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Thursday, 8 September 2011

how sisters fucked me

i got very wild penis molestation by my own sisters and female cousins. It was about 6 years ago at that time I was about 13-14 years. In summer vacation of school I had gone to my native village with my parents and my sister who was one year older than me. We had not gone to our village for many years. So I was too excited .my uncle-aunty and their children’s live in the village. There were two female cousins who were elder to me and one male cousin who was younger to me. When we reached to village I could not adjust myself in rural environment. But soon my sister became good friend of my female cousins. After some day we had started irritating one others for own dominance and superiority. I did not want to stay too long but we had a plan to stay for one month.
One day we had made a plan for a river bath, as there was a river in the village. We reached to riverside and started bathing and swimming in river. But soon there had become altercation between my female cousins and me. Suddenly my female cousins pulled down my underwear and grabbed my balls. My balls pulled me out from water. My cousins had started teasing my genitals. When I started protesting one of them had hold my hands from behind. The started teasing genitals and showing my privates to my sister. I started abusing them. They became furious and they stuffed my underwear in my mouth as much as they could like a gag. My sister started laughing madly on my helpless situation.
After a short time they had leave me. I thought it was all over. But the worst thing was to be happened with me. Next day our parents and uncle-aunty had gone in village to attend local ceremony. They left us for house keeping. At that time again my female cousins attacked on me and forcefully removed my all clothes. And again started teasing my genitals and spanking on my bare butts. Suddenly one of them had whispered something in the years of my sister and they both started smiling. After that I was forced to go on my all fours like a dog. They started hard spanking. One of them had abruptly shoved a round stick in my asshole. I shouted in pain and tried to run away but they all grabbed me. They grabbed my balls and again forced me to go for same position. After that they started fucking my ass hole with stick.
My sister too joined my female cousins. she was fucking my ass hole with stick and others were teasing genitals and squeezing my balls. They all together did this one by one. I felt, as despite a boy I was gang raped by my two female cousins, it was a humiliating and horrible experience. I thought it was worst and last but I was again wrong.
After that incident my female cousins and my sister had started taunting and molesting my all privates part whenever they got a chance. they had squeezed my balls and penis over trouser or they used to hit on my ass. This all made me irritated and one day i had hit one of them. In evening they found me again alone so they grabbed my arms and one of them slapped on my face by saying you need another lesson, and one of them pulled downed my pants and underwear. Both my female cousin and my sister grabbed my penis and balls with their hands while the second female cousin was standing behind holding my both arm twisted.
My sister started giving hard yank to my penis. She was pulling my penis like a spring. She pulled my penis so hard and then leave it and again she pulled as much as she could. She did that until i started screaming in pain. I begged her mercy but she said she is going to pull and yank my penis until it would become as loose as a rubber, and started again yanking it but due to pain I started screaming. So once again they stuffed my underwear in my mouth badly. Meanwhile my cousin, who was holding my hands, suddenly grabbed my soft ass cheeks in both her hands by inserting her fingers deep inside my ass and started spreading my ass as far as she could. I felt that she was going to tear my ass–cheecks. Her nails were very big and sharp so it was causing too much pain inside my ass and she was nailing too. It was very horrible condition. My sister was pulling and yanking my penis and one cousin was holding, squeegeeing my balls and other was spreading my ass apart. I wanted to
scream but as my mouth was stuffed from my underwear and my both hands was caught by them so neither I could scream nor move to anywhere.
After 20 minutes they again forced me to go all my fours like a cow. They said now they would milk my penis like a cow and they started milking my hanging penis like a cow. They did this one by one and all my penis and fore skin has started burning due to too much friction and scratching so it was causing extreme pain.
After another 30 minutes they left me and they took kiss of my checks by saying beware of us and never try to hit us. After that incident i never oppossed and protest what they wanted to do with me. They molested me and my genitals with a number of methods until I had left the village but unfortunately I had to stay there one months.
One day they complained a severe false charge against me to my mom.they said i was sniffing panties of my elder female cousins and trying to peek inside bathroom when my cousins were bathing. That made my mom so angry so i got another humilation and punishment infront mom and aunty. I was forced to go nude and then they had punished and humilatle me. after that incident my female cousins and my sister had started molesting my genitals sister alwayas wanted to molest my genitals she frequentely grabbed my penis and started pulling and yanking it mercilessley.she forced me to seat over her laps nude and she held my penis and she pulled it up and down brutely. whenever i had complained to mom for stop this she said you deserve it whatever punishments you getting.and after that i returned my home back and my sister continued to molest me, even mu mom also liked it. she likes when my sister humiliate and molest me because she never stopped my sister. They are still h
umiliating me but not so frequently. I am still not allowed to wear any undergarments in house. They humiliates me in public too. i remember when my aunt came my sister told her how she dominate me . my aunt asked to her if she could do that alone. than my sister attacked on me .she pushed me down and inserted her hands in my paint and grabbed my balls firmly and after that she removed my paints by pulling it. So i was standing nude and she was grabbing my balls so that I could not ran off. After that once she invited her four friends to home. When they all came to house. She again forcefully removed my clothes her friends were too assisting her. I was feeling shamed and humiliating so I covered my genitals by my hands and I started abusing her. She became very aggressive and she tied my both hands in my back and stuffed clothes in my mouth. After that she wrapped a cloth bandages in my hole face excluding my nose. my face was looking like a mummy. after she grabbed my balls
very firmly she dragged me in her room . Where she molested my penis and balls brutally and her friends too did that. After that she brought a gas lighter and inserted the lighter in my ass by stretching it. After that she pushed the button of lighter and I felt electric shocks in my ass ..All her friends were laughing and gig lings for what was she doing. When her friends went she asked me it was punishment of my misbehaving and not obeying her orders. I was humiliated in public many times. But still most humiliating thing for me is tat when she molest me in front mom. some times she made me nude and molest my genitals while watching T.V my mom were also there and she did not feels its uncomfortable.times i was forced to go nude in outdoors too.worst thing was when once we are in farm and i was forced to nude in-front many females.and after that my sister holed my penis and she almost pulled me from farm to home in village.last week my aunt came in my house.and my sister f
ound a new method for humiliating sister asked to my aunt that she wanted to take her photograph by holding my aunt and mom laughed on it but finally they both became ready.i was made nude and firstly my aunt came behind me and grabbed my penis and my sister toked a photograph. after that my mom came and she grabbed both my penis and balls and my sister toked another photograph.after that my mom stroked my penis and squeezed my balls was totally humiliating when i saw these photos in mobile and after that in computer.after that incident my female cousins had also come to my house. and one day they all planned to fuck me by strapon . i was forced to go nude and than my sister and female cousins fucked my asshole by toy penis even they had shoved sugar and chili also in my ass hole and again fucked my ass hole brutally . it was extremely painful…………

Saturday, 23 October 2010

16 Saal Ki Behan Ke Sath

This happened 11 years back first time and we enjoyed incest for several years
aur Zonia ki shaddi say ek ratt phaly main nay usko aakri daffa dill bar kay
chooda tha, uskay badd mooqa nahin milla. Who appni husband kay saath khush hay
aur main appni wife ku jabb bhi choodta hoon maray tasavar main Zonia he hoti
hay, doono ka baddan ek jissa hi hay. Metric kay papers khatam ho chukay thay
aur main ghar par enjoy kar raha tha. Ammi aur abba dono kamm kartay thay, abba
eik oil company main thay aur ammi school teacher theen. I was living then very
busy life and mom specially took care of my friends, books and activities,
frankly believe it that I have never masturbated till then because I was not
aware of sexuality nor I have seen any movie or read book about it. Us din
subbah kay 10 bajay thay, mian ghar par sirff shorts phain kar exercise kar raha
tha, mara dill karta tha kay main Rambo jaissy body bana loon.

