindi For Dulha

sex at suhagrat: 

sex karne se pahle ap bivi ko sex karne ke qabil banai ge. sex ke qabil banane ke lia foreplay karna hoga. 

dialogue ke bad aap dress change kare ge. ap dulha aur ap ki wife dulhan ke cultural dress mai hai. iss dress ko change kar ke sleeping dress pehenna hai. 

mana keh ab ap dono mia bivi hai. aur aik doosre ke libas hai. bivi ap ki kheti hai jaise chahe waise istemal kare. os ke bawajood aik sharm o jhajhak bhi hai jo aik lamhe mai khatam nahi ho jata. isi liye ap aur ap ki wife aik doosre ke samne dress change nahi kare ge. ap dress change karne ke lia attach bath room chale jai. agar attach bath room nahi hai tu doosre kamre mai jakar change kare. agar aisa bhi mumkin nahi hai tu kamre mai iss tarah dress change kare ke bevi ki ap par nazar nahi pare. 

ap ki wife attach bath room ki bajai room mai hi dress change kare gi. iss doran ap room mai nahi rahe ge. ya tu room se bahir chale jai ge ya phir attach bath room mai. ya phir mu pher kar is tarah bith jai ge ke bivi nazar nahi aye. ap bivi ko dress change karte huye nahi dekhe ge. iss doran dulhan na sirf dress change kare gi balkeh apni jewelry bhi otare gi. 

After Dress Change: dress change karne ke bad ap dono sleeping dress mai bed par lait jai ge. aur lait kar guftagu karte rahe ge. laite laite ap ne foreplay start karni hai. Foreplay: foreplay ki ibteda ghair jinsi aza se kare ge. yahi ap piar se batai kare ge aur bivi ke body, arm, head waghaira par hath phere ge. jab thori jhajhak khatam hojai to ahista ahista hath ko breast ki taraf le jai ge. isi tarah raan aur raan ke darmian. 

foreplay mai bivi ya tu bilkul bejan lash ki manind hogi ya phir reflexly ap ko foreplay karne se rok rahi hogi. agar roke tu ap ne piar se os ki himmat badhani hai aur batana hai keh ap dono sharai tor par mia bivi hai. ap log aisa kar sakte hai. 

Undressing: suhagrat mai ap dono poora dress nahi otare ge. sirf neeche ka dress otarni hai. doosre lafzon mai youn samjhe keh is tarah undress hona aur rahna hai keh aik doosre ka nanga jism nazar nahi aye. aik bat ka aur khial rahe keh ab bivi ap se light off karne ka kahe gi. balkeh baaz bivi tu zero power bulb bhi off karne ka kahti hai. 

foreplay ke doran koshish kare keh lete hi lete ap bivi ki shalwar otar de. bivi shalwar otarne mai ya tu kuch nahi kahe gi ya phir resist kare gi. ap ne ose phir samjhana hai ke himmat karo ham dono mia bivi hai. is doran ap apni shalwar pahle hi lete lete otar chuke honge. thori der tak ap ne isi halat mai lete lete foreplay karna hai. yani dono ki shalwar nahi hogi jabkeh dono ke opar ka dress hoga yani shirt qameez waghaira.


 lete lete foreplay karna hai. foreplay ke ke zaria ap bivi ko jinsi tor par stimulate kare ge. ap jism ke har hesse ko piar se dabai ge sahlai ge. khas ka dono raan ke darmian zer naf hisson aur breast ko hath se sahlai ge. 

Bivi ke stimulate hone ki pahchan: jab ap foreplay kare ge tu ap ki bivi stimulate ho jai gi. stimulate hone se os ka vagina geela hona shuru ho jai ga. vagina ke geela hone ka pata ap ko bhi chal jai ga. ap ka hath jo os ki dono raano ke drmian vagina wale hesse ko sahlaa raha tha, gila ho jai ga. 

ab ap is geele hisa par sahlaate sahlaate apni finger ko bivi ke vagina mai dale ge. is ka do faida hai. jab tak bivi full stimulate nahi hogi ap ki finger os ke vagina mai dakhil nahi ho sake ge. doosra faida ye hoga ke ap ko vagina ki asal location ka andaza ho ga. mubashrat: jab ap ki finger asani se os ke vagina mai andar bahir ho sake tu samajh le ke ab sex (mubashrat) karne ka waqt agia hai. 

ap ko sex kneel down position mai karna hai. ap bivi ke kamar ke neeche aik takia (pillow) rakhe ge. os ki dono raan ko phailai (apart) ge. apne penis par koi lubricant lagai ge. mera mashwarah hai keh zaitoon ka tel (olive oil) lagai. finger ki madad se andaza kare ge ke vagina ka asal soorakh kaha hai. phir apne penis (jo keh bahut ziadah sakht nahi hoga) ke tip ko hath mai pakar ke bivi ki andam nihani (vagina) par ragre ge. 

ap ko mahsoos hoga ke ap ka penis bivi ki andam nihani ke andar jagah bana raha hai. jaise hi ap ko bivi ki andam nihani ke soorakh ka andaza ho ap apne penis ko andar dalne ki koshish kare. koshish se ap penis ko vagina ke thora andar ( one inch) dalne mai kamiayab ho jai ge. abhi ap ka penis parda-e-bakarat rupture karne ke qabil nahi hai. 

jab penis andar chala jai tu ose andar bahir karte rahe. ahista ahista ap ke penis ki sakhti mai izafa hota jai ga aur woh bivi ki andam-e-nahi mai ziada se ziadah andar jane ki koshish kare ga. jab full sakht ho gai tu os ke andar parda-e-bakart ko rupture kane ki salahiat ho jai gi. ap parda-e-bakarat par zor lagai. wo rupture ho jai ga. rupture se bivi ko takleef aur bleeding hogi. lekin andhere (dark) mai ap ko na bivi ki takleef nazar aye gi aur na hi bleeding. 

agar ap ne bivi ko sahi se stimulate kia hai tu bivi ko takleef bahut hi mamooli hogi. sahi se stimulate nahi kia hai tu ho sakta hai keh os ki cheekh nikal jai (yeh cheekh hymen rupture ki wajah se nahi balke dry vagina ki wagah se hogi). ap os waqt tak sex kare ge jab tak ke discharge na ho jai. 

After discharge:

 discharge hone ke bad aap narm malmal ke kapre se apna aur bivi ka sex part saf kare ge. dono shalwar pehne ge. bivi ko jo hymen rupture se takleef hui hai os par hamdardi ka izhar kare ge.