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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Gang Banged In Front Of Husband

Hi FSS readers, thank you for all your votes and comments. I hope that you keep them coming. After getting screwed off the highway by 6 young men in front of my neighbor boy Sohail, he desperately wanted to screw me. We were pretty close and he kept on visiting my house, each time expressing his desire after the incident. I had to turn it down, due to some reason or the other.
It went on for a week like that, when the dam of his patience broke down. It was one hour past midnight, and I was sleeping on my bed with my hubby. I was fast asleep, when I suddenly felt someone crawling up my body. I thought I was dreaming, and was enjoying it, when I felt a kiss on my lips. Then I felt a hand rolling up my gown, and sliding my panties down.
I felt the kiss again, and a hand was rubbing over my clitoris, when I woke up. The man was lying over me, while my husband slept off. The kiss broke finally, and the man whispered, “Didi, stay quiet, we’re gonna have some good time now.” I knew it was Sohail. He started sucking my lips again, while his fingers inside my nightie made it wet. I could not help moving, and was sure that my husband will wake up.
But Sohail had it all planned. He got up, put on his black mask, and took a gun out. I knew what he had in his mind. He pointed it at me, at started to squeeze my tits over my gown. I screamed loud, and my hubby woke up. Sohail pointed the gun at me, and told my husband, “I came here for money, but I will settle for your wife now. You better co-operate, or I will blow off her head.
I was lying down speechless on the bed. My husband too was scared like shit. Sohail continued, “You go and sit on the chair at the corner, and don’t act stupid now.” My hubby followed his command to the point. Sohail then shouted, “Come in guys!”, and 3 more masked guys walked in. One of them stood near my husband, while the other 2 walked up to me. I was in shock to see Sohail go this far, but at the same time, was excited too.
My cunt was already wet. My hubby was about to find out what a slut I am. One of Sohail’s friend said, “You saved your husband’s wealth today.” He pressed my pussy with his hands over my gown, and could feel the wetness, turning to my hubby he said, “You have a juicy wife here and he pressed his lip on mine. I tried to look scared by not kissing him back. He broke the kiss immediately, and planted a tight slap on my cheek shouting,
Bitch! You better enjoy the act with us. We can kill you both if you don’t.” He started kissing me again, and I reciprocated it this time. My hubby was watching all of this helplessly. As the masked person continued to kiss me, he laid his body down on me, and started rocking the body over mine. I was already wet, and this was turning me on even more. I wrapped my legs around his body, and hugged his body tight, as we continued to exchange are saliva.
He had a minty flavor in his mouth, suggesting his preparedness. I could feel his cock growing in my crotch. One of the guys standing by the side, put his hand inside the neckline of my nightie, and pulled it hard prrrrrrrr it was torn now, revealing my silk purple bra completely. We broke the kiss, and the man kissing me, rolled to my side, and completely tore the entire nightie along its length. I was lying on my bed in my bra only.
He put his hands behind my back, and undoing my bra, he went up to my hubby, asking him to wear it. I was lying naked on my bed, as they forced him to take his shirt off, and wear the bra. He was initially reluctant, but after a couple of slaps, he had to do it. I remembered, how Sohail always said he is jealous of my husband. Sohail turned to me as they all were laughing at the sight and said, “Look, your hubby is such a woman. Instead of fighting for you,
He is wearing your clothes while you lie naked for us. He picked up my panties from the floor, and walked up to my hubby, and said, “Wear this too asshole, it will make you feel like a complete woman.” My hubby took his pants and undies off without any further resistance, he was having an erection. Everybody laughed at him, and he covered his erection with my tight panties.
Sohail pounced on to me, holding my shoulders tight, he started kissing me. He called for my hubby who happened to be scared to death by now. He came to us still in my bra and panties, and Sohail told him, “Undress me, as I play with your wife. I want you to see us get up close and touchy.” My husband did as commended. He started to undress Sohail slowly, as he was lying on my naked body, kissing me, squeezing my tits, pinching my clitoris.
I was moaning in pleasure tight in front of my husband, as Sohail continued to stimulate me. One guy was standing right behind me hubby, while the other was busy with my wardrobe. Sohail was still on top of me, and I wrapped myself around his naked body, as he seated up, and started crushing my butt cheeks. His cock was in its full length between my thighs. Sohail put me down on the floor, and stood in front of me. I knew he wanted the blow job.
His cock was clean shaved, and I played with it in front of everyone. I was licking it all around, and he was beginning to get wet. I was sucking every drop of honey that dripped out of his hose. In the mean time, the other guys got hold of my sari, blouse and petticoat, and they got my hubby to wear it. I was getting more and more excited watching them humiliate my hubby like this. Sohail was asking me, “How do you sleep with him?
He’s a coward. I bet you are happier with us than with him, I was indeed. I kept quiet, and was now sucking Sohail’s cock hard. The other guys in the mean time were getting their pubic hair shaved by my husband. He was looking like their maid. Suddenly, Sohail pulled his cock out, and sprayed his load on my face. I got him hard again playing with his cock and now he was ready to fuck me. He told me, “Chose your favorite position.
I was immediately down on my knees and palms, ready to be fucked like a bitch. I was about to be fucked right in front of my hubby, by my neighbor hidden behind his mask. My hubby was wearing my sari, and looking at the scene in shock. He must have been wondering how I can be enjoying this so much. But the fact was that he was never able to give me such a nice time. My hubby was looking at the floor, when
Sohail added insult to his injury by calling him, “Why don’t you guide my cock in your wife’s pussy. He had lost all his pride by now, and he did as he was asked, knowing the consequences of not doing it. He moved forward, and as Sohail parted my butt cheeks, my hubby held his cock, and pushed it inside my pussy. I was getting more and more turned on as they continued to humiliate him. Right under his eyes,
Sohail held my left boob with his left hand, spanked me with the right and was riding my pussy like a cowboy. To add insult to my husband’s injury, one of Sohail’s partner told him, “Lick her face clean off the cum, and prepare it for me. My husband was once again forced to do it, and after he cleaned my face of Sohail’s cum, he was handed a wet towel to wipe my face clean. In the mean time, Sohail continuously rammed my pussy.
I had an orgasm in the middle of it all, and I was moaning out loud in pleasure, as my hubby was cleaning my face up. He now knew that what a slut I am. After my face was fresh again, Sohail’s friend knelt in front of me, and poked his tongue inside mine. I was being frenched kissed on one side, and getting screwed on the other. Sohail reached his orgasm. He tried to take it out while he was cumming. He had cum both inside my pussy, as well as around it.
I continued to make out with the guy in front, as Sohail again was cleaning up my genitals with towel, preparing it for the third guy. Sohail’s third friend, started to lick my cunt, while the guy in front now pushed his cock in my mouth. I started the blowjob again, and very soon the guy behind also poked his cock inside me. I was being fucked by two guys at the same time, and after they were done, they left me cum laden for my hubby. My husband was too disgusted to even talk to me after all this event. I however convinced him that I had to do it for our safety. But, that was the best night I have ever had.
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My Sex Experience

Hi all I am a very new member to FSS. My name is Shikha, 24 yrs old. Today I am going to share some experience my college and hostel. It was my first college and hostel day. After long day in college I went in to the hostel. I was somewhat feared. I heard lots of things about hostel ragging. Evening all juniors was called to the hostel common room. Seniors were asking lots of vulgar question.
First time in life I was hearing all question. I was one among the beautiful girl in the batch. First question to me was “kitno ko pagal kiya ab tak (how many you made crazy about you?) I said no one. She was scolding me a lot. She was not believing me and asking with how many I slept with. I was saying no one. Really till that day I was not involved with any guy.
After some time we were asked to perform ramp walk. They played the music and we are walking like a model. After some time they select 10 good looking girls from the batch and asked only these girls to perform the walk. I was among those 10. Next instruction to us was to remove one of our clothing after each ramp walk. I was surprised but no way to escape. We were doing strip after each walk. The crowed was shouting like anything.
At the end we 10 were standing there in line in our lingerie’s. Two seniors were inspecting us placing their hands anywhere on our body. After that they crowned Laxmi as miss fresher and me a runner up. All were clapping and we two were standing on a table with only two piece. But till that I time I am not feeling shy. I was feeling somewhat proud. I was sharing my room with a senior. Night she was congratulating me and asked coolly whether I m virgin or not.
When she came to know I am virgin she laugh at me and said good dear you are going to achieve a lot in this college. I am not able to get anything at that time. Every day for around 1 month something like the first day was happening. Some day we need to play drama. Some will act as guys and some will act as girls. We need to perform lot many scenes like romantic, action even rape scenes. I was adjusted to this environment afterwards.
First in my life I kissed a girl in course of these dramas. Days passed on like this. After a month we got fresher’s and nothing happened and everything stopped. But everything not ended from my side. After that one month of training I develop some interest for sex. I am dying to lose my virginity. But could I do. At last I told my roommate about my feelings and asked her to help me. She told me to impress some guys from boy’s hostel and go with him. In boys hostel there will not be any problem.
But for me to get the guy is the main problem. I asked my roomy again. Then she gave me unbelievable proposal. She asked me for a threesome with her boy friend. I refused instantly and slept that night. But I was not able to sleep. I was thinking all the night. Morning I got up and went to bathroom looking at my body I feel that my body need sex at any cost. I came out of the bathroom and talk to my roommate and accept the proposal.
From that day we were planning. One day she planned. We will go to his room and fulfill our dreams. Finally the day came. I got ready with a salwar suit. When she saw me she scolds me. Where are you going in this dress my dear? She has got a pair of sexy lingerie for me. She gave me that and asked me to dress somewhat sexy. When I open lingerie pack my eyes were wide open. It was a g-sting and an open cup shelf bra with two stickers.
I refused to wear those. Then she told me you anyway going to be nude there then what’s the big deal to wear these. I wore those. First time I was wearing such type of lingerie. I was nervous by that time. I am going to have sex for first time that also with a guy whom I never met in my life and also accompanied by another girl. But my sexual desire was dominating all other things. Over that lingerie I wore a short denim skirt and a sleeveless t-shirt as suggested by roomy. She also wore short denim and a sexy tube top.
We reached in his house. He welcomed us. He was a good looking guy with a well build body. He is around 6’ tall and wearing a ¾ short and a t-shirt. I feel he was also little bit nervous. He offered us some cold drinks and chips. She introduced me as her roommate. I said, hi! First time I make a sound from my mouth. He replied his name. His name is Abhay. We all were silent for some time only cracking sound of chips was flowing in the room. At last Nupur broke the silence.
She said, Abhay we are not here to drink fanta and crack uncle chips. A current flows through my body hearing that. He stutteringly told ok come inside, he invite us to his bed room. In the bed room she jumps on the Abhay and kissed him passionately. By watching this, my head goes down. But my inquisitiveness forced me to see what is happening there. I saw both were kissing and Nups hold his hand and place it over her boobs. Automatically his hands started to squeeze them. I was mad by that time. We all there were in standing position.
By this time Abhay also got courage and he started to behave normally. He slid down her top to expose her boobs while kissing. She was not wearing any bra, only two nipple stickers. I was just looking at them. Abhay started to suck her boobs. Nupur is a fair girl. Wherever he is sucking her skin is turning red there. While he is sucking Nupur unbuttoned her denim and slid down and wink her eyes and signaled me to join them.
She was also wearing a g-string. She was looks gorgeous. Abhay was trying to remove the stickers by his teeth’s but he was not succeeded. Nupur came to know that I will not join then by my own. So she stopped Abhay and asked me to remove the sticker as I was having nail. I stepped ahead to remove and as well as step in to my first sex experience. My hands were trembling while removing. By this time Nupur open the zip of Abhay’s short and put out his dick and then she put my hand on that.