Maray pooray badan par paseena tha, Zonia zara daar say soo kar uthi thi aur
darwazay main khari mujay dekh rahi thi, lakin chup thi, japp main thak gia tu
unsay kaha. Bass karo kuen appni jann zaya kar rahay hoo, ittni exercise naha
karo, kay shaddi kay qabil nah rah sako. Tujay kia, main Rambo banno ga, I said.
Tu kai kar loo gay, kittny larkian phassa lo gay, she said and come near to me,
ek batt boloon, chootay, tu hay bara sohna. I surprised because she always
treated me his dushman and quarrels with mom and dad about giving me everything
I want.

Kia, bola, main marron ga agar mujay choota bola, main abb bara ho gia hoon.
Kittna bara ho gia hay, zara dekhana tu, Zonia grabbed a towel to wipe her face.
Tum theek tu, ho I asked, because her face became red and taking deep breaths,
appnay hooton par zuban laga laga kar geelay kar rahi thi. Nahin kuch nahin, abb
tu mara choota bhai mard ban raha hay, dek tu sahi tara jissim kittna sakhat
hay, koi lover hay kia tari, Zonia maray arms aur seenay par haath pharatay
howay booli. Nahin koi nahin, ammi say darr lagta hay, school main tu larkay
larkian phassatay hain lakin main nahin kar sakta. Koi batt nahin, main hoon nah
tari bari bhan, challo aaj say dosti kar latay hain, she said and grabbed my
hand and put it at her chest, and said, mara dill bilkul saff hay, dekho, she
pressed my hand at her left boob.

I felt something strange under my hand, soft, warm, gool gool aur main nay appna
hath deraay say dabbad dia, she took a deep breath and said, zara zoor say
dabana, dill main darrd si honay lagi hay, lakin main nay appna hatta hata lia.
Kittni boo aa rahai hay tumsay, challo jaa kar naha lo, she said and I obeyed
because my body became normal.

When I went to bathroom and removed my shorts and start taking shower, suddenly
door opened and Zonia was standing there. Main nay appnay haath say appna lund
chuppa lia aur ghabra kar poocha, Baji kia huwa, she said, kuch nahin, aiisay he
deek rahi thi, tum naha loo, abb ham dost hain iss liayay koi batt nahin, mujhay
bhi nahana hay, main bhi aa jati hoon. I became shocked and said, nahin phlay
mujay nahanay do, darwaza band karo, please, she smiled and said, tu kabb bara
hoo ga, main tujay jawan kardoon gi, chootay. When I finished shower, I dried my
body and thought that no one in my room, I came out nude, but surprised to see
that Zonia standing there, uski qameez utri hoi thi aur wohh apni shalwar ka
narra kholl rahi thi, phir uski shalwar neechay gir gai aur Zonia bilkul nangi
maray samnay khari thi. 20 sall kai jawan larki ka jissim, nanga main nay phili
daffa dekha aur jabb unsay appnay doono mummay appnay hatthon main lay kar
poocha, dekho chootay, yah ziada baray tu nahin hain. Batta naha, abb ham dost

I said, nahin, lakin mari nazraain uski choot par jammi hoi thien, uski choot
par eik bhi ball nain tha, eik saff sa cut tha, uskay mummay gool gool, naram
naram say thay, unpar gool gool say pink circles thay, aur unkay beech main
chooti chooti goolian then. Mara lund khara honay laga aur poori thara tunn gia.
Chootay, inko chossay ga, sachi bara maza aata hay, aur wohh maray qareeb aa gai
aur eik haath say mara tanna huwa lund pakar lia aur booli, tara tu kaffi bara
hay, chall maray doodhou choos, yah wala choos. I took her breast in my mouth
and start sucking like a baby, uff, bara mazza aa raha tha, aachanak unsay mujay
bed parr dhhaka dia aur khud maray upper late gai, aur booli abb choos. I said,
nahin choos sakta, wohh boli, seedhi tharah layto aur wohh maray upper tangaan
khool kar baathnay lagi, mara lund tanna huwa tha aur uss nay appni choot maray
lund par rakhi aur mara lund under ghussnay laga, offff, chootay marr gai tari
baji, she jerked her whole body hard and with another deep push mara sara lund
uski choot main tha, unsay doono hatth maray kandhoon par rakay aur jhuk kar
booli, abb choos maray mammay, main uskay mammay eik eik kar kay choosnay laga.

Mujay issa lag raha tha kay mara lund kissi garrm garrm geelay surakh main hay
aur wohh surakh baarr baarr maray lund ko dabba raha hay, aur Zonia holay holay
hill rahai thi, uski aankeen band theen aur bari ajeeb ajeeb si awazeen nikal
rahi thi. Mujay kuch sammajh nahin aa raha tha kay yah sabb kia hoo raha hay
lakin bara unique saa mazza aa raha tha, phir Zonia maray upper late gain, aur
doono arms mari garden main dall kar lippat gai aur appnay chootar tazz tazz
hillanay lagi, acchanak maray poray badan main current sa mahsoos howa aur mujay
iysa lagga jisaay barri zoor ka pisshab aanay laga hay, Zonia nay maray hootonon
par ittni zoor say kiss ki kay mara saans ruknay laga, aur pisshab ka zorr ittna
bhara kay khud bakud zoor say Zonia ki choot main nikalnay lagga.

Zonia bahoosh sai ho gaii thi aur maray upper lati lambay lambay saans lay rahi
thi, aur mujay bhi aacha lag raha tha, pisshab nikalay kay baad mara lund naram
hoonay laga aur uski choot say bahir nikal aaya, phir uski choot say mara garam
garam pisshab nikkal nikkal kar maray lund ko geela kar raha tha, Zonia mujj say
uttar gai aur maray saath late gai, uski aankeen band theen, main nay uthna
chaha tu us nay aankeen khol kar poocha, Kia huwa, mazza aaya. I said, haan,
lakin mujay bari zoor ka pisshab aagia tha, main nay tumhary under kar dia hay.
She smiled and said, tum chootay kay chootay he rahay, iss kay liay tu larkian
marti hain. Aab tum larkay nahin rahay marrd ban chukay ho, abbhi abbhi tum nay
appni bahen ku chooda hay, bain chood ho gay hoo. Challo chall kar nahatay hain.
We both went to the bathroom and start showering.

She asked, eik aur mazza doon, kia yaad karo gay, doosti main sabb chalta hay,
then she sit on her keens in front of me and took my wet lund in her mouth,
offff main batta nahin sakta kittna maza aa raha tha, mara lund phir say khara
hoonay laga, wohh mara lund choosnay lagi, jisssay jissay bara hota gia mazza
ziada hotta gia. Unsay mara lund moonh say nikala aur booli, Chootay mari gand
marray ga, I said haan lakin kissay. aur nay mara hatth parakar kar mujay kamray
main laa aii, ham nay towel say khud ku saaf kia aur Zonia carpet par ghori baan
gai, main nay uski gand ka mori dekhi, bilku chooti siee thi, uski choot lall
lall say thi aur panni sa lagga huwa tha. Rukko, she said aur bhagti howi appny
room main gai after few seconds returned with a bottle of cold cream, yahh laga
doon, aur mara lund par cream laganay lagi, phir thuri si cream appni gand paar
laga kar, boli, chiki hao gai hay abb marro, aur ussi tharah ghori bann gai aur
booli, aaram say dall du, chootay. Main nay jissa us nay kaha aur phir mara lund
uski tight gand main janay laga, abb mujay bhi maza aanay laga tha, yah wali mor
choot wali mori say bhi tang thi aur ziada garrm thi, aur sabb kuch kud ba khud
hoota gia aur thorri hi deek main mujay phir bari zoor ka pisshab mahsoos huwa,
jabb ziada huwa tu main nay lund bahir nikal liya, lakin yah tu kuch aurr tha,
white, white, jissay drops khud ba khud nikal nikal uski gand par girnay lagay.
Kia huwa, abbay under he choorna tha, bahir kuwn nikall dia, iss say baacha tu
nahin hoota. Lakin main nay soocha kai pisshab hay, lakin yah tu kuch aur he
hay, Zonia said this is what every women want, yah tumhari jawani hay, abb kabhi
bhi bahir nahin nikallna.

After that day me and Zonia never missed any chance, I ****ed her cunt and anal,
she sucked me when she was on period, I eat her pussy almost 1 -2 a week, when
she getting married she offered me to have last sex, we did 4 times, first she
sucked me and glupped my mani, I ****ed her cunt shoot main in, I ****ed her
asshole and last we did in normal position till morning.

Apne Bhai Ko Apne Breast Dikhaye

Mera naam saadia khan hay, 22 sal ke hoon, figure 36 28 36 jis par larkay martay heen,I m a horny girl who all time ready for sex, meen Lahore meen rehtee hoon, hum do bhaee aur bahen heen, mera baray bhaee ka naam sajid hay, Mere college friends nay is site k baray meen batay jis meen bhut saree stories k saath incest stories bhee heen jis meen bhaee aur baheen ke relation k kissay parhay tu socha k kiyun na meen bhee apnay bhaee k saath he kuch aisa karoo mere bhaee ke omar 26 saal hay, us ko body building ka shook hay woh tu bus salman khan ban na chahta hay, meen jab bhee us ke body ko dekhtee tu pata naheen kia honay lagta the jisam meen, phir meen nay socah k kiss tarah apnay bhaee ko sex ke taraf attract kia jaey, nazar tu pehlay he say thee us kee mujh par, jab bhee meen ghar meen jharoo daetee tu woh mere kameez k andar jhank kar mere mummay dekhnay ke koshihs karta tha, woh samajhta tha k jisay mujhay kuch pata hee naheen, tu men nay socha k kiyun na is ko pareshan kia jaey, garmiyun meen aik dafa jab ghar meen koee naheen ttha siwaey mere aur sajid kay, tu meen nay bhaee say bola k sajid meen nahanay ja rahee hoon tum bahar naheen jana aur jaan boojh kar apnay kapray bahar chor dey, phir thoree deer k baad nahan kar farigh hoee tu plan k mutabik sajid ko awaz de k sajiz zara mere kapray tu dena, jab woh kapray lay kar aya to meen nay kapray linay k bahanay haath thora sa ziadah agay barha dia ta k woh mere mummay ko deekh lay, phir jab woh kapray denay laga tu us ke nazar mere left mummay par par gaee aur woh dekhta he reh gia mujh ko bara maza aya tha us din, thoree deer baad jab meen bahar aaeyy tu woh wash room meen ghuss gia mujh ko pata tha k woh kia karnay gia tha,..

Isee tarah next day jab meen jharoo day rahee thee tu meen nay thoree ziadah baray galy ke kameez pahen kar jharoo denay lagee woh TV deekh raha tha, aur meen nay bajaey beeth kar jharoo denay k kharay hokar jaharoo dee tu mere braiser aur mummay nazar arahay the us nay jab dekha tu dekhta he reh gia, phir meen nay us ke taraf deekh kar pocha k kia deekh rhaay ho aik dum ghabra kar bola k kuch naheen saadia,. Teen char din meen nay aisay he kia us ko khoob tang kia, hum dono alag alag room meen sotay thay, aur mom, dad alag room meen? Achanak hamaray aik rishta dar ka inteqal ho gia, mama aur papa ko jana para woh dosree city meen rehtay thay poray aik haftay k ley,ab ghar meen sirf hum dono bhaee aur bahen reh gaey thay, ab tu mujh ko aur moka mil gia bhaee ko garam karnay ka, ab ke dafa meen nay bagheer braiser ke jharoo lagaee, aur mere poray mummay nazar anay lagay, woh tu roz intezar karta tha k kab meen jharoo lagaoo aur woh deekhay, meen anjaan bane rehtee thee, dosray din rat ko jab meen so rahee thee tu mujhay mehsoos hoa k koee meray mummoon aahisa aahista daba raha hay, meen nay thoree see aank khool kar dekhee tu woh sajid tha jo mere kameez k opper say mere mummon ko daba raha hay, meen any apnee ankhee band rakhee kiyun k meen yeh he tu chahtee thee, phir us nay aahista say mere kameez ko thora sa oper kia aur andar haath dal kar mere breast ko aahista aahista dabanay laga mujhay masti chahrnay lagee aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh , woh mere dono breast ko aik haath say aahista aahista daba raha tha,us ka dosra haath us ke shalwar meen tezee say chal raha tha, shayad woh apnee land ko masal raha tha, kuch deer tak mere breast ko dabanay k baad woh chala gia, shayad us nay masturbate kia tha, jab thanda hogia tu chala gia, jab woh chala gia tu men nay bhee apnee shalwar knee say neechay kar k finger karna shoro ke itnaa maza aya k bus aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aisa lag raha tha k jisay sajid finger kar raha hay kuch deer k baad mera orgasm hogia aur meen bhee thandee ho gaee, dmujh ko pata tha k jab tak mama aur papa ghar naheen aeengy tu sajid rooz aaey ga.

din bhar woh normal raha jisay kuch hoa he naho,rat ko sotay waqt meen nay bhaee ke asanee k ley braiser aur panty naheen pehnee,phir meen ankheen band kar k bhaee ka intezar kar rahee thee. Phir mere kamray ka darwaza khulla aur meen nay aankhee zoor say band karlee aur sotee band gaee, woh mere kareeb aya aur mere saath mere bed par beeth gia, phir us nay pehlay mere mummay kameez k opper say dabay mere nipple pehlay he erect thay aur kharay hoey thay phir us nay mere kameez kandar haath dala aur mere breast ko aahsta aahista dabanay laga mujhay mastee chahrnay lagee, bhut maza araha tha jab woh mere nipple ko daba raha tha, saath us ka haath aahista aahista mere tangoon ke taraf barhnay laga, meen bhut excited honay lagee aur wet ho rahee thee, phir us nay mere shalwar k andar haath dal dia aaru mere pubic hairs say hota hoa mere clit tak phonch gai, mujh say bardasht na hoa, aur mneen nay apnee ankhee khool deen, aur aik dum bol paree k kia kar rahay ho yeh sajid, woh bay chara ghabra kar kenhay laga kuch naee, sorry moaf karodo aor mama say naheen bolna woarna woh mujh ko ghar say nikal deen gee, meen konsa kehnay walee thee, mene kaha theek hay par aik sharat hay, tum woh he karoo ju tum abhee kar rahay thay mujh ko maza araha tha bhut, mere kehnay ke deer thee us nay mujhay apnee banhooh meen lay kar itnee zoor say dabaya k mere nipple us k chest meen ghuss gaey, aur kehnay laga k meen pehlay he samajh gia tha k tum bhee yeh he chahtee ho, us nay apnay hont mere hont par rakh dey aur aik long French kiss ke, saath saath us ka aik haath mree kameez meen say hota hoa mere breast ko dabanay laga. us nay French kiss k doran 2 martaba mere hontoon par halkay say bite ke, meen nay kaha k yeh kia kar rahay ho, woh bola randee chup kar aaj say tu mere bahen naheen randee hay, jo meen kahoon ga woh he karna aaj k baad acha, meen chup ho gaee aur apnay bhaee k moonh say yeh bat sun kar heran ho gaee, us nay mere kameez aik he jhatkay meen utar dee, or mere breast ko zoor zoor say dabany laga, mere nipple ko itnee zoor say chooosa k mere halkee see cheekh nikal gaee, par mujhay maza bhee bhut araha tha apnay wild bhaee ko, aphi woh mere shalwar ke taraf hath barha kar mere shalwar utar dee, bola kia zabadast pussy hay, aur phir dono hathoo say mere cunt lips ko alag kartay hoey us nay apnee middle finger ghussanay ke koshihs ke meen dard say kehnay lagee bhaee ahista karoo, meen nay pehlay kabhee naheen marwaee, phis us nay mere choot ko chatna shoro kar dia, meen nay us k kapray utar kar ur us k land apnay haat meen lay kar masalna shoro kar dia, jis say woh aur bhee wild ho raha tha, mujhay bhut maza araha tha aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh hhhh bhaee aur zoor say chattoo khajaoo apeen baheen ke koree chott, aaaaaaaaaahhhhh bhaeee aur zoor say, takreban 10 minute tak woh chathta raha meen chotnay walee thee meen kaha bhaeen chood aur plzzzzzzzz bhaeeeeeeee aurrrrrrrrr zoorrrrrr say chatt mere chootttttt khaja is koee aur aik halkee see cheeckh k saath meen choot gaee aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh hhhhhhhh. phir us nay apna land mere moonh ke taraf barhaya kaha is ko moonh meen loo, meen nay kaha k pehlay is ko saaaf karoo. Us nay zabardastee mere baal pakar kar mere moonh meen apna lund ghusaa dia aur bola randee meen nay kia kaha tha, us k land ka ajeeb he zaiqa tha, phir meen us ka land halkay halkay choosnay lagee mujhay bhee maza anay laga, us nay dono hathoon say mere sar ko pkar kar apnay land say mere moonh ko chodnay laga, mere saans ruk rahee thee,