You people can imagine what I was feeling at that time. For the first time I am seeing a dick live. My eyes were wide open and unknowingly I hold that big dick. She was clapping. I got somewhat courage. I hold that and handled it up and down. Nupur then started to remove his tee and short. I was doing the same looking at the dick. Nupur asked me will you suck or I will do. Then only I came back to reality and came back. She got onto her knees and started sucking.
Abhay was enjoying and his face becomes red. Nupur said Abhay do something to her don’t enjoy alone. Hearing this he drag me towards him and place his lips on mine. That was my first lip kiss by a guy. I responded automatically. He put his tongue inside. I too did the same. I was Horney by that time. He placed his hand on my belly under the tee. I forgot everything and support him in his each act. He put his hand up to reach my boobs. My boobs were already tight.
He was happy as he not found any cloth over my boobs. Then Nupur shouted what the hell you are doing Abhay? Open her up meri top to jhat se khol diya thi aur Shikha tu bhi abhi sarmaana chor.  This time both of us got courage he whispered, may I? I nodded my head. He did the action and removes my tee and skirt. I was feeling shy but feeling was good. He as pressing my boobs he put one hand inside my panty to reach my pussy. It was already wet.
He rubbed my clit. I closed my eyes and unknowingly make a sound aahh I was reached to 7th heaven. He removed my bra too and asked me to remove stickers. I removed them and he hungrily started to suck my erect nipples and rub my clit badly. I was moving my hand in his hair pressing his head on my boobs. Then I scratched him on his back and moaning. He stopped sucking and asked me to stand on the bed. I did accordingly.
He pulls my panty down and placed his mouth on my pussy. I can’t explain how I was feeling. Then I saw that Nupur put his entire dick in her mouth, gagging and tears flowing from her eyes. I was not able to believe all these were happening with me in real. Both of them were good suckers and both were doing the same. One was doing with dick other with my pussy. After some time he put one finger in my pussy and licking my clit.
I was feeling great. I was not feeling pain because I masturbate with more than 3 fingers. But after some time I had orgasm. I removed his head from my clit, crossed my legs and pressed hand in between my legs with a great force. By this act he too exploded in Nupur’s mouth. She instantly put out his dick and said “gadha bol to sakta tha. Abhay said sorry. Her face and mouth were filled with cum. She spited so many time.
She asked me how are you feeling Shikha? I said nothing. She again said, come down and handle this. She point to Abhay’s procumbent dick dipped in her saliva. I was trying to put on my panty hanging near my knee. Nupur stopped me and drag that full down and asked me to leave that there. Now I hold his dick. It’s slippery. I drag Nupur’s panty down. She helped me in removing. And with that I cleaned up his dick. To this act both of them laughed. I too smiled.
I never thought of taking a dick in my mouth but I did that.  Nupur make him lie on the bed and put her pussy on his face. Now his dick is erecting. I was trying to do like Nupur. I was putting his whole dick inside till throat tears automatically came from my eyes. I leave his dick and spoke for the first time I want to be fucked. Nupur looked at me and smiled and said sure dear. Both of them got up make me lie on the bed. Abhay spread my leg and came between them.
I stopped him, got up and open my bag, got one condom and give it to Abhay and lie down in the same position spreading my leg. Both of them again laugh to my act. He wore that and trying to put his tool inside my pussy but it is not going it is sliding away. Nupur came and said wait I will help. She came in between us hold his dick with one hand and spread my pussy leafs with other hand. She guided his dick to my pussy and asked him to give a force.
He applied full force and his dick is inside. I shouted aaahhh instantly Abhay kissed my lips to stop the sound and Nupur rubbed my clit vigorously. I was crying in pain but expressing only with tears because my mouth was blocked by Abhay. He was stroking very hard. After some time I feel good for the strokes and crossed my legs around his waist. They understand that I am ok now. He is now sucking my boobs but Nupur is continuing the same. After sometime he exploded. He is going to remove to his dick but I stopped. I asked him to stroke.
Hi is smiling and doing the same.  Same time I asked Nupur to suck my clit. She also smiled and started to suck. After some time his dick again got erect. And he started stroking hard. It’s time for me to cum. I got orgasm and telling Abhay to leave me but he was not leaving. I was shouting and crying. But he was not leaving me. He fucked me till he cum again. I was tired by that time. We both were done but Nupur was not. What we did after that and how Nupur was satisfied. If you want to know all this mail me at I am eagerly waiting for your mails and comments.
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Fucked My Girlfriend And Her Mother

I was a college guy and was having so many girlfriends and some of them were having illegal affairs with me. One day one of my girlfriend’s houses, Kusuma (mother of girlfriend) dressed up and came into the hall. Suma (girlfriend) was watching the TV wearing dress resembling swim suit.
Kusuma came near and said, Suma, I am going out in urgency please look out the house. Be careful and be alone that means no boys. Okay mom, no boys will come for me, said Suma next time please wore a complete dress please Okay mom, don’t bother about me and go.
She went out and immediately she called Vijay (It’s me). When I was at their house, the door was opened wide and she was sleeping on the sofa. I knocked the door and she woke up and called me inside. I went to her without closing the door. We sat for a while afterwards, i asked her that why she called me.
Why would I call you lonely? For that only I called you. Then come on”, said I and pulled her head towards my pants. Do you want me to suck your penis? Then come inside. We went inside and later we fucked for half an hour and we both lay on the bed and I asked, “Where is your mom? She was not here and so that I had called you. Hey I will go by now, if any body see us now what would happen?
Hey don’t be scared, no one will come because I and my mother only will stay in here. What about your father? What father? I mean your father, I don’t have any, what? Don’t you have a father? My mom didn’t have a father and I also didn’t have father, How because my mom had so many boyfriends and hence she don’t know who was my father.
Oh! I think you also got so many boyfriends. Yeah! But, I like you the most. Oh it’s my pleasure. Now stop this nonsense and fuck me. Hey Suma, I hear some noise outside the doors. Nothing fishy noise is coming actually Kusuma was coming into home as the room which we were in was open she saw us from hall. She stood for one sec and peeped for some time at that time Suma was chewing my dick as I had a larger one as I can.
I kept on firing my dick into her throat. Later we fuck for nearly thirty minutes. I fired cum into her mouth. She was swallowing slowly. I started again and was firing my dick into her mouth. We both were enjoying it. All of a sudden Kusuma came in wearing a pink middy up to her ass cheeks. I immediately fell onto the bed covering my tool.
Suma stood up and kept her head down. Semen was oozing from her mouth and it was also dropping from her breasts. Kusuma said, “Is that it what you are doing in my absence? No mother, I just what just? Who is he fucked you now? He is my boyfriend and we were in love even you were lovers you can’t do this nasty things in my house and on my bed. How dare you two to do this here?
No mom, he came just now and asked that he can’t wait anymore and so I have to do this. I kept quite throughout the scene. Shut up you slutty and sit over there, said Kusuma and dragged my pants down. My tool was already erect and she got it with her hands. She held it for a while and said, ooooh my god you were not an ordinary one, you were a most special tool I don’t want to waste it.
I said, No aunty, please leave me. I will go and never come to your house again. She said, you were asking to leave you and your dick was asking to fuck you. What shall I do? Leave me aunty ok, we will play a game. I will count 10; if your erect dick didn’t calm down I will fuck you but if it cooled means I will leave you. She counted 1 2 3 and so on and will she was counting she was giggling her boobs violently and my dick didn’t come down but became stronger.
She completed her count and said, you lost your game and I won so I have to fuck you. I left my body to her and she fucked me. She used many positions and I co – operated her so much. My girlfriend watched all with tears in her eyes. I saw her but I can’t do any thing. She fucked me like there is no any day left. We fucked for nearly 1 hour. She as well as I was weakened. Suma went out of the room weeping. I followed her and stopped her.
She slapped me and said, you were nothing but a prostitute and you will fuck any woman, I was cheated. Leave me and go out. No, your mother was not an ordinary woman she was very beautiful even in this age of her 50. You were just as beautiful as her and I wish your father was a great man to get a daughter like you Suma. I promise you that I won’t look at any one. Please believe me ok, promise me that you don’t fuck anyone. I promise you, I will fuck you only and not anyone. She hugged me and kissed. Later from that day I used to fuck Suma and Kusuma simultaneously without their knowledge. For feedback you can mail me. Thanks
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Exploited By Elder Sister Sonya

Hi to all, this is Rahul Roy from Bangalore. I am 23 and have been an ardent fan of this site from last four and a half years, especially the incest and the group categories. This is not because it’s hard to believe but also because it gives people like me a forum to share the sexual experiences which is considered as Sins in our society. Please note that the incident which I am narrating below is not fictions but a real life experience which I have been though.
This part is all about how I got introduced to sex and the forbidden zone of incest with my elder sister Sonya. To brief you of my background, we are a family of five. Me, my younger sister roshni, my elder sister Sonya and my parents. My parents are highly educated professionals and leading some of the biggest firms in our country. As per their responsibilities, most of times they are both out on client meetings across the globe which left us all by ourselves in our growing ages.
This happened when I was teenager and my elder sister was 19 years. Sonya is one among the brightest among the siblings, a class topper. It’s hard to find a combination of beauty with such brain. At the age of 19, a 2nd year student of Law in country’s premiere institution, she has all the curves at all right places. She must be 36B 26 36 young girl which all guys drool seeing her move as we stay alone most of the time, we three are the back bone of each other.
Though we do not share our rooms but we share all our joys and pains with each other. Those days, Sonya followed a strict diet plan and schedule not only to keep herself busy but all to keep herself in shape. I remember, after coming from college she would go to the gym and come back drenched in sweat to take her evening batch. One such evening, I was busy playing my video game in my room when she entered in her track suits shouting that.
She will be using my bathroom to take wuick shower as the gyser in her bathroom are not functioning.  I could see the outline of her bra and panty from her suit, you hardly care about all these, hence I continued with my video game. She went in the bathroom and I could hear her taking bath under the shower. To my surprise the shower suddenly stopped and I could hear a sound of someone falling.
Back to my senses, I rushed to ask Sonya what happened which she replied saying that she has fallen in the bathroom and not able to stand properly. I asked her to open the door so that I that I could help her get back to her. Somehow she opened the door. I rushed into the bathroom she was lying down on the floor stark naked with her one leg flat on the ground and other folded wide apart from her other leg exposing her cunt lips.
The sight was not something which should turn me on as at that age I did not know anything about sex or sexual behavior. I quickly went to her and took the towel and wrapped her boobs and till her thighs. The still is still raw in my mind now. A beautiful face, wet hair whose strands were hardly covering her tight 36 B boobs. The pink nipples, not erect with dew drops on them.
A deep navel, a perfect hour glass which shows off how tough she must be working out daily and her pubic.  Light brown triangle shapes rather perfectly trimmed and the cunt folds as if which has experienced the biggest orgasm of life. Fully drenched with water as if honey dripping out of the hive coming back to the story, I took her into my arms asking- Di if you are fine and if I should call our family doctor which she refrained.
I settled her to her bed and asked her if she wants me to call the maid to help her change from her towel for which she said-“bhai do not call anyone I can change if you just pass me my clothes. She asked me to open the wardrobe and guided me to take out a pink semi transparent panty and the matching bra. The next thing was the clothes which she asked me to fetch her skirt and loose t-shirt.