liken woh tu ruknay ka naam he naheen lay raha tah bool raha tha sssssssaaaaaaaadiaa aaa aaajjjjjjj tu nnnnnnnnnnay bhut mazaaaaaa dia ahay aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh phir us ke body tense aur balls honay lagee,woh mere moonh meen choot gia mee aur jab tak akhireee drop naheen choot gia us nay apna land mere moonh say naheen nakala, hum dono aik dum bay hal ho kar naked bed par let gaey kuch deer k baar woh phir utha aur mere left mumay ko chosnay laga aur dosray haath say mere right nipple ko dabanay laga mujhay phir say mastee charhnay lagee bhaee bola mera lund dobara chooso abhee aslee kheel bakee hay, aur mere moonh meen apna land ghussa dia meen nay dobarah chosnay lagee, ab hum 69 ke position meen thay, jab us ka land aik dum mazboot iron rod ke tarah ho gia tu meen nay khaa plz sajid **** mee plz tum apnee randee bahen ko chood do,plzzzzzzz ****kkkkkk meeeeee magar woh tu mere choot ko chaat raha tha, mujh say bardasth nahen ho raha tha, meen nay kaha bhaen chood chood na ab bahen ko.waisay tu mere mummay roz dekhta tha jab jharroo detee thee. 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Behan Ne Pagal Kiya

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Dost Ki Behan

Me anish from kol aaj mai aplogo ko apne dost ki badi bahan ki sex story sunane ja raha hu. Maine isse pahle do kahani likha hai. Mujhe pura biswash hai ki wo dono kahani apko puri tarah se pasand ayi hogi. Ab mai apni tisri kahani sunane jaa raha hu. Aaj mai jo kahani sunane jaa raha hu wo mere dost ki sister ke saath kiye gaye sex ki hai. Jaisa ki maine apne pahle kahani me bataya hai ki mai ek sataish saal ka private org. Me kam karne wala bachelor hu. Ye kahani aaj se teen mahine pahle ki hai. Mai tab apne ek dost ke saath do room ke flate me raha karta tha. Uski ek bahan thi jiska naam tha bhawna. Dekhne me bilkul hi doll lagti thi. Uski hieght 5 fit 6 inch thi.wo mere room se kuchh dur pe ek room lekar apne ek dost ke saath rahti thi. Mai akshar apne dost ke saath uske paas jata tha. Wo itni sundar aur gori thi ki mai use bayan nahi kar sakta hu. Maine uske saath sex karne ka plan to kayi baar banaya lekin mauka hi nahi milta tha. Ek din wo mouka ahi gaya. Mera dost ek din ke liye apne ghar chala gaya. Jate samay usne mujhse bola ki raat me mai bhawna ke paas chala jaunga kyoki us din bhawna ki dost bhi apne ek relative ke paas chali gayi thi. Mai raat ke aath baze apne room se bhawna ke room per pahuncha jo bilding ke top flor par tha. Mai jab waha pahuncha to maine bhawna ko half paint aur t shirt me bed par baitha paya. Mai uske gore tango par dekhta rahta tha. Lekin usne kabhi dhyan nahi diya. Mai kuchh der tak uske sath baat karta raha. Ab mai sone ke liye taiyar hone laga. Maine apne paint khol ke tawel pahan liya aur bed par let gaya. Bhawna bhi sidhi aur room ke darwaja ko band kar ke light buja ke night bulb ko jalakar ke mere bagal me ake let gayi.

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Maine uske kamar ko pakad ke ek jor ka jhatka mara is bar to woaaaahhhh nahhhiiiiiiiii aaaaaahhbabbbaaaaaaaaapareeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaa karke jaise buri tarah se chatpata uthi. Maine jab uske chud par dekha paya ki mera pura lund uske gori chud ke andar ja chuka tha. Maine jab dekha ki wo aise sant nahi hogi to maine uske upar let gaya aur uske hoto ko apne hoto me leke daba liya aur apne dono hantho se uske dono chuchio ko masalne laga. Maine jor jor se jhatka lagana bhi suru kar diya. Main kuchh der ke baad apne kamar ke niche dekha to paya ki wo bhi ab apne kamar ko hilane lagi thi. Sayad use bhi ab maza aa raha tha. Maine puchha ki maza aa raha hai to usne muskura ke sar ko hilaya. Kuchh der tak isitarah se chudai karne ke baad maine apne spurm ko jaise hi uske chud me giraya to maine uske hoto ko kuchh der tar ek taraf uske dono chuchio ko masalta raha to dusre taraf uske hoto ko chusta raha aur wo bhi pura saath diya. Ab hamdonolog buri tarah se thak chuke the. Mai kuchh der tak uske upar leta raha tab uth ke apne lund ko nikal ke bhawna ke bagal me let gaya. Aur kuchh der me ham dono waise hi so gaye. Subah jab nind khili to din ke ath baz rahe the. Mujhe apne kaam se jaana tha. Mai uth ke taiyar ho gaya. Bhawna bhi uth gayi thi. Wo bhi khus thi. Maine muskurate huye puchha ‘kaisi lagi raat ki ghatna’ wo muskate huye boli ‘bahut achha laga.’ maine uske kapada pahnne ke baad darwaza khola aur apne room ke liye nikal gaya. Iske baad azz tak ham kabhi akele me nahi mil sake. Kuchh din pahle usko saad ek doctor ladke ke saath ho gayi. Friends i just hope that u would like this story too much and respond me ass earli as posible. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .any girls want to fuck mail me

Meri Didi Aur Uska Boss

Hello! I am Vikky from Haridwar. I am 30 years old. Meri lumbai 5′ 10″ hai weight 90 kg look’s royal from face, mast sand from body, mera ling 7 inch lumba aur 3 inch mota hai, main apne college ka powerlifter tha, meri real story ” my married sister ” publish hone ke din se, i m regulary getting mails from iss readers, males aswellas females, & everyone is asking personal informations , pics, phone no’s , main yahan ek baat clear karna chahta hun, aap mujhe kewal apni rai dein that how much u liked my story , main yahan aapko ye sab bata raha hun sirf aur sirf apke anand ke liye i m sharing this , becuase i m very much dedicated towards secracy & privacy, keeping for my own, agar kisi ne mujhse koi baat karni ho they can pm me on desilauda007 at yahoo, if i get assured abt u & ur no cheat our frndship will go through. Else bye, now the third part begins ur very much aware about my didi varsha, she’s 5, 6″ , fair look are like divya bharti, gol face , sweet sutvan nosie, long black hairs, 38, 36, 40 figure. Saree mein to didi kamal lagti thi , mast filmi model jaisi, aur uska boss vikas ek vidhur hai height 5′ 11″ hogi, age 40 ke aas paas. Us raat ki live video dekhne ke baad meri didi ke tasveer meri nazar mein badal gayi, aur woh mujhe didi kum ek haseen aurat jayada lagne lagi, halan ki main isse pehle sex karchuka hun pados ki ek bhabhi ke sath, aur sex ki talash mein humesha rahata tha, as my moto is saanp aur chut jahan dekho maar lo, par meri didi ki chut koi gair bhi maar raha hoga ye nahin socha tha,khair jab maine ye waqya dekh tha us samay main 20 ka, didi 25 ki hogi, aur vikas 30 ka hoga, aur sex ke dauran mujhe pata lag hi gaya tha ki vikas didi ke sath 2 saal se sambhog kar raha hai, even didi ki seal bhi vikas ne hi todi thi. Us raat savere 5 baje tak vikas didi ko chodta raha aur main dekhta raha , phiir apko pata hi hai hi ki unhone teesare din ka plan banaya, us din ki shuruaat normal hi hui, didi savere uthi aur naha dhoke office jane ko tayyar ho gayi , vikas apne time pe usse lene aaya, aur aaj usne mujhe dekh hans ke hello kia aur woh dono office chale gaye,. Main bhi thodi der mein college chala gaya. Sham ko jab ghar aaya to didi ghar pe pehle se mauzood thi, usne mere liye gazar ka halwa bana rakha tha, jo mera favourite hai, main samajh gaya ki in logon ke kuch soch rakha hai aur mujhe maska marne ke liye gazar ka halwa banaya hai, usne mujhe khane ko la ke diya aur kahne lagi, vikky ek baat puchun, me — haan bolo . Didi — woh , vikas sir ke ghar mein kuch reno vation hona hai , woh aaj yaha rukne ke liye puch rahe they, maine mana kar diya, par ye socha ki shayad unhen bura lagega, bola, ki vikky se puch ke bataungi, tum kya kahte ho bula lun, me– no-way , ek to jija ji yahan nahin hain, aur makan koi ek din mein theek ho jata hai, usse kaho hotel ya koi aur arrangement kar le. Didi– vikky, kya ye accha lagega ki woh hotel mein ruken, woh humari kitni help karte hain, me- too, koi ehsaan thode karta hai, aur waise bhi humari nahin karta, tumhari karta hoga. Aur tum mujhse kyuon puch rahi ho, tum is ghar ki malkin ho, paar woh rahega kahan, 2 kamre hain dono occupied , kahan rahega , didi- tujhe koi objection nahin hai to main unhen bula rahi hun.adjust kar lenge. Didi — dil bada hona chahiye, jagah to mil hi jati hai, mujhe laga usne kaha ” bil bada hona chahiye, jagah to ban hi jati hai ” . Main mun hi mun bola haan dil mein jagah ho na ho tere bil mein uske liye bahut jagah hai. Main samajh gaya ki aaj ki raat phir liye bf dekhne ko milegi, aur yehi main chahta tha, ki unhen range hathon nanga pakadun. Anyways didi ne vikas ko phone kar ke bula liya. Aur khud nahane chali gayi, aur uske baad didi ne chatakh banav- shringar kiya, sleevless , stripless, lowcut blouse pehna aur naabhi- darshana laal saree pehni jo badi mushkil se uski yoni se 2-3 inch upar bandhi hogi, didi ka sapat chamakta hua peet saaf dikhai de raha tha, uske baal khule hue they aur shareer se halki-halki scent ki khushboo aa rahi thi, uske chehre ki khushi saaf mahsoos ho rahi thi, uski chaal ka pehla kadam sahi aur uske maan mutabik ho gaya tha.. Thodi der mein vikas apna saman le ke aagaya, usne saman mere kamre mein rakh diya, phir didi ne sabke liye khana banaya aur hum sab ne mil ke khana khaya, didi bahut khush thi, aur vikas ka bahut khayal rakh rahi thi, jaise woh mera asli jija ho, phir humne decide kiya ki hum bahar aahte mein soyenge kyuon ki garmiyuon ki shuruwat ho chuki thi. Aur didi ghar ke ander. Phir 2 folding bed bahar bichaye , aur humne bistar bahar laga liya, main aur vikas, thodi der mein didi 2 glass dudh le ke aayi dry fruits ke sath ubala hua, main soch raha tha ki jaise shuhagraat se pehle dulhan dulhe ko dudh deti hai, meri didi bhi apne dulhe ko tayyaar kar rahi hai. Didi ne ek gilas vikas ko diya, aur ek mujhe.