She apologized for troubling me so much which as a caring brother replied with a smile and said that I am happy to help. At the end of the day, we are family, she smiled and said to lift her and to help her stand so that she can were her panty. She removed the towel and with one hand around my arms she tried to wear her panty with the other but she failed.
I asked her to sit down on the edge of the bed so that I can put the panty on for her. I was getting irritated slowly as I was missing my game. She sat on the edge and I put her panty up and asker her innocently how come she has hair in her pubic area. She said it comes with age. I nodded and helped her wear her skirt. After that she wore the bra and T-shirt by herself and I rushed to finish the game.
My sister came back from her friends place in the evening by then and started studying. After having dinner I continued with my studies and about to sleep when I heard Sonya calling my name. I went to check her out, she was growing in pain. I asked her if I could help she said nothing but asked me if I could sleep with her tonight so that if she needs something she doesn’t have to scream.
I agreed and slept next to her. She was wearing the same clothes. She asked me if I could help her to the bathroom as she wanted to pee. I took her, she sat on the commode and I was watching her. I wanted to ask her how come she does not have a dick like stuff which she said girls do not have that. We went to bed and was lying when she asked me that if I am aware of sex, pussy and other stuff. I said no to her as
I really didn’t know my friends are those groups who are geeks and who do not waste any time other than studying. She asked me if I know why girls do not have the stick like thing to which she said that girls have a hole to accommodate the stick that’s how nature have created them. I was surprised knowing that to which I said not possible. She said yes that is the truth.
I asked her how, she asked me to come on top of her and try entering the pole and it will go inside her pussy to prove her point. To find out if that is true I went between her legs and inserted my dick. As it was 4 inch thin at that time, it went easily. I could see my sister moaning to which I asked what happened. She said that she is having pain in her pussy for which it needs a pole massage and asked me to move to and fro.
Unknowingly I was fucking her in a steady pace without even realizing what I am doing and with whom I am doing. After few minutes she asked me to get off as the pain is gone. As a happy brother to his sister, I slept off. This was every day’s chores between me and Sonya for next few days until she was fine again. Every night she asked me to massage her with my pole to give her relief from the pain.
When our parents returned, she asked me to promise her that I will not tell her anything about the incident or the massage thing to which I said I will not tell. Now it’s up to the readers to decide if this was not an exploitation which I went though in my early days. All you comments are welcome and how my sister got married, how was how first night with me post marriage in the next update depending on the responses I get.
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Cute And Hot Colleague

Hello friends, I am your Friend from Mumbai..Its the best exp and wish to share the same with you all guys and for privacy and security reason I have changed the names.
At the same time I wish to thank all the other writers for making many people relax by reading there awesome stories. May be they are fiction or some made up or rather true but its just about feelings how they are put in words.
Coming to the story I am working with a MNC in Mumbai basically from Hyderabad. My Name is Rambo. This is my story with a girl in my last office. Friends pls spare some time and read till end Hope you would like it.May be its a bit long pls dont mind and awaiting your comments at Her name is Sneha. We both joined the same company as fresher and were in the same training batch. It was Friday morning and I had absolutely no mood to work. I was trying to time pass and pinged Sneha.
Madam kya kar rahi hai” She replied “Kaam karne ki koshish kar rahi hoon. Par not well. I’m having a bad head ace and just wish to leave but I don’t think I would get permission.I thought Bingo this is time to get close to her. Then I Said her. “Hey let me help you with that and then I went to the team lead and made up a small story and said she is not at all well and was requesting me to drop her at her PG accommodation place. After a bit of hesitation and seeing her lie on the desk he said well ok carry on.
I jumped and from my heart and came back to her and said ….”” Ah with great difficulty I managed him …its ok let’s go I will drop you chalo nikaltehai…””
She was shocked and before she says no or makes other thought I took her things in my hand and moved…
She had something on me which I know for sure but how to make it come out was the big task. Even I had nothing but a kind of crush on her.
We both made our way to my car. She was adjusting her hair and walking behind me. As we started we both were talking on various things and she was totally forgotten with her head ace thing. Later after about little distance I stopped by the Dominos Pizza corner and went in to get some ice-cream.
I came back with two mukflurry as soon as she saw then she jumped out happily saying OH GOD I LOVE IT THANKS A LOT…We were more comfortable and truthfully even I left the plan of crush and all thing seeing her very happy and smiling.
May be the love or lust chemistry dint start but close friends thing came up she started telling all her personal things as even I did.
We finished and started heading towards her place and the way she was sitting I guess she was feeling cold as she had worn a thin Sleeveless chiffon salwar suit. We were almost nearing.
She had a slim waist and good size firm boobs. Her hands were thin, slender and looked very soft. She was feeling cold as its winter evening and I could see the goose bumps on her arm. She had an round face with dark eyes. It looked more mystic because of the kohl that she had applied. Her lips were thick and properly accentuated with lipstick. I can see the lips still trembling because of the ice-cream she just had.
We reached her place it was 2 BHK independent flat with one more girl sharing with her and this house was surrounded by many other independent houses and her roommate I guess she was not available.
She invited me in and readily I accepted …as we opened the door with her extra key her friend was also there sleeping on the couch in the hall….sneha made her awake and later her friend walked in saying me hi.
Sneha said she would fresh up and come and made me sit in the hall …I was watching TV and seeing the house I wish I could stay with her but bad luck. After a couple of min, she came out with the towel wrapped on her shoulder. She was wearing the pajama and T shirt. The T shirt was quite loose and was giving little-little peek of her melon boobs.
Now my dick started rising and I was going mad seeing her cleavage bra her big boobs were jiggling in the T shirt. The ass was also properly visible with the pajama sticking in her ass creek. Needless to say I was having all kinds of thoughts and it was getting difficult to control my emotions.
In fact this was first time when I was looking at Sneha from a totally different perspective.
She is no more a friend. I wanted to caress her in my arms. To pamper her to play with her hot body. But I could not jump into all this as I was supposed to be a cultured man and should control my emotions.
But Inner desires are hard to keep and I started looking for ways to come close to her.
I could not resist myself and requested her for the way to rest room and she guided me to the bathroom that she just used. Her clothes were hanged in the hanger. She had hidden her bra and panty below the salwar kamiz. I imagined how it would be to smell her vagina Pussy.
I came out and we sat down on the couch with Tea cups and.I asked her about her head ace she said its ok but not completely gone…I asked her that can I help her by pressing her head she smiled and said no. Then I said its ok then I will leave thanks for the tea she said next thanked me later once again I asked. Tumhara sar daba doon kya? I think you will feel better.” I asked her. She just smiled and didnt said anything, which I took as yes.
I went and stood behind her. She was still sitting on the couch. As her T shirt was quite big, I could see her cleavage well enough.
I felt like putting my hand inside and grabbing one but resisted. I started massaging her forehead. Her eyes were closed and she was making sound like haaaaaa aaahhhh achha lag raha hai after that I brought down my hand to her neck and shoulder and started giving her a shoulder massage.
Now this time effect was different. She didn’t move. I knew she was in mood at the same time for me to proceed I was afraid as her friend was also in the room. I slowly massaged her neck and shoulder. I could see goose bumps in those areas. She was still not moving. She just kept on making sounds of being relaxed. With a fear and stubbing voice I said it would be better if we go to your room I  I ii mean you could relax more if you are on bed.
She gave a ? face and still we moved in and making her lie down on bed I started doing the same for 10 min then moved on to slowly to the front and massaged below her neck slowly.
I still could not make myself to take my hands inside her T Shirt. I slowly sat down on my knees near her bed.
Now my face was reaching her face as she was sleeping. I could smell the perfume that she had applied. It was same that smelled in her bra. Some fruity smell and that was driving me crazy. Thoughts of her bra and panty started coming to me and I could not control my hard on. All my good boy fundas went out the window.
I could not think of anything else and I moved my nose against her neck trying to smell the perfume. I felt the goose bumps against my nose and lips. I kissed her slowly on the neck. She folded her neck further back. I kissed her again and this time I inserted my right hand inside her T shirt and touched her left boob. Her skin was soft like satin. I slowly explored her boob with my hand. Her nipples were hard like nuts.
She wrapped her hand around my head while I kissed her neck again. This time I gave her a wet kiss. Slowly I moved up and licked her ear lobes. This time she went crazy. She clasped my head and pulled my hairs. I kept licking her ear lobe while exploring her both the boobs. After sometime she could not take it anymore and she held me by hair and removed my head. She turned back and looked into my eyes.
We looked into each other for some time. No one spoke anything. I held her cheeks and slowly planted a kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. The kiss slowly grew more passionate and then we were exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues. We were in a situation from which there was no looking back. I also joined her in the bed and looking into her eyes started kissing.
We kept on kissing. I inserted my hand again inside her T shirt and squeezed her boobs very slow and kissed her on her neck. I pulled up the T shirt to reveal her juicy boobs. It was white and smooth with hard dark nipples. I licked her nipple. She could not take this and pushed my mouth away from it. I held her hands and again groped one boob in my mouth and started sucking it. She was going crazy.
She started caressing my hair. One by one I was sucking her boobs and slowly I removed her T shirt. She was very shy to be like that in front of me. “Man…please light off karo…mujhe sharm aa rahi hai” She said hiding her boobs with her hands.
I asked about her friend she said not a prob u can see condoms in every room ….tht was a great signal and I made no deal to wait.
I could see Moods few packs Extra Pleasure condom. She had already switched off the lights but still I could see her in the light coming from the streetlight in front of my window. I removed my T Shirt and went inside the blanket. As soon as I went inside she hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips. We started smooching again and this time she was freer than before.
She was exploring my back and chest and I was squeezing her boobs. I then get on top of her and started kissing her from her neck. I sucked her boobs and pinched her nipple.
She made me suck her nipples a lot and she was pressing my head towards her boobs very madly and playing with my hair. I was still sucking her boobs.
She with a stop at our romance she asked me how many girls you fucked …I said you are first ….ha ha no yaar about 3 girls full sex and 2like full mad romance she smiled and said I too had with two guys one at my teen age and now it’s you. And she said mujhe enjoy karna hai and I do it only with whom I love …..Yes it’s my desire I wish to fulfill it but with the person whom I like ….
I asked her why she was getting so serious she smiled and said just trying to make sure you won’t take me in wrong way……I took her in my arms and kissed her fore head and assured her the respect for her would never change……I looked into her eyes and said Sneha want to make love with you madly and kissed me hard.
I held her hands and put it behind her head. Her armpits were clean shaved. I licked them.
She could not take this and was trying to cover it but my grip was hard and she could not do anything. I slowly moved down and kissed her navel and explored the navel area with my lips. I moved further down and kissed below the navel. I inserted my hand inside the pajama and squeezed her hip. I then held the elastic of pajama and removed it completely. I could see her trimmed pussy in the slight light that was coming through the window.
I kissed her thighs and legs. She was moaning like anything. I then planted a kiss on her pussy. She shivered. I licked her pussy lips and she went crazy. She was trying to fold her legs but the way I had positioned my head did not let her cover her love hole. My face was totally on top of her pussy and she could not do anything apart from pulling my head and hair.
I inserted my lips inside her vagina. The salty taste was driving me crazy. I was licking the pussy and also inserted one of finger inside her.
I finger fucked her and then inserted 2 fingers and then finally 3 fingers and increased my motion of finger fucking her. She was going crazy and making sounds. my finger was filled with her juices. I got up and wore the condom. She stopped me and took it in her mouth and she went on kissing it deep.