Maine dekha, vikas ne jeeb se ek goli nikali aur khali, phir dudh pee liya, didi ne puchaki tum bimar hoto vikas bola ye dawa dimag durust aur shareer tandurust rakhti hai, maine kaha ki mujhe bhi do, to vikas bola, nahin iska istmaal bacche nahin karte, sirf vayask mard hi karte hain., bacche nahin , main to kaam karke paseena nikal dunga, tum kahan nikaloge, aur sonekeliye let gaya, maine kaha ki okk maine usse gali di behanchod,( haan ye bhi sach tha woh meri behanchodta tha ), didi hans padi aur under chali gayi. Maine dudh ki sip li, dudha thoda garam tha so maine neehe rakh diya bed ke, aur peeshab karne ghar ke peeche bane hue toilet mein chala gaya , jab wapas aaya to dekha billi ne dudh gira diya hai aur pee gayi hai, aur thodi duri pe shant leti hui hai. Mera matha thanka par chupchap let gaya aur mujhe jhapki aa gayi, aur so gaya , 1/2 ghante baad didi aayi aur mujhe awaj lagai par main nahin utha, usne gilas uthaye aur muskarati hui chali gayi, phir 20 minute baad didi dubara aayi aur mujhe ek chadar udha di main ab jaag gaya par waise hi leta raha , aur didi ne ye confirm hone ke baad ki main so chuka hun, vikas ko hilaya aur bulaya jaanu, aur vikas ek jhatke se utah gaya. Main samajh gaya ki ye sara game mujhe ghar se bahar sulane ke liye tha. Vikas– vikky so gaya kya, didi– soyega kyuon nahin, tumhari layi, usse neend ki dava jo di hai. Par tumne kaun si goli li, vikas — sex ki, aur didi ka hath apne ling pe rakh diya, didi– he , bhagwan, uska munh khula rah gaya, . Didi— ye abhi se tainaaat ho gaya. Par tumko dava ki kya jarrorart thi, vikas kuch nahin, bas ek dost ne di aur kaha ki kisi ko pareshan karna ho to isse 1/2 ghante pehle kha lena, , vikas —- too chalen pareshan karne, didi kuch nahin boli bas sharma gayi aur sir jhuka liya, ye dekh vikas uttaha aur vikas ne didi ko ek jhatke mein god mein utha liya, aur ghar ke under badh gaya. Phir didi ko bedroom mein chod ke , main darwaja band kar diya. Main bhi fatafat utha ur peeche se chat pe pahunch ghar mein ghus ke roshandan se dekhne laga. Vikas bed pe baitha hua tha, aur usne didi ko paas aane ka ishara kiya, didi paas aayi to usne didi ko kamar se pakad ke paas khench liya aur uski nabhi aur peet pe chumna chatna chalu kar diya, ( meri female iss readers janti hain ki unke yoni se upaar aur nabhi se neeche ke hisse ko koi chume chate to kaisa mehsoos hot hai ). Usi tarah didi bhi joor -joor se sanse le rahi thi, ab vikas ne uski saree ka ek sira pakda aur joor se kheenchana chalu kar diya , didi ki saree khulne lagi aur didi lattoo ki tarah apni edi ke baal ghumte hue vikas ki godi mein gir gayi, ab didi sirf blouse aur peticoat mein thi, vikas ne hath didi ki peeth pe le ja ke uska sleevless , stripless, lowcut blouse jo sirf ek not se tika hua tha khol diya, didi ke unnat sudol aur bhari bharkam gole-gole urrroz azad ho gaye jaise kabootaar pinjare se azad ho jate hain. Ab vikas ne ek shikari ki tarah un kaboottaroon ko daboch liya, aur bari bari se chusna chalu kar diya . Aur maine kya dekha ki vikas ke achanak joor didi ke nipple’s ko masal diya, aisa karte hi unmein se dudh ki dhar nikal padi, didi uuuuuuuiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaa kah ke cheekh uthi, ye dekh mera matha thanka- ki didi ke koi baccha nahin hai to dudh kaise . Par main chupchap sare khel ko dekhta raha. Didi ne bhare bhare hanth ki chudiyan paehan rakhin thi, aur woh bahut shore kar rahin thi. Aur vikas ko dekh ke lagta tha ki woh aaj bahut voilent hai, so didi ne unhen uttarne ka faisla kiya, aur dressing table ke samne khadi ho ke chudi uttarne lagi. Par vikas ko chain kahan tha, usne didi ko peeche se daboch liya aur uske boobs dabane laga, aur ek hath se uski yoni kosahlane laga, par peti coat ki diwar beech mein thi, so vikas ne peticoat ki not kholne ki koshish ki , par nahin khuli so usne nada tod diya, aur peticoat neeche gir gaya, ab didi bilkul nagna awastha mein mere samne khadi thi, bikul madarjaat , uski sharer pe kapdon ke naam pe kuch nahin tha, ab vikas ne ek hath aage akar ke ungli didi ki chut mein ghusa di, didi cheetkar kar uthi, phir vikas ne dusre hath se didi ki gand ko sahlana shuru kar diya aur, didi ko peeche se dabooch ke utha liya aur aur bistar pe ulta patak diya aur apni lungi khol ke ling didi ki gand pe ragarna chalu kar diya, didi— pls, no vikas, gand nahin, mujhe pasand nahin, aaj maat karo, meri khatir, aur vikas ruk gaya, usne kaha ki i luv u varsha, tum nahin kahti to nahin, par mujhe chut marne se maat rokna, tab tak mujhe lag chuka tha ki vikas pe kisi kisam ka nasha , aur vahshipan savar ho chuka hai, aur woh ab nahin rukne wala. Uska kala aur mota ling naag ki tarah fufkaar raha tha, phir vikas ne didi ko ghodi bana diya, aur peeche se ling didi ki chut mein ghusa diya aur dhakke marne laga, vikas lagatar dhakke maar raha tha , 20 min baad didi jhad gayi, par vikas ka jhanda abhi buland tha. Uska lund abhi bhi chut ko salute karne ko tayyar khada tha. Vikas ne ab didi ko seedha kiya aur uski tangein pakad ke 170 degree pe strech kardi, didi ki pyari si nazuk si chut ubar ke samne aa gayi, jaise thali mein paros di gayi ho, aur vikas jaise is dish ko dekh pagal ho gaya, usne bada munh khol ke puri chut ko apne munh mein bhar liya , aur chumne chusna chalu kar diya, didi me vikas ka sar pakad liya, vikas thodi der tak, chut ko chusta raha, phir usne apne ling ko, dubara yoni dwar pe rakha, aur ek shot mein pura under daal diya aur . Vikas ka pur ling jaise chut ki gahrai mein dub gaya, aur gum ho gaya ho, phir thodi der me vikas ne apna ling bahar nikala aur dhakke marne shuru kar diye, aisa lag raha tha ki koi gotakhor samundar ki gahrai naap raha ho baar baar dubki laga ke, didi ki dono tangein vikas ke kandhon pe thi. Didi munh se masti bhari awaj nikal rahi thi, aur vikas uski chut mein lund pele ja raha tha,1/2 ghante baad didi phir jhad gayi, par vikas nahin chuta. Uska ling abhi bhi seena tane khada hi tha. Jaise woh chut se haar manne ko tayyar hi na ho. Ab vikas ne didi ko apne upar aane ko kaha, aur didi uske lund ke upar apni chut faila ke baith gayi, didi vikas ke lund pe upar se jump laga rahi thi, aur vikas neeche se pump laga raha tha, lagatar uppar neehe karte karte didi thakne lagi par vikas ka ling abhi bhi tope ki tarah fire ke liye ready tha, aur thakne ka naam nahin le raha tha, jabki didi ki chut ki deewaren lund pe prahar ko jhelete jhelte laal ho chuki thi ki ab phati ke tab phati, didi ko ab us goli ka asar samajh mein aa chuka tha ki woh koi nashe ki goli thi shayad afeem ki goli. Aur didi baas baas karne lagi, par vikas jhad hi nahin raha tha. Koi aur rasta na dekh didi ne bhagne ki koshish ki darwaje ki or ,par vikas ab hubshi ho chuka tha, vikas ne cheete ki tarah didi ki uppar kud pada aur peeche se pakad ke bistar ke kone pe patak diya aur tange faila ke lund phir se chut mein ghusa diya, aur dhakke marne laga, ab didi rone lagi, paar vikas didi ko chodne ko tayyar nahin tha, didi ki chut phat gayi thi shayad aur usse blood aa raha tha, aur vikas dhakke lagaye ja raha tha, didi ab dard se ro padi aur vikas se usse chodne ki request karne lagi, ki usse chod de woh mar jayegi, par vikas kuch sunne ko tayyar nahin tha, usse bas chut aur lund dikhai de raha tha, didi ne phir himmat juta ke vikas ko dhakka diya aur bhagna chaha , aur iss bar bathroom ke darwaje tak pahunch bhi gayi thi, par vikas ne dubara daboch liya didi ko aur diwar se laga diya didi ko aur ek tang utha ke lund dubara chut mein ghusa diya, phir didi ki dono tangon ko hawa mein utha liya, aisa lag raha tha ki didi vikas ki lund numa khunte pe tiki hui ho, aur vikas usse hawa mein uttahaye – uttahaye pure kamre mein ghum raha tha, mujhe laga didi ko shayad bahut dard ho raha hai, didi ki dono jhanghon se khun bah raha tha, didi ro rahi thi aur vikas ko galiyan de rahi thi, kutte, kamine, harami chod de mujhe, mujh pe raham kar main mar joongi aur usse noche jaa rahi thi, mukke maar rahi thi, par vikas pe jaise dhun sawar ho chuki thi, chodne ki, usse kuch dikhai nahin de raha tha, bas didi ki chut dikhai de rahi thi. Didi ki halat bigadne jaisi ho gayi bas behosh hone ki kagar pe thi, ussi samay didi , mera naam leke cheekhi , vikky, vikky vikky vikky jor s

e chillane lagi ki , bhai bacha le, bhai bacha le, bacha le mujhe, main mar jaongi, vikas— vilen ki tarah hasne laga , usse to tu khud sula ke aayi hai, chudne ke liye ab kyuon ro rahi hai, aur didi ka honthon ko apne honthon se daboch liya. Ab mujhe laga ki shayad didi ki halat sachmuch mein bigad chuki hai, aur main kamre mein ghus gaya.