I could not say her stop she was fast and making moments very fast at the same time she was moving her one hand bottom of my dick oh god sneha stop it I can’t take it she was in full mood licking licking licking and now she took the tip of my dick she tried to insert her tongue inside the dick hole just for this moment I was like ah she stopped she immediately started again and made my dick moment towards her throat now she was even more faster she was rubbing hand on my nipples and stomach pinching my small nipples and sucking the dick hard she took the angles and she dint waste a sec and continued sucking it badly.
I tried to stop her at my best I was in like mad enjoyment also trying to stop her we both were making noise still we dint stop now she took her hand at my balls and started massaging them ….now is the time I loaded a thick load of cum in her mouth which she drank all and still she was sucking the dick slowly smiling and seeing my red and happy face.
She jumped on top of me said in my ear “”SALELADKELOG TUMKO HI ENJOY KARNA HAI KYA HAMEBHI ATA HAI”” those words made me more hot took her from behind and started rubbing my dick on her ass cheeks and playing pressing her boobs and her neck.
I took two pillows behind her and moved her back and started kissing on her lips, neck and shoulders. She moved me aside and holds my cock. She was giving strokes to it and then started sucking it again to make it hard. Now my dick slowly made its way down to its destiny. She had held my waist. I was moving my cock in out slowly. I thought she should not feel pains. She said, its ok, let it be painful, but fuck me like one male took female. I feel my male should take whatever I give him.
I had started very strongly. She had held my butts with her legs. I felt movement in my tentacles. She got it and had held my body tightly. I took her nipples in my mouth and started very fast.
Its was like pumping her deep to make her hole big and take her ass hole from her pussy .she responded very well and the sounds which she was making was driving me crazy mare and more.
Now I stopped and stood down making her lie at the corner of the bed and started giving strokes more big she was a bit making noise with little pain and she kept her one leg down …now I slowed down my speed just to make her get acquitted with this style of fuck and made my speed increase slowly next made her both legs on my shoulders and started pumping her standing down at the bed.
She had closed her eyes and her mouth open with just ah ah ah ah ah ah sound and I was kind of fucking her with some kind of revenge the force was very mad and she did not say a word but I felt I need to change to make sure she too enjoys it …
I moved her and made her kneel down on the floor making her hold the bed and started giving her strokes from behind she enjoyed this well cause she was using abusing words and making me mad to fuck her even more I held her ass firmly and gave nice deep movement’s first then targeted the depth to explore.
Next moment she holds my hand got up and kissed me and telling me with a teeth shattering voice fuck me more holding my dick next moment I took her lips and giving her tight kiss I made her one leg on bed and entered my dick in her love hole hugging her tight and next pressing her boobs rock hard was pushing her ass towards me very hard.
She said “Please don’t stop. Continue” I started stroking again and this time with more force. I was stroking hard and hard and she was moving her butt with my motion. She wrapped my body with her Hands and I was almost in peak and was about to come any moment.
We went in for the next angle I made her sit in my lap as I loved kissing and fucking she was on my dick which was inserted deep in her hole and she had closed her eyes for the dick was deep into her hole and both of our body was sweating badly as both were on big time heat and had this fuck round for next 5 min then both of us slept removing the condom she gave a sweet kiss infact she covered all my body with her kiss.
We both had the lip lock until we went in the bath room for shower. Guys and girls let me know your comments for our love making session…. anyone interested Mumbai hyd do let me know….as the saying goes YE DIL MANGE MORE!!!
Mail in your comments at .Special thanks to sneha for allowing me to narrate this happy love making session with names and places having nothing to do with the real life. Thanks to all readers hope all woman readers would be wet and guys would have the trousers tight.
Happy Fucking to all …have fun people!!!Love Rambo.
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Ramya Gets Trapped

Hello everyone, I am Shravan 24 year old guy from Bangalore. The following story is completely a fiction. I hope you will like it and please do send your feedbacks to
Ramya, a married woman with a son, as usual had bath in the evening after applying oil. While having her bath she was thinking about her recent encounter couple of nights back when one of her dad’s friend who had stayed at her place entered her room while she was sleeping and he touched her and when she woke up that guy stripped her naked and licked her pussy and played with her boobs.
She at first objected but soon her oppose became weak and she let the man continue and she enjoyed the man’s touch after a long time. The encounter had come to an abrupt stop as Ramya was called outside for some work by her dad. So after bath she wore a grey colour sari with white and dark shades and also a grey colour blouse. She didn’t wear any bra or panty and walked out of bathroom. 
She went to her room and decided that she will go to her neighbors place and spend time with the neighbor woman. She went to the neighbours place and found the old man of the house sitting with the servant. She started speaking with the woman and she saw the old man and servant looking at her and discussing something. The 2 men had lusted for Ramya for a long time and even had shared their interests in Ramya with each other.
They made a plan and decided that today they will make their dream come true somehow. Ramya spoke with the woman and after sometime the woman went to sleep in her room. The servant went out telling that he had some work after the old lady went to sleep, Ramya decided to leave, when she was leaving the old man called her to help him in getting a mat from the top of Almirah in his room.
Ramya went to help him. She stood and tried to reach for the mat, at that time, the old man came behind her and in the pretext of helping her put his hands on her waist. Ramya was shocked at first and tried to move but the old man caught hold of her and told her to get the mat from the Almirah top when she moved her hands to get the mat a small cup of honey which was on top of the mat fell on her body. Ramya screamed in shock.
The honey fell on her blouse and pallu of the sari, making it completely wet and the old man found her more inviting. Ramya took the excuse and decided to leave. But when she was leaving the old man stopped her saying that he can’t find his golden ring that he had placed on the table near almirah, where a few moments before Ramya was standing. He started searching for it and even Ramya decided to help.
She searched for sometime along with the old man, but they couldn’t find the ring. Suddenly the old man announced that he thinks somebody has stolen the ring and he told Ramya to hand over the ring else he will call the cops. Ramya was totally shocked with the accusation and she told that she didn’t take it but the old man was adamant and he told that she has taken it and he wants it back, else he will give her to police.
Ramya told that she hasn’t taken it and she was innocent. So the old man told that he has to check her for the ring, if she is not having the ring with her, then she can leave, else he will call the cops.  Ramya was shell shocked and didn’t know what to do. Before she could say anything, the old man came behind her back and put his hands on her and began searching her body. The old man put his hands on her waist and moved his hands over her belly area.
Ramya was still shocked with the allegations and didn’t make any movements. Then The old man directly put his hands on her boobs which was wet due to the honey spilled over her sari from behind and held it tightly in his hands. Ramya moaned loudly aahhhh and she bit her lips. She realized what the old man was doing and tried to move and told that she is innocent and told him to leave her and but the old man told her that she has the ring.
He will get it from her; else he will call the cops. The old man put his hands again on her boobs and began to fondle it, He then moved the pallu sideways and caught hold of her boobs and pinched her nipples over the wet blouse. Ramya who was shocked at the action of the old man and moaned aaahhh and she tried to move and pushed the old man and tried to go out of the room in the mean time the servant entered the room and asked the old man what was happening.
The old man told that Ramya has stolen his ring and she is trying to escape. Ramya got afraid and told the servant that she is innocent and told him to leave her but the servant, who was involved in the plan along with the old man, told her that they will have to search her first and then she can leave. Ramya was in tears and pleaded that she was not guilty and she didn’t steal anything. The servant locked the room from behind, blocking the way of exit for Ramya.
Ramya was terrified and didn’t know what to do and she opened her mouth to shout, but the old man shut her mouth from behind and the servant put his hands on her boobs and started massaging them and pressing them. Ramya moaned loudly aaaahhh please leave me, I’m innocent. The servant removed the sari from her body and Ramya was standing only in blouse and petticoat with nothing inside.
Her blouse and petticoat was wet as she had bath only half an hour back and also due to the honey that fell on her. She was looking very inviting to the 2 men with her nipples visible from the wet blouse. The servant bent down and began to move his hands over her legs and up her thighs and he moved his hands slowly and when he came across her pussy area hidden inside the petticoat.
He pressed his hand over her pussy area and pinched her pussy lightly, making Ramya let out a moan in pain aaaaaaah. The old man kissed the neck of Ramya from behind and ramya moaned again. Ramya tried to move but the 2 men held her still. The old man put his hands on her lovely ass and started kneading them in his hands. In the mean time the servant came up from kneeling position and in the process.
He came across her belly which was visible. He moved his hands over her belly and he planted a kiss on her belly and chewed it with his mouth, making Ramya moan in pleasure, servant came up and he saw her blouse which was wet due to honey. He put his hands on her breast and started massaging them. Ramya leaned back a bit enjoying the touch of the servant.
Servant then put his mouth over her breasts inside the blouse and started chewing her left breast over the blouse. He could taste the sweetness of the honey and also of her lovely breast. Ramya moaned loudly aaahhhh and the Servant started biting her nipple and tasting her honey drenched blouse and massaging the beautiful breasts after some time servant and the old man took her to the bed and they  made her lay on her back.
She tried to get up, but the servant pushed her back onto the bed and he put his hands on her blouse and began to open it. Ramya tried to get up again this time the old man pulled her back and the servant pressed her boobs again and Ramya moaned loudly aahhhh and lied on her back closing her eyes. Servant opened her blouse completely and the 2 men looked at Ramya’s marvellous boobs in all its glory.
Old man put his hands on the naked boobs and pressed it and then he put his mouth on her boobs and kissed it and tasted the sweetness of honey flavoured boobs. Ramya moaned loudly aahhh old man started licking her Nipple and biting it making Ramya moan loudly. Ramya by now was thoroughly enjoying the attention she was getting by the 2 men in the mean time the servant untied her petticoat knot and he pulled it down from her legs completely revealing her pussy to the 2 men.
The old man kept sucking her boobs to his satisfaction, and Ramya lay quietly on the bed closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation. The servant put his hands on her legs and moved it over her thighs. Ramya closed her legs to prevent his further intrusion. But the servant leaned and kissed her inner thighs and Ramya opened her legs wide for him and the servant spread her legs more and he put his face near the pussy and smelled it.
He kissed her pussy lightly making Ramya scream in pleasure aahhhhh. He put his tongue inside her cunt and started licking her pussy lips and he increased the speed of his action making Ramya ready for the fuck that he was planning on giving her. The old man kept on licking her boobs and then he went and kissed her lips and inserted his tongue inside her mouth and soon Ramya co-operated and the old man and Ramya
We started kissing each other passionately and play with each others tongue when servant found that Ramya’s pussy was wet enough, he undressed himself and came on top of bed and spread her legs wide. He kept the head of his cock on her pussy entrance and he started pushing it in. Ramya started to shiver and soon the servant had all of his cock inside her pussy and he soon started moving in and out and soon.
He was fucking Ramya in rhythm and Ramya started screaming aaahhh. Servant increased the speed and soon Ramya had a loud orgasm and she closed her eyes in pleasure after she ejaculated. The Servant increased his speed and soon he too came inside her pussy. Then the servant pulled his cock outside her pussy and he went to her boobs and started playing with it in the mean time the old man undressed himself and he came near her pussy.
I spread her legs and kept his cock on Ramya’s pussy and he pushed it hard inside her. Ramya moaned again ahhhhh and the old man soon started moving in and out of her pussy and soon he was fucking Ramya in rhythm and Ramya started screaming aaahhhh mmm. The old man couldn’t last much long and he came inside her and he fell next to her on the bed panting and he went to sleep soon due to tiredness.