Didi– vikky mujhe bachale, main mar jaongi. Vikas mujhe dekh ke gali dene laga , bhag ja nahin to teri behan to chod hi raha hun, teri maa bhi chod dunga, mujhe gussa aa gaya. Main aage badha aur vikas ko kandhon se pakda didi ko usse chudaya, aur usse peeche dhakel diya, par vikas ne phir se meri didi ko daboch liya . Dubara lund didi ki chut mein ghusa diya, maine didi ko phir usse chudaya,ab vikas marne ko meri taraf badha to, to maine vikas ko utha ke patak diya,( aapko bata hi chuka hun ki main apne college ka powerlifter tha) vikas uth ke dubara meri taraf badha to maine ek hath se uski gardan pakad li aur uske munh pe, pet mein ghunse marne chalu kar diye , 10-15 mukkon ke baad vikas past ho gaya, phir maine uska munh , hanth , paon bandh ke bathroom mein band kar diya, phir didi ki taraf aaya to didi wahin diwar ke sath baithi hui thi waise hi nangi aur ghutno mein saar de ke roye jaa rahi thi, mujhe dekhte hi meri godi mein chipak gayi jaise koi bachha chipak jata hai aur foot-foot ke rone lagi, uske sare shareer pe danton aur nakhun ke nishan pade hue they uski chut sooz chuki thi, usse blood bah ke janghon pe faila hua tha, maine didi ko godi mein utha liya aur bed pe le aaya, aur didi ko ek chadar di odhne ko , aur didi se pucha dard ho raha hai, to usne saar jhukaya, haan mein, maine usse kaha ruk main garam pani lata hun, aur kitchen ki or badh gaya, , accha doston ab mujhe jana hain aage ka kisssa agle bhag mein likhunga. Apko mera post kaisai laga jaroor likhen, apni anmol rai mujhe dein, mail me’m waiting for much more mails, kindly let me know if u people have any comments. Taki main aage ki kahani aapko bata sakun. Aapka desi.

Meri Masoom Behan

I am Akash in class 10th.i have been a great fan of this site and so I decided to write a real life story. This story is about my sister Tanya and my naughty servant iqbal.hum log ek punjabi family hain aur sirf 4 family members,dad,me and meri behan and dad hamesha office ke kaam se ghar se bahar rahte hain isliye hamaare comfort ke liye ek naukar saath rakha tha.iqbaal nearly twenty years ka laadka tha aur hamaare ghar mein woh kareeb 4 years se work kar raha tha.iqbal was a gud guy aur hamaari kaafi achhi dosti bhi thi .aksar mein uske saath cricket wagar khela karta tha.gradually hamaari dosti kaafi badh gayi aur hum log cigarette,daaru aur vulgar baatien aur movies bhi dekha kar te the.ek din iqbaal aur mein saaath mein blue film dekh rahe the aur tabhi iqbaal ne kaha ki tanya kitni mast maal hai,i was shocked for a moment and asked iqbal not to say anything about tanya.he said cool down and asked me that whether i want to have sex i said yes.he said he can get me a girl to fuck for a night but in return i will have to do something.i was very eager to fuck a girl so i agreed then he said that he likes tanya very much(tanya was a very bful girl,age 18,uski mast moti gaand ko dekh kar koi bhi paagal ho jaye aur uske boobs toh itne tight aur round ki unhe dekhte hi chusne ka man kare,tanya ka complexion bhi bilkul white tha aur uska face ekdum kareena kapoor ki tarah tha).iqbaal ne kahaan ki woh tanya ko chodna chahata hai,maine thodi der sochne ke baad iqbaal ko kahaa ki that he can fuck tanya but how will he do that and i also asked him that since i never fucked a girl i don’t know how to do so he said that don’t worry i wiil show u wen the time comes .he said that he has all the plans ready and he just wants my cooperation.i said day iqbaal told me to keep some blue film cds and horro movies in my cd box and remove other cds and i did the same.the next step he asked me to do was to come home late at night when he calls up.i left my home at seven pm telling my sister that i am going to some party.after my sister had the dinner she went to her room and was preparing the bed for sleeping,at the same time iqbaal came in her room with water bottle and one glass of milk as usual.iqbaal requested my sister to put some movie.she agreed to it and asked iqbaal to bring the cd box in her room as she only had the dvd player as she put the first cd it was a horro movie for nearly one hour they saw the movie and my sister got frightened and asked iqbal to sleep on the floor in the corner of her room he said lagta hai didi aap darr gayi…in between this iqbal gave me a call to come home as soon as possible and 2nd time iqbaal asked tanya to put some other cd and this was a porn cd tanya was shocked to see all this and went onto change the cd iqbaal said please watch it you may like it tanya saw the movie for 5mins and then switched it off.when she went to her bed she asked iqbaal that do you like to see this kind of movies iqbaal said she asked that did he ever had sex iqbaal said yes that he had sex a number of times and it really felt good and wonderful.she said that he was lucky to have done all this by this age.iqbaal asked her that did she ever had sex,tanya said no she never had a very long term relationship with any boy and so she never even kissed anyone.iqbaal told tanya that whichever boy will marry you wil be the luckiest in the world and told her that he dreamed to marry a girl like tanya.

Tanya blushed in this erotic and romantic chat with her servant which she may never had imagined.tanya asked iqbal that was she that beautiful.iqbal said yes and started prasing her beauty tanya asked iqbal to come near the bed and tell her about her beauty.iqbal did the same and came and sat at her side on the bed while tanya laid this moment i entered the home and started to see all this thru the window.iqbaal ne baton baton mein tanya ke gaalo ko halka sa chuma ,tanya ke soft gaalon par yeh pehla garam sparsh use ekdum mast kar diya aur phir iqbaal ne puchaa ki kaisa lagaa toh tanya ne kahaa ki use bahut achaa lagaa aur woh please dubara aisa kare.ab iqbal puri tarah se tanya ke upar let gaya aur uske donon haathon ko pakad kar side kar diya,phir iqbaal ne tanya ke poore face par kiss karna shuru kiya aur thodi der mein tanya ka face iqbaal ki kisses wet hot gaya,tanya ne ekdum sexy awaaaz mein kaha ki please rukoo mat aur karro tab iqbaal ne tanya ke juicy lips ko suck karna shuru ka diya aur tanya aa.hhhaaaa.haaaaaaa kar rahi thi iqbaal ne tanya ko kaafi kas kar pakad raha tha aur aisa lag raha that jaise woh masti se chatpata rahi ho,tanya apne face ko idhar ghuma rahi thi par iqbal ne uske hoton ek pal ke liye bhi nahin choda .tanya ke hot swell kar gaye the.tanya ne iqbaal ke kaan mein kahaan ke tu bahut naughty waqt summer season tha aur tanya ne iqbaal se kaha ki bahut garmi lag rahi hai,iqbaal ne kaha tab kapde utaar do tanya ne bilkul waisa hi kiya aur ab dono naked ho chuke the.ab dono ek chadar mein ek doosre se lipte hue the aur smooch ka rahe the aur iqbal ne uski neck par bhi kaafi der tak lick kiya.iqbal ne tanya se kaha ki tumhare boobs mujhe bahut ache lagte hain tanya ne reply kiya ke main tumhari tum mere saath jo karna chaho kar lo.yeh sunte hi iqbaal ka lund ek dum tight ho gaya aur 8inch ka ho gaya.phir usne ek boob ko jor se suck karne lagaa tanya thoda sa chekhi par phir shaant ho gayi aur iqbaal ne karib 15mins tak dono boobs ko chusa aur kata aur phir dono hi boobs ek dum wet aur swell ho gaye.tanya ne kaha ki please aur mat chuso dard ho raha hai iqbal ne kaha ye toh shuruat hai aur phir 20mins more iqbal ne meri behan ke boobs ko khub chusa aur beri behan ki chut mein fingering bhi ki.tanya ki pussy ek dum wet ho gayi aur woh ek dum mast ho gayi usne kaha ki itna mazaa life mein pehle kabhi nahin aaya iqbaal ne kaha abhi mmazaa lo baad dard bhi honewala hai.phir iqbal ne tanya ko floor par baitha diya aur kaha ki mera lund chuso tanya ne kaha ki usne yeh sab pehle kabhi nahin kiya,iqbal ne kaha karogi tab maza aayega,tanya ne jaisa hi lund suck karna shuru kiya usne kaha ki it smells iqbal slapped har hard and said do as i say aur i well tell everybody about today’s night tanya dar gayi aur usne lund chusna shur kiya iqbal started moaning aahha aaaaaaaaaahhahhahha,iqbal ne neha ke balon ko pakad kar bandh diya aur uske moonh mein apna lund penetrate karn lagaa tanya ke aankh mein ansoo aa gaye and i felt very bad seeing my innocent sis in this condition.tanys ne kahan ki i made big mistake by doing all this iqbal ne haste hue kahaa ki abhi toh kuch bhi nahin hua hai.iqbaal told my sister to lay down on the bed and then he laid on her,then he started to penetrate his dick inside my sister’d pussy she said please stop but he didn’t then in four to five strokes his half dick was inside ny sister’s beautiful cunt and blood came out and tanya cried and begged iqbaal to stop but didn’t listen at all instead he gave three another strokes and the whole dick was inside tanya’s pussy and she screamed like hell and cried a lot and begged iqbal to stop for god’s sake but he didn;t listen to anything and ravaged my sister’s pussy for five mins and then stopped for a while and started sucking her boobs and gave my sister a hard smooch.iqbaal asked my sister ki kaisa lag raha hai she said that bahut dard hua and i cannot bear it anymore iqbaal said that he has been waiting for this moment for last one year and will not leave her easily without satisfying himself to the fullest extent.he also said that don’t worry u will also enjoy it after some time.then he started fucking her again this time tanya felt less pain and really started enjoying it,they were in missionary position .iqbaal started tanya’s soft body all over,the neck,her beautiful back,he gave love bites on her ass and even spanked her ass hard enough to make it red with fingerprints,then he started biting her erect nipples and tanya moaned aaahaaaaaaaaaaaaha…and was heavily kissing my my sister’s milky white body became wet with iqbaal’s saliva and his wet kisses.iqbaal now turned tanya and made her lay on her belly facing down and he placed a pillow below her which elevated her ass it was the ass banging time,my innocent sister had no idea of what was going to happen with her.iqbaal gave a nice oil massage to my sister ’s heavy and thick round ass and also put some of it on his black stinky dick.

Now he started rubbing tanya’s slippery ass and tanya too feeled good for a moment but suddenly iqbaal thrusted his dick into tanya’s assshole and it was so painful her that she had her eyes filled with tears in seconds and her face turned red.the bed was nice and it provided good bounce that helped iqbaal to hump my sister’s ass well.then iqbaal started pumping my sister’s ass like a machine and tanya started bitting the pillow and her hand as she was suffering through great pain.iqbaal shouted “ab asli mazaa ayegaa meri darling”.tanya said to iqbaal that you are an animal and she hates him,iqbaal started spanking her ass and told her that it’s better for her that she loves him and obeys him because the moment she will not listen to him he will tell everything to the outsiders.tanya helplessly agreed to it.iqbaal in his full flow pumped tanya’s ass…iqbaal aaaahahhha saali kitna mazaa de rahi hai….tujhe toh main apne bache ki maa banaa ke rahoonga….aaahaha.all this hardcore action made them sweaty,iqbaal’s body was smelling fouly and tanya’s body had a very sweet smell.this bastard servant was enjoying my sister for whom all the boys in her school were mad.and now it was pitiful to see her being mercilessly enjoyed by a dirty servant.iqbaal removed his dick from her ass and laid down on the bed and told tanya to suck his dick,tanya started sucking his dirty and stinky dick and licked his sweaty balls.iqbaal moaned and caught my sisters’s hairs and gave her mouth a nice pounding with his dick.then he told my sister to sit over him with his dick inside her and stared fucking her pussy .tanya enjoyed this horseriding positiion and gave her hands in iqbal’s hands and was enjoying this fucking position.iqbal asked tanya mazaa aa raha hai she replied that yes it was great and said please fuck me good and rub my tits iqbal did the same and tanya said that now whenever you want you can fuck me i am ur slave iqbal said yes now you are my personal whore and i don’t anybody’s permission to fuck you if i want i will fuck u day and night.iqbal stopped for a moment and started sucking tanya,s juicy lips and then went and sat on a chair and asked tanya to come and sit over his dick and he fucked her in the sitting position he caught my sister’s hair from back and sucked a beautiful melons.and tanya aaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhha after five minutes he stopped and broght tanya back to the bed and he asked tanya to open her mouth and he inserted his dick in tanya’s mouth and started deep throating tanya had tears in her eyes and tanya was gagging aghgahaghagaaag and within few mintues iqbal cummed in tanya’s mouth and asked her to lick his dick clean tanya did the same but then suddenly rushed to bathroom and vomitted iqbal came from back and slapped her for not swallowing his cream.tanya came back to bed and now she asked iqbal to leave her room he said that he will sleep with her and she should treat him like her husband and then they slept in one blanket and soaked in sweat,sperm and love.

Meri Didi Ki Mast Chut

Hai this is rohit kahani meri aur mere didi ki hai meri didi hostel se wapis aa gayi thi aur ham dono ek hi kamare mein sote the meri didi bahut khoobsoorat hai uske boobs aur gaand dekhkar to main betaab ho jata tha.

Raat khaneke baad meri didi so gayi main bhi room mein jaa kar apni didi ke baju mein let gaya thodi der baad maine apni lungi khol kar lund bahar kiya aur maine didi ka hath apne nange lund per rakha or dhere dhere didi ke blouse ka sara button khol diya wo ander black color ka bra pehni hui thi. Fir mai waise hi leta raha. Jab thodi der baad didi ki aankh khuli to shayd wo shok reh gai. Maine to darr se apni aankh nahi kholi per mujhe itna zaroor laga ki wo thoda hadbada gai hai.

Fir maine aankh thoda sa khola sa dekha ki didi apna blouse ka button band ker rahi hai. Maine fir apni aankh band ker li. Tab didi mere lund ko underwear se chuppaya or room se baher chali gai. Hum sote waqt room lock ker sote hai so kisi ko kuch pata nahi chala. Thodi der mai bhi utha per mujhe bahut darr laga raha tha ki baher pata nahi kya ho raha hoga. Kanhi didi maa se to nahi bol di. Thodi der mai waise hi baitha raha to thodi der baad didi tea leker mere room me aai or mujhe tea diya.

Wo kuch boli nahi per uswaqt wo bahut serious lagi. Meri to halat kharab ho gai. Khair mai chai pine ke baad room se baher aaya to papa office ke liye ready ho rehe the. Maa normal thi or didi bhi normal lagne ki koshish ker rahi thi per shayad uske dimag me wahi sab ghum raha tha. Khair unhone kisi se is baat ko nahi kaha or din aise hi bit gaya. Fir us raat ko jab hum sone gaye to didi apne usi purane dress me thi tops or skirt me.

mujhe ye dekh ker bahut accha laga. Ki chalo aaj shayad bahut dino ke baad aish kerne ka mauka mile. Raat isi tereh guzarne lagi. Fir mai achanak utha to didi ne mujhse pucha ki kya hua to maine kaha kuch nahi mai jara paint change ker ke aata hoon toda uncomfortable feel ker raha hoon to didi ne kaha ki roz to tum aise hi sote ho to aaj kya problem hai.

To maine kaha morning me pair me chot lag gai to so thoda sa cut gaya hai. Pant ke karan wo thoda dard ker raha hai to didi boli thik hai jaker lungi pehen lo. Mai khus ho gaya or turant hi change ker ke aa gaya . Maine pant ke sath sath apni underwear bhi utar di thi. Fir hum so gaye.

Fir raat me maine feel kiya ki didi ka hath mere lund per tha lungi ke upper hi tab maine kiya ki apni lungi puri khol ker alag ker di or niche se pura nanga ho gaya. Mera lund qutab minar sa khada ho gaya tha. Maine upper bhi kuch nahi pehna tha so mai completely nude tha. Fir maine didi ka hath apne lund per rakha or uske tops ke button kholne laga.

Tabhi didi thoda hili or mera lund jor se pakad li or mujhse or chipak gai or apna hoth mere bahut pass le aai. Us waqt mai bahut excited ho gaya per mai control ker raha tha.

fir maine kisi tereh didi ke tops ka button khola to unke bra me quaid chuchi baher