The servant kissed Ramya on the lips and played with her tongue. He again started savouring her boobs and started chewing them and biting them to his hearts content. Then he made her sit in doggy style, he then held his cock firmly in his hand and he kept it at Ramyas pussy entrance and he pushed it in again, and when the cock was completely inside her
He started fucking her hard and hard and soon in few minutes Ramya had an orgasm again and screamed in pleasure. The servant kept on fucking her and he increased the speed and he came after 20 minutes of fucking and he deposited all his cum inside Ramya’s pussy. Ramya and the servant laid flat on each other and they kept on kissing each other and promised each other of more fun in the future. I hope you liked my fantasy story, will wait for any feedback. Thanks
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My Sex Experience

Hello friends this is DJ4U here again with my very new experience with a colleague of mine.  I Am DJ 28 male from Haridwar send in your suggestion specially girls aunty and hot chicks. I had been to Delhi for some work and it required me to stay there for about a week, the company had provided a translator for me to translate the manuals, her name was Shweta.
Shweta was a good looking girl of 28-30 years of age, good figure, average breasts, slim waist; I enjoyed my working with her kind of a social girl. It was a Saturday, I was in my hotel room when I got a call from her, she wanted to go out with me for dinner and I agreed , we went to a restaurant, and were enjoying the night , she was having some wine and we had a good social talk, she got a bit drunk and wanted to dance.
I agreed and we were dancing to some wild tunes and after some time to some slow music, it was late night about 3 am, when we were dancing she pressed to me ,her breasts were heating up my loins, I was getting aroused my dick was getting hard, she held me tightly and our hips were joined together, slowly I was pressing my hips to her , she could feel my hard on, she looked up and smiled, it was feeling great pressing her to me.
I asked her can we go someplace she nodded yes. We went to my hotel room I put on some music on my computer. I pulled her close to me and put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her head against my shoulder. The sentimental song and the wine was making her feel romantic and we were dancing slowly she offered no resistance.
Her hand was rubbing the back of my neck. My growing bulge was touching her thighs I lifted her head back so that she was looking up I leaned forward and kissed her lips .she pulled me tight against me and pressed her mouth against mine I opened my mouth and her tongue slipped inside. My hand went to her breast and pressed it then very slowly I slipped my hand inside her shirt and to her bra her nipples were getting hard to my touch, my fingers bent her nipples.
I went further to feel her breast, it was smooth and soft. It felt great and she was moaning with pleasure, oouuuuuu, she pulled my head and kissed me hungrily. I lifted off her shirt and saw a thin lace bra covering her cute breast. Her nipples hard and ripe wanting to be freed I undid her bra and pushed it aside exposing her milky white skin. I pulled her close to me her soft breasts were pressed to my chest, my hands going down to her hips.
I pulled her to me, kissing her again, her hands were moving along my back, pressing me to her. She removed my shirt we were now bare waist up I slowly bent down to her breast and took the hard nipples in my mouth biting them slowly with my lips, she arched back and pulled my head to her chest, moaning in pleasure, ahhh yes yes DJ4U slowly slowly, while kissing her nipples my other hand lifted her skirt up.
I felt her legs and opened them slowly and found her wet down at her pussy. She shuddered to my touching her pussy and held my hand with her thighs tightly, I slipped my hand into her panty and felt her pubic mould and my fingers were feeling her puffy lips and gently massaged her clit and slowly inserted my finger into her wet dripping pussy. I said “you are really wet down there Shweta
She said, ‘please don’t stop go on Satish, ohhhhhh yeaaaaa ohhh ummm, feels so good. She is sweating and hot now, her head is on my shoulders and hands pressing my hand to her pussy. I slide my finger in her pussy for slowly sliding it in Out in out oohhhh Satish ahhhh feels good don’t stop now please I want you So much ohhhhhhh.
She held my head and gave a long passionate kiss, without breaking the kiss she reached for my dick which was hot and ready to come out of my pants, she undid my pants and put her hand inside my shots, her soft hands slid the foreskin back and was feeling the soft mushroom head, “wow the feeling”, after some time I told her, wait and took off all my clothes, I was bare naked in front of her.
She was wearing her skirt and panties. She said to me, I want to kiss it. I want your cock in my mouth. Do you like to have your dick sucked? I told her, “it’s my favorite thing in the whole world.” she knelt down and holding my hard dick she opened her mouth and slid it into her mouth, “ohm the feeling of a hot mouth on the dick feel so good.
I held her head as she was sucking me off, I was moaning in pleasure, her tongue was making circles on the head of my dick and I was in a great ecstasy, pulling her head to me fast now I just could not control it, she was pumping now faster and it felt so great. I lifted her up and hungrily kissed her lips and took her to the bed. I put her down and slowly kissing her went down to her breasts, biting and nibbling her nipples.
Going down to her tummy and took off her skirt and panties, they were very wet with her comings, I slowly glide my hands on her pussy, she opened her legs wide, and she held my head and was pushing it to her pussy I opened my mouth and gave her a kiss opening her outer lips , my tongue dipped into her wet hole licking her wetness, Shweta was screaming, ohhhhh goddd iii aammm cuming, ohhhhh yes!
She lifted her hips to my face and came in one big gush I was licking her cum .after several minutes of orgasm, her body relaxed and I slid on top of her, laying on her breasts , she holding me smiling, this was very good DJ4U, I liked it very much, I slowly gently started to lick her nipples again making small circles on each nipple, We kissed again tenderly she pressed me to her breasts crushed to my chest
I was getting a hard on again, it was hard against her thighs, against her soft mould, her legs wide to receive me in her. I lifted my hips and placed my dick on her pussy , Shweta said oh yes DJ4U put in I need to feel it in me please fuck me, she took my dick in her hands and placed it in front of her pussy I pushed a bit and the head slowly entered her hole it was wet
I pushed in slowly she bit her teeth and said umppph ahhhhhhhhh yes slowly good I pushed it in one hard stroke as her pussy was very wet, it went in fully and she held me tightly and her legs were around my waist pulling me to her tightly and said wait I want to feel it inside me for some time my dick was in up to the hilt and was pulsating inside her.
I gave a kiss and was held her tightly to me then I slowly started to thrust in out in out her pussy was holding my dick tightly after some time she screamed ohhh DJ4U I am coming, I held her hands to her sides not allowing her to hold me and her legs were now on my shoulders giving me a good fucking position, her pussy was around my dick holding tightly only the hips were coming into contact, her breasts wobbling up and down.
The whole bed shaking, I was fucking her faster and faster now also screaming yes Shweta I am also going to cum now ooohhhh yes and when just about to cum I took my dick out of her pussy and came in big spurts on her pussy and tummy she took my dick in her hands and was milking it gasping it was a wonderful feeling being milked by a soft hand.
I lay on top of her having spent up energy and cum, then slid off her and she put her head on my chest and said I love d it DJ4U”, we kissed and hugged each other, after some time she held my dick and was slowly bringing it to life again and said this time I will be on top, ok, I said ok and when my dick was hard again she got up and sat on my dick slowly it went in smoothly now and she started to move up down
I held her hips and was moving her on me she arched her head back in pleasure and was moving more faster moaning in pleasure , her breasts bouncing up down with her movements I held them and was squeezing slightly, pinching her nipples made her more horny and she was riding me more hard and faster, after some time she fell on my chest her hips moving on my dick kissing my mouth slurping my tongue and shouted yes I am coming,
I could also feel the heat in me erupting and I also said yes Shweta I am coming too, and we both came at the same time she was moving her hips slowly tired, our mixed juices were on her thighs slowly dropping from her pussy, she gave me a lingering kiss and said DJ4U thanks for the wonderful night, I said ya thanks to you took, kissed her and we both slept in each other’s arms. This was a very good experience I had till date; send in your replies to
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With Dad’s Friend’s Daughter

My dad Shankar is a business man. He has a restaurant in Bangalore and he has timber mill in Madikeri, his friend Naresh is his partner in this business and he is the one who look after his business. He and his family stays in Madikeri, family husband, wife and alone daughter. Dad doesn’t visit Madikeri that often. Both Naresh uncle and Dad has good understanding in the business and both of them have been best friends since college days.
Uncle’s daughter name is Kavana after her schooling she went to Pune to her Grand parents for college. I had seen her when we were studying 5th or 6th class, that to just once. Now I have completed my BE and doing M tech in Bangalore only (where we live) and even Kavana wanted to do M tech (came to know from my parents) one day I was lying on sofa watching TV, dad called me said that Kavana has got admission in 
Bangalore that to college was just 4 KMs from our place plan was that she ll staying and studying in our place, and dad asked me pick her from bus stand very next evening. Accommodation for her was not a problem in our home as we had spacious house, kitchen, master bed room, pooja room and drawing hall in ground floor, and three bed rooms, one mine, other one for guests and another one spare and a gym in first floor.
Guest was cleaned and kept ready for her. Next day after college I was working out in gym and received a call from a unknown number, a sweet voice came that side saying am I speaking to Manu very next moment I understood that it was Kavana. She said bus will be in majestic KSRTC bus stand in one hour. I stopped working out that moment, got freshed in 5 minutes and took mom’s car as she had luggage. Parked car and was waiting for her.
I got a call from her saying she is waiting near a shop in bus stand and need help to carry her things and she said she is wearing white top and blue jeans as I am seeing her after so many years making easy to recognize her. I started walking near the shop and saw a girl wearing white top and blue jeans with a two trolley suitcases and a kit bag from far about 100 meters.
She was a gorgeous girl as fair as snow, very cute looking from face and quite hot from body. She was 5ft 2in, had sweet voice after formal hand shake I lead her to car. We reached home. Mom wasn’t there in home; she said she is going to temple. I had my set of keys so not a problem to go into home. Kavana got settled in her room unpacking her stuffs and gifts given by uncle to us.
That is when I came to know why she was carrying so many luggages. There were lots of gifts like a jacket for me, sarees for mom and home made wine for dad and many more things. In couple of days she made herself comfortable with us and she was happy to stay with us. Mean while she started going to collage as her college was on the way to my college I used drop and pick her up.
We started becoming very good friends. She was very jovial fun loving girl,hard working too even loved working out in gym with to keep her fit. Dad used to be busy with his business and mom with with her friends and temple. I and Kavana used to spend lot of time with each other, as she had no friends in Bangalore. Some times I used get a view of her cleavage and curvy waist when she weared sarees occasionally most of the time.
I used to get caught when I had a peek at her parts. She always ignored it. Not intentionally some times when we used work out in gym I used get feel of her body when I was helping her and in work outs it was making hard for me to control. It happened one day when as usual Dad was out on a friend’s son’s marriage and mom was doing some work in kitchen.
Kavana was arranging her clothes in her wardrobe as it was govt holiday, I was getting bored. I went to her room to spend time with her. She welcomed me in we were talking about different things while she continued to arrange her clothes. There was lot of clothes piled up on her bed. In between them I saw her bra lying there. I don’t know why I took that in hand.
She saw her bra in my hand and tried to snatch it from me, she slipped and very next moment she on me on her bed. I was staring at her face, she was doing the. I don’t know how long we stared at each other. She was on top of me, my hands were on her waist, and we were laying on her bed next her pile of clothes. I moved my hands from her waist to her face.
Caressed her eyes nose lips cheeks and I took her face in my hands and started to kiss her beautiful lips. We never cared to close the door. She started to respond to my kiss and started taking equal part in the game by holding my face in her lovely hands. I pushed clothes which were on bed and came on top of her. I started to feeling her boobs on clothes.
First time in my life feeling a girl’s body and she took the initiative in removing clothes by pulling my t shirt of my body. One by one removed all our clothes of our body. I started sucking and squeezing her boob’s one after the other. She was moaning in low voice. I went down kissing her belly and her sucking her navel. I went further down in between her legs.
Cleanly shaved pussy was inviting me to lick. I smelled hit. It was very erotic. I was licking her very slowly and patiently.sqeezing her meaty thighs. Never worried about getting caught by mom who was in kitchen below and finally I positioned my self between her legs. Saw her face; she was trembling with fear and excitement so was I. Not sure whether to proceed or not and I called her name softly.
She opened her eyes. She was damn beautiful than never before. I was her whether to stop it here. She signaled me from her eyes to proceed. With out condom I tried to push my dick at first it dint go. She showed the by guiding my dick. She too tight and to my surprise she was virgin. I lip locked her and gave my al power to push my dick into her. She dug her nails on my back pleasure was more than pain.
I fucked for five minutes and discharged into her. Even she climaxed at the same time. I lay on top of her for 5 minutes. Then woke up I wore my clothes and she was still lying on bed spread had a patch of blood stain. I went out of room to see what mom was doing. She was taking nap in her room.
I went to kitchen, prepared coffee for myself and for Kavana with some biscuits I went to her room. She was cleaning herself in bathroom. She came after 5 minutes. I was seated on the sofa which was in her room. She came in my arms and kissed me on lips for few seconds and whispered in my ears I love you.
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Beautiful aunty ko choda

Hi all FSS reader this is deepak name changed. I have been reading the stories from last couple of months. After reading some large number of stories i decided to narrate my story which is true one. Myself 30 years from Ahmedabad. I am very fluent in English though i decided to narrate my story in Hindi so that some of friends can easily understand.
Ye baat 6 saal pehle ki hai jab meri age 24 thi. 
Mere pados me ek aunty he unka naam sudha he aur wo 40 ke aas paas ki thi . Mera unka ghar pe har roz ana jana rehta ta. Aunty ke 3 ladke he 2 ladke dusre state me rehte te. 1 ladka unke pass he rehta ta aur job karta ta. Aunty ka husband job karta ta lekin uski age kam se kam 60 hogi.
Mera pehle aunty ke saat banti nahi ti. Phir badme dhire dhire hum logo ke beech me acha relation ho gaya ta. Mene kabi bi aunty ko us nazar se nahi dekha. Lekin hum ek doosre se bohat masti karte te. Mera ek friend he uska naam ashok he wo bi aunty ke ghar pe aata ta. Me jab aunty ke saat masti karta to use acha nahi lagta ta who hum logo ke tokta rehta he. Me jab aunty ke pass jata hoon to use acha nahi lagta ta aur hum dono isi cheez ka fayda utakar usse chidate te. Jab wo humare samne ata to hum jhoot moot ka ek doosre se chipakte te aur kabi kabi thodi bohat normal sex ki baate karte te. Muje tab tak aunty ke saat koi akarshan nahi hua ta. Ek din me aur aunty unky ghar par bet kar baat kar rahe te tabi Ashok aya to aunty bohat hi mood me ti aur Ashok ko dekhte hi mere paas chipak gai.
Me chonk gaya lekin phir me samaj gaya ki wo to sirf Ashok ko chidane ke liye aisa kiya. Ek baar to aunty ne Ashok ke saamne aisa kaha ki hum dono bathroom me bina kapde ke na rahe te tab me heran ho gaya ki aunty itna open kaise bol rahi he. Ye sunkar mera lund kada ho gaya. Pehli baar muje aunty ko lekar kuch feeling hua. Me phir dhire dhire aunty ke saat open baate karne laga. Ek din mene socha ki kisi bi tarase aunty ko chodne ke liye prupose karu lekin kaise karu ye samaj nahi araha ta. Ek din shamko me aunty ke saat baatein kar raha ta phir dhire dhire me unse openly baate karne laga. Muje kya suja pata nahi mene aunty se kaha ki aunty mene aajtak kisi ladki ko chua tak nahi. Mene aajtak ladki ki bol aur bose kaise hote he ye bi nahi dekha. Aunty ne muje kaha ki kyun jhoot bol raha he kay tune sahi me ladki ke jism ko dekha nahi. Mene kaha aunty tumhari kasam mene aaj tak me wo cheez dekhne ke liye taras raha hu. Aunty ne aage kuch nahi kaha.
Mene mouka dekh kar ke aunty ko bola ke aunty aap mere icha puri kar sakte ho. Aunty ne poocha wo kaise mene kaha ki aunty aap bi bohat khoobsurat ho me aap se request karta hu ke please muje aap apna bose dikhaona. Aunty ne kaha ki tum ye kya keh rahe ho aisa nahi ho sakta. Mene kaha ki aunty plz me sirf ek baar aapka dekhna chahta hoon aur age kuch nahi karunga. Aunty ne kaha nahi ye nahi ho sakta to phir mene aunty se keh diya agar aap mere ye icha puri nahi karoge to me aapse kabi bi baat nahi karunga aur aapke ghar be nahi aaonga. Aunty soch me pad gai phir kuch dher ke baad aunty ne kaha ke me soch ke kal bataungi. Mene kaha thik he aunty to me kal aaonga. Muje raat bar neend nahi aai aur subah hone ka rah dekh raha to. Subah hote he me nah kar fresh ho kar nasta karke aunty ke ghar chala gaya.
Aunty us waqt pocha mar rahi ti. Mene kaha aunty ye kya aap abi tak ready nahi huye to wo kuch nahi boli. Me aunty ke pass gaya aur bola ki please aunty mujhe dekhaona aunty boli nahi ye galat he. Mene kaha kuch galat nahi he phir mene jabardasti aunty ko apne karib kicha aur unki sari peticot ke saat upar uthaya aunty apne haat se pakdi hui ti lekin mene jor se upar utha liya aur muje jor dar current laga ho aisa ehsaas hua jab mene pehli baar aunty ki bose dekha.
Aunty boli ki darwaza khula he koi ajayega. Phir mene jakar darwaza band kardiya. Phir se aunty ke pass akar unke peticot ko upar uthaya aur unki bose ko chatne laga. Phir mene apna lund pent se bahar nikal aur aunty ko bola ke please ise aapke bose ke under dalona to aunty ne mera lund pakda aur use apni chut ke under dal diya. Thodi dher baad mere pani nikal gaya. Mene aunty ko thanks kaha aunty ne mere gal par ek kiss kiya aur kaha ki bhook kar bi kisi kho ye baat mat batana warna hum dono ki badnami ho jayegi. Mene kaha ok aunty phir me chala gaya humne takriban 2 saal tak enjoy kiya ta aur phir kisi reason se hum dono ka affair sab ko pata chal gaya aur humne humari relations khatam kardiya.
So friends khas kar aunties aap logo ko mere story pasand aai ho to muje reply karna mera mail id: Agar aap logo me se kisi ko mere saat sex karne ki icha ho to mere mail pe bata dena.
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Manali Me Desi Bhabhi Ki Chudai

Hi my name is Rajeev ,i m a giggolo nd live in delhi.main 25year 5.9 ka ek hundsome boy hu. ye meri first story h main apko bore na karte hue stury pr ata hu.
july me main apne dosto ke sath ghumne ke liye manali gaya tha, hum manali raat 9 baje inter hue ,us time vaha jaam laga hua tha mere car k ek or CH. no car jaaam me phasi hue thi usme ek couple tha or vo bhabhi kya ptaka thi mere to ankhe usi pr jamee hui thi vo bhi baar baar meri tarf dekh rahi thi , 
kuch daar aise hi chalta raha  fir maine uski tarf smile ki to vo bhi smile kr gee, is pr mere dosto ne kaha yaar ye to phaas gai .or jaam bhi khul gaya tha aram aram se gadiya chalne lagi jis hotal main unhone room liya vahi hamne le liya .kismaat se unka room mere samne wala tha ,vaha jakr bhi main usse baat karne ka tarika dundne laga.
raat ko main dosto ke sath hotel k baar me batha tha tabhi sardar ji or vo bhabhi bhi vaha aa gaye or meri tarf dekh kar muskurai, kuch daar bad mera ek dost sardar ji k pass ja kr beth gaya or kuch daare bate karta raha , phir sardar ji ne hame bhi vahi ane ko kaha or hum sab vaha bath gaye or mere dost or uncle ji drink krne lage ,unhone vmuje drink offer ki to maine kaha sorry bola ki main tuesday ko drink nhi karta or bhabhi pr line maarne laga kya mast sardarni thi moti gand mati chuchi esa maan kar raha tha ki sali ko yahi pakad kr chod du,
maine apne dost ki tarf isara kiya to or use side le jakr plan samjaya . phir kuch dare bad mere dost ne kaha uncle ji hamare paas Delhi ki wisky h vo peeye  sardar ji ne pahle to mana kiya phir forse karne pr maan gaya or ham sab mere room me chale gaye or bhabhi apne room me chali gaya or vaha or baith kr peene lage , uncle nase me ho chuke the kyoki mere dost unko havy pag de rahe the , tbhi uncle ka phone baja vo bhabhi jee k liye tha to maine kaha lao uncle ji main de ata hu to unhone muje phone de diya maine bhabhi ke room ka door knok kiya bhabhi jee ne door khola to maine unko phone de diya vo unki maanka phone tha unhone bas ek baat ki or phone kaat diya ,or meri tarf khaa ja ne vali  najro se dekhne lagi or boli tum to bahut tej ho unko vaha bitha diya or khud yaha aa gaye , maine unko tbhi apni baho me bhaar liya or uske hoto pr kiss krne laga , bhabhi bhi mera sath de raha thi or apni jeebh mere muh me de di main unki jeebh chusne laga.
10 mint tak ham ek dusre ko kiss karte rahe phir vo boli ab ja raat ko miltev h or main unki chuchi ko dabate hua ok my sweaty bol kr vapis aa gaya ab tak uncle hilne lage the or unki juban ladkhada chuki thi 5 6 pege lene k baad vo talli ho gaye or vahi gir gaye maine unko apne bister pr lita diya or unke room me chala gaya or bhabhi k uper toot pada or kiss krne laga or sari ghatna bata di or door band kr diya unty sex ki pyasi thi usne mere kapde nikalne suru kr diye or mere lund ko hath me le kr hilane lagi or vahi ghutno k baal bath kr mere lund ko chusne lagi bilkul ek randi ki tarh mera pura lund uske muh me tha or vo lolipop ki tarh usko chus rahi thi.
maine usko utha kr sofe pr bithaya or usko nanga kr diya main uska dekh kr pagal ho gaya or uski chut to bilkul mast thi bina baalo ki save ki hui ek daam laal chut maine uski tange chodi ki or uski chut ko uper se chatne laga meri jeebh lagte hi vo pagal si ho gaye or mere seer pr haath laaga kr  undar ki or dabane lagi phir maine apni jeebh todi todi undaar daali or chatne laga unty kahne lagi undar tak chat saale saare maal ko pee jaa khaa jaa meri chut ko chus vdaal ise kitne dino se kisi ne isko chata nhi h oohhh maaaaaaaaa  ma a aaaaaaaaaaa ahahahahha ahahha ahah undar tak daal kr chus phir bhabhi uthi or muje bed pr kheech liya or 69 ki poje me aa gi or ham ek dusre ko suck karne lage or muh me hi jahd gaye .or 10 mint k baad bhabhi ji ne mera lund dubara chus kr khada kr ditya or meri lode pr apni chut rakh kr bath gai or uchalne lagi 15 mint tak vo uper chaddi rahi phir maine unko ghodi banaya or unke chutado ko pakad kr dakhake marne suru kr diye or 10 mint main mera jadd gaya is dooran bhabhi 3 baar apna pani chod chuki thi us raat maine bhabhi ko 3 baar or choda or vapis apne room me aa gaya agar koi or unty bhabhi want me mail me pls apne cooment jaroor bhejna any time any where any age
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Me With My Girlfriend And Her Friend

Hi guys this is Nathu Ram age 25 Jhunjhunu. Good looking any babe want to be friend it is again a real story. I do have a steady girlfriend but she is the type of girl who will have sex but does not like it that much. It is not my fault; she just has some emotional problems and is not a very sexual person. Don’t get me wrong, she is an extremely beautiful girl with golden blonde hair and an amazingly fit body. She is also great to be with but sexually, she is very frustrating. I have been with her for almost two years and have got to know her mother and 18 year old sister very well. In fact her sister, Neha, says she is totally comfortable with me, like a brother. I know this is true because of the way she walks around the house in her swimsuit without caring that I am there.
(Most girls are very self conscious of their body at that age.)
It is hard for me to be just as comfortable when she does this because her thong bikini is very revealing. This wouldn’t matter much if she didn’t have a gorgeous body. But she does. She is about 5’8″ and 115 pounds. She has the most perfect long blonde hair and amazing tanned legs. They are so long that I can imagine the way they would wrap around me. Of course she doesn’t help my sexual frustration when she wears the tiniest shorts that just barely show her lower butt cheeks. This girl has got to be perfect. Over the last year I have spied on her while she watches T.V. on the couch with her legs spread open and her panties showing through the sides of her shorts.
I knew that she was a very sexual 18 year old when she casually asked me one day why she had some very erotic dreams about a guy from her school. Once when I was sick, I fell asleep at my girlfriend’s house. The door was open in my girlfriend’s room and Neha had just finished taking a shower. She knew I was in the next room but thought that I was still asleep. She walked past the room topless and I caught a glimpse of her perfectly rounded firm breasts. I had always imagined that they would be great to grab a hold of and cum all over. Although I was sick, I still managed to grab a hold of my bulging cock as I came all over my girlfriend’s bed.
On another day I sat with my girlfriend on the couch and her sister was lying on the floor. I peeked out of the corner of my eye at neap’s perfect ass that always gets me hard. It is the type of ass that is not big but not so small that is doesn’t show through her short jean shorts. I always dream of fucking her from behind. She then got up to go to the bathroom. From where I was sitting, I could barely see the door of the bathroom around the hallway corner. Neha must not have noticed this because she left the bathroom door open as she sat down on the toilet.
She must have thought that I was not going to get up and that I could not see her. I didn’t want her to think that I was watching so I kept my head pointed towards the T.V. but stared with all my might out of the corner of my eye as she finished up. I thought this was great but my dick stiffened immediately when she stood up and faced towards me with her shorts at her knees as she wiped. For that 5 second period I saw what I always dreamed of. Her bush was dark and neatly trimmed. Her hips were tan and she rotated them ever so slowly in my direction as she pulled her shorts back up. I instantly came in my pants at this gorgeous sight and focused my eyes back on the television as she walked back in the room, not knowing what she had done to me.
Neha wanted to sit on the couch so my girlfriend and I lay on the floor. Now I had become comfortable around both of these girls so I did like all guys do when watching T.V. and put my hand down my pants. I knew that Neha could see my hand going down. I then lifted my hand upwards so my pants were pulled away from my waist, exposing my hard dick to anyone above me. Since I was lying down, Neha was above me. I knew she was watching television but kind of hoped she had looked down to see my big hard dick. I wanted to return the favor. I heard Neha shift on the couch and I imagined that it was because she wanted a better view.
Just then my girlfriend, Sapna, said she was going to run to the corner store to get a drink. I told her that I would rather watch this show and so she went by herself. Neha got up and went into her room. I fondled my dick now that I was extremely turned on and was finally by myself. Just when I was about to cum, Neha sweet voice came from her room and was asking me to come and help her with something. I got up and walked toward her room. I noticed that her door was shut. I moved closer to the door and heard a faint buzzing sound. I waited curiously but then knocked on the door. Neha very sensually asked me to come in. I almost died when I saw her almost naked body lying on the bed with a 12 inch vibrator. She was only wearing some lace pink panties but they were scrunched to the side, exposing her love canal. The vibrator was halfway inserted and buzzing loudly.
She moaned as she asked me to come closer. Confused but excited, I walked to the side of her bed. She left the vibrator inside her and used her hands to reach towards my crotch. Quickly, she ripped open the button fly of my jeans, and my rock hard dick sprang out. She cooked with pleasure. Slowly she began to fondle my cock with her hands as the vibrator buzzed inside her. She then pulled me onto the bed and slowly positioned her mouth in front of my bulging cock. Her lips parted and her tongue moved up and down the sides and top of my dick. She then inserted my entire dick in her mouth and started to move wildly.
The vibrator was still buzzing and she was feeling the pleasure as she moved faster. I could feel her warm wet mouth take my entire dick as I began to cum. She didn’t even flinch when I came into her mouth. She sucked harder and swallowed every ounce with erotic pleasure. Neha then experienced a great orgasm from the vibrator and the excitement of sucking me off. She moaned loud and clinched her hands on my ass. Neha removed the vibrator and pulled me towards her. She then got on her hands and knees and begged me to fuck her from behind. I paused a moment, knowing that this was my girlfriends sister. But my dick throbbed at the sight of her ass awaiting my entry. Before I could think another thought, Neha pulled me into her and I quickly felt her warm pussy.
It was wet and tight. I started to move as she moaned loudly. I moved closer to orgasm and so did she. The sex became wilder and then the door to the bedroom opened. When I turned around and saw the eyes of my girlfriend, my heart jumped. What had I done? Then I saw Sapna slowly pull of her clothes and I saw her naked body move closer. She said “Neha and I had been planning this for a long time. We always wanted to fuck a man at the same time.” I was in disbelief. My wildest dreams had come true. Sapna moved onto the bed and got on to her hands and knees right next to Neha.
I pulled my hard dick out of Neha and put it into Sapna. Sapna bucked wildly. Neha then put her wet cunt in the face of Sapna and Sapna licked like a pro. Neap’s body moved wildly with her big tits bouncing as Sapna ate her out. I fucked harder and after a few minutes of pleasure came inside my girlfriend’s wet pussy.
She felt the cum squirt into her pelvis and she came at that very moment. The excitement died down and I thought it was over. I was wrong. They laid me on my back and began to suck my cock. Usually I cannot take this much in one day but I was so turned on that I still wanted more. They took turns sucking my dick and kissing each other. I looked up and noticed that they were also fingering each other. One would suck my balls as the other would move up and down my cock. I felt their long blonde hair on my body as they took my dick in their mouth.
Then I just could not take any more so I squeezed the bed and came with a mind blowing orgasm. Sapna and Neha shared the cum and it oozed down their faces and tits. We then got dressed and went back to watching T.V. Their mother came home and asked what we had done all day. “Nothing much” we said in unison and the girls sneaked a sexy smile in my direction. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of my sexual encounter with these two and even more of their teenage friends?
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My Gangbang With My 8 Students

Hello readers, I am Ramya aged 30, married woman from Bangalore. I am beautiful as people say with nice figure; I have 34 size breast, white complexions, average waist but big ass. I am writing this story for you people which are very close to me. Please tell me how you liked it and send the comments on or or
The story took place few weeks back at my place. I am the class teacher for 8 std students in boys school. I teach Maths subject. I have noticed many boys ogle at my body and alway try to see my cleavage. To provoke them I sometimes wear low cut blouse which my hubby does not like. Sometimes I tell my hubby about my male students and their behaviour.
He laughs a lot but warns me that they might want to have sex with me. I made up my mind that one day I will have sex with them no matter what. I was more inclined towards one particular group which seemed too fond of me. I started wearing small skirt to school. I would sit on the desk with my legs lifted from ground enabling boys to see me up my thighs.
One day I saw them checking on my ass from behind I decided to call them in my staff room and scold them. I went to their playground looking for them. I noticed they were watching their books and enjoying. I tiptoed up to them and snatched the book. They were not prepared for it as they did not notice me coming. Oh my god, it was porn books with pics of nude female and males in various sexual poses before.
I could scold them all ran away from me leaving that book with me. I did not deposit the book at school nor returned it to them. Anyway they did not have courage to face me. I watched the book from start to finish. And the explicit sex scenes made me horny. I showed the book to my hubby also. He said, “The boys are in growing age so they need such books to fantasize. Burn the book or throw it.
Nevertheless I kept the book with me making a ponit to see it daily. I began to fantasize about those boys day and night. Every day this thought was making me hornier and hotter. I would fuck my hubby thinking of those rowdy boys. I would imagine how their cocks would be and what would be their size. How will I feel if I fuck them but I was afraid of my husband dear but God smiled on me and provided me with a golden opportunity.
My husband was asked to go to Delhi for few weeks for some urgent work. Due to my school exams I could not get leave to join him. He went alone. Which meant the house was empty for me for 2 weeks. Since the exams were due in two days my students kept asking for important questions/chapters etc. Fortunately a student from the same rowdy group approached me with a problem as he could not understand it properly. I taught him but to no avail.
Then I asked him to come to my home in the evening I will explain better there. He readily agreed for home tuition. He approached my house with another student as I think he was little scared to come to my house alone. I began giving them regular tuition. I also was little scared so did not try anything on first two days but came wearing small see through nighty to tutor them. I sat on the sofa and made them sit on the carpet on the floor.
They were sitting just on the sam level as my crotch whenevr I would change my posture of sitting they would be feasted of my naked thighs. That day I took tution and gave some difficult sums to workout and I went to bath. I was getting hotter and hotter. i was prepared for the final assault that day. I was standing nude in the shower making plans how to seduce further then one of the boys shouted, “Mam I have doubt, I cannot do this sum.”
He sounded so desparate so I came out of the bathroom only in my petticoat which was tied up so that it covered up to my boobs but my thighs were visible. They could not remove their eyes from my thighs. One of the student commented, Mam, you are looking ravishing. I was very excited to hear his wordsand thought that things are going as per plan but feigned innocence and asked, Ravishing means
He became nervous and replied it means killer I made a hard face at him but felt happy for the updates and then I taught the sum and when I started to get up to go to bathroom my petticoat got entangled with the table corner and came off. I was horrified and so were the two students seeing me standing in nude with my petticoat down on the floor. None of us moved or uttered any word. All were fixed as if a lightening had struck us.
I thought, “Oh My god I am nude in front of the two. What should I do next? What if they get scared seeing me like this and run away and tell other friends in the school? That way I will be a matter of shame in the school. Even if I fuck them then also they will tell their friends. Then I made a plan that if I fuck the entire group no one will tell anyone. Basically I am a sex addict. I got married at an early age but my hubby was not good in sex more over he was not in the town.
Then I bent down to pick up my petticoat as both could not remove their eyes from my naked boby. Then I noticed that the two boys were getting hotter and their dicks were growing well in their shorts. I delayed my venture and let them see my nude body fully as I planned to use them as my slave but how? That was the question. I picked up my dress very slowly. Suddenly I regained my standing posture and asked standing nude, “Who removed my petticoat.
Tell the truth else I’ll go and complain about you both. How shameless you are pulling your teacher’s clothes making her nude and watching her body. They got scared and said, “Madam we did not do anything, it was an accident we swear. I still was nude infront of them, imagine talking to my students in nude,”I am gonna complain about you both. I cannot bear with such insult. They began beggging me, we are sorry mam.
We did not do anything, believe me. Then I made surprised face and said why your trousers are having big tent. What does that mean? I will get you to punishment. One of the boys whose name was I remember Sunil said, “Sorry mam, you can see the tent while seeing you like this it got tempted sorry mam w ewill not look at you we are small kids so please forgive us and they fell on my feet crying aloud shivering like a leaf.
I got sympathetic for them but kept hard face and said ooooh no a, I want to do tit for tat, so remove your clothes now else I will punish you. They look up to me but cannot see me in my eyes and look at my pussy and boobs. Lecherous fellow still tempted at my nudity what you want us to do mam? I said, I want to see you also nude now get nude. They became happy as it showed on their face.
They got up and immediately removed their clothes. There stood before me two very handsome youth cocks infront of me, 2 full grown mouth watering cocks. I asked them, have you both watched any woman nude before me? No, they said not in real mam but we have watched in porn movies” was the reply. Then one student named Raju asked, “Have you seen any nude boy before?”
I laughed aloud at their innocence and said, yes but 18 to 19 years old boys and their small cocks. Then I asked thm to kneel down on the floor. We all three were nude there. I remembered the porn book episode so I wanted to probe further so I asked, “Who else is watching porn movies with you in our class. They said, “There are 4 members more. I thought in mind why we cant I have gang bang with this gang of six.
Then he went off to call his 4 friend’s mean while I asked another one to come near to me and asked him what you have seen in movie. He replied, I saw the massaging of womens mam, then I said, ok massage my boobs you idiot. He got up and looked for oil but I told him to use his hands only and he became more than happy. It could be seen in his erect cock which was more than ready. He put two hands on my boobs and started to massage me.
He was getting the chance of his life. I could see his cock was 90 degree about 7 inches He extended my hands and held his cock and gave it a little squeeze. He jumped in esctasy. I wanted to delay his orgasm so I made a plan. I asked him to bath me. He tried to lift me in his arms but failed to do so. I clung to him and we went to bathroom. I opened the shower both of us standing under it. We became wet in no time water was flowing my body and he started sucking my breasts.
I became hot. He started to soap me as my body was slippery after oil massage. I felt an urge to piss so I asked him to sit on the floor. He asked me why and I said: Do what I say else I will tell all this to your parents? He complied. I asked him to open his mouth as I wanted to urinate in his mouth to punish him and enjoy my fantasy to piss in some ones mouth. My husband never let me urinate in his mouth. I positioned my cunt on his mouth and let out a stream of urine. Initially it was difficult to urinate but it came out in a gush. He took it in a stride and drank it fully.
Some of my urine dripped from his mouth on to his cheek falling to his chest. His face was glowing as if he had done some mischief. I kissed him on his lips tasting my urine also. He uttered awesome. Then he cleaned me and himself. Then we went to the hall waiting for his friends to arrive. I was still hot and dripping wet. Meanwhile I decided to wear one nite dress which is in house coat model without any inners. I could feel the fire inside me igniting up.
The juice from my cunt was dripping to my thighs. I wanted to hold his head and smash it on my cunt. He was waiting for my signal. He jumped on me sucking my breats wildly. I like wild sex. Then he sucked my other nipples while smothering my cunt with his hands. Then I heard door bell ring the other five had come. I opened the door in my house coat front open. They were surprised to see me in that dress and seeing that boy nude infront of me.
They got excited in a second. I composed myself and called them inside and asked them to be comfortable. I offered them glass of water and asked, “Have any of you seen porn movies. They all said, “Yes mam, we have seen, I said in a mocking tone, “Shall I tell your mom about this.”
They said, “Sorry mom pleaze do not tell our parents. We beg of you and we will do anything for you.” Then I asked them “How can I be sure you will obey me? To prove it you will have to make everyone nude as this boy. You will follow what I say and you will not utter a word outside else I will make your life bitter.” All were nude in a jiffy and all of them were happily standing nude six nudes in front of me.
To make them comfortable I switched on my TV and put a porn cd for them to see and make me also little relaxed. Then I showed them one gang bang cd. All were as hard as before. When a man is aroused his cock gets erect. I asked the eldest among them, “What is your size? He replied 7 inches, I went to him and caught his cock meanwhile rest all were watching gang bang film and their cocks were erect now.
All heads turned towards us. We were being cheered by all. I knelt down and began sucking his cock before all my students. They came near me and as instinct started groping me. Someone was groping my breast, someone my nipple and someone was brave enough to attack my pussy through the dress which was wet till then.
Suddenly I asked them, any of you has seen any girl nude before I mean lively? Most of them said no mam but one guy said, I have seen my aunt and my mom nude while they were taking bath in our court yard. Then I took one handkerchief and covered that boy eyes alone making him blindfolded because he had seen a woman nude already. I stood up and I did a little dance step and then I removed my dress in a flash.
A loud gasp escaped from their mouth. I was happy to see the reaction. I turned around to make my nude body visible to al others. I move and u see their tool from close angle. They all were seeing my nde body except that one guy who eyes were covered by me. All boys who are nude except one are with open eyes, so all 5 boys were seeing my nude body intently.
Then I asked those five boys to kiss my hand fingers. I asked them, did you all like this gangbang movie? They all said, yes we liked this mam very much and wish we could also do something like that. I frankly said, we are gonna do this now if you so desire as my nipples were very tight and pussy was wet. They got very happy and said, Mam thanks mam I was getting kinky so I said but before that I have one task for you.
I have hairs in pussy so shave it boys. They got ready. I sat on a chair opened my leg and asked them to clean my pussy hair. They brought shaving kit from my toilet. They applied foam on my pussy. I was getting tingling sensation as they applied foam on my pussy after few seconds Raju shaved my pubic hairs very carefully not to injure my pussy lips.
Then he cleaned me, my pussy lips were visible clearly. My pussy resembled that of a teenager. One boy asked, “Mam what is your size? I said, “38 36 37″ He said your hubby is lucky mam. I said, “Today you 6 are my hubby. We are gonna have gang bang. I asked them to massage me. They asked which place they would massage me. I was happy to have 6 nude guys to massage me. I removed the blindfold of the guy so now all were watching me nude.
I thought for a moment how to enjoy the fullest. I alloted place to each one of them. One for right boob, one for left boob, one for stomach, one for pussy, one for right ass and last one for left ass. All accepted gleefully I lay down on the carpet with eyes closed enjoying multi hand nude massage. They were massaging well.
Suddenly they all overpower me and tie me with ropes. I yell for help but they do not listen. Oh My God they were going to rape me. It was my other fantassy to be raped by a mob. They tie me to the sofa legs and then blindfold me.Then kiss and touch my each body parts. I yelled, “No kisses, only massaga alone.” They dont agree and keep on groping my helpless body.
Then I allow one by one licking me. I called one boy to lick first; He licked my pussy slit making it to drip futher. I was wet since so long but still unable to cum. Now I wanted desperately to cum. He was very new to sucking but his inexperience was over comed by enthusiasm. He was sucking me very well. His tongue was probing my pussy cavity. I was buckling my body up to meet his strokes. I was hitting his mouth with my cunt.
I could feel my orgasm was around the corner. I clasped my thighs on his ears screaming loud, I am coming, when I came in his mouth he couldnot detatch his mouth from my cunt. Then I called the second one and ordered, “Start licking me from toe to my thighs and pussy. If I like your tongue I might let you fuck me first.” He got confused at my words and asked, your pussy mam.
I said, “Yes my naked pussy you idiot.” He began licking my toe moving up to my thighs. He was making me hot again. I was fulfilling all my fantasies that day. As he was approaching my cunt I was getting wetter. He knew I was enjoying his torments. He would kiss my cunt then go back to my toe. The he clamped his mouth on my pussy. His sudden attack surprised me.
I also got hot and pulled one cock in my mouth and began sucking in the same rhythm as my cunt sucker. Within few minutes I came again. All the six licked and tasted my cunt one by one. I came six times in the entire six mouths one after the other. Then my pussy becomes swollen like bread. Then I called them to suck my boobs. I thought of letting them fuck me after they sucked and licked my pussy at that time one boy.
I removed his mouth from my boobs and said, Mam our classmate Ram and Raj are always talking about you and your ass what about my ass? I asked. I told him to bring the two to my place. I was thinking about getting fucked by 8 boys. My hunger for sex was increasing minute by minute. I did not know when my husband would return. All parts of my body were being licked by 5 boys while one went to bring two more guys.
I was about to cum just by thinking of getting fucked by 8 young boys. Then five were kissing and biting me on each and every part of my nude body which was red with teeth marks. I was too engrossed in sex to bother about such things. Meanwhile the boy who went out came with two more guys.The boy had narrated the entire episode to them as they two understood and came to join us. I got red marks everywhere.
Now there was totally 8 student’s one madam. I was reaching the point of no return and I yelled, I am cuming oooohhhhh. I was in dream thinking that 8 cocks were around me and all were my slaves. I wanted to feel the real sex as the boys were also getting impatient. I thought it was correct time to let them fuck me else they would rape me any time. I gestured them to stop.
I caught the guy with the fattest cock and asked him to insert his big cock in my ass hole. Then I decided to involve all of them. I placed one boy on my pussy, two in my mouth, caught two cocks in my two in my hands, oneplaced his cock between my boobs. I was not finished as one was standing in erection. How could I let his erection go to waste, so I decided to love him also.
I remembered my pussy was not tight and since those were all small cocks I asked him to triple penetrate me. That is two cocks in my pussy and one in my ass. All were busy fucking me and god was I enjoying it. Who will not want to be in my place? I was being fucked all around within 15 minutes boys began cumming. I told them to cum on that very place they were fucking.
Imagine the scene I was giving hand jobs to two cocks, two in my mouth, one on my 38 size boob, two in pussy and one in my ass. They commented, “Mam, you got tremendous stamina. You are fucking 8 boys at one time. I just nodded my head in yes. They all fucked me 30 for mins and cummed one after other. They were not finished as then all changed their positions and fucked me again. My pussy was soar due to continuous fucking so was my entire body.
They all came 5 times in terrific orgasm. Then I asked them to take me to bathroom to clean me up.They lifted me and off they went to bathroom. Then they put me in the tub. They opened shower on my body. They applied soap on my naked body getting a thick foam. Then cleaned me totally as my body was covered with their cum. Then I asked them to stay in my home for 1 week till my husband returns from tour.
They also agreed but asked me to remain nude the entire stay. I said, “Ok, if all of you agree to remain nude for the whole week alongwith me.” They were too happy to agree. They informed their parents that they were studying at their mams house so wanted to saty with her. They talked to ma also and the parents thanked me for looking after their kids with so much love. I smiled in my mind how much I loved their sons.
I informed the boys, “Your parents agreed to let all of you stay at my place as my guest but I have ordered one thing for you guys. Will you agree? They echoed together, “Yes mam, I ordered when ever we want we can fuck but all must use the bath tub to leak their sperm becouse I want to take a sperm bath. So ejaculate and urinate in the tub allowing me for cum urine bath.
All agreed and stayed with me for one week. We remained nude for entire period and we had sex 4 times daily. I used that 8 cock’s whenever I wanted for me daily we cummed nearly for more than 100 times all cum collected in the tub after one week I asked them to take me to tub and bath me in the cum. We went inside the tub which saw full of cum. They rolled me in that cum. I was drenched in cum bath.
They smeared the cum on my body and then liked my pink nipple covered with white cum. This made me horny again I asked them to fuck me. They fucked me in the cum tub after one week I got pregnant. My husband was happy to hear the news after three month. I gave birth to a baby boy. I still do not don’t know who the father is. I felt like a queen having sex with my 8 slaves please tell me how you liked the story. Post your comments on my mail. Thanks
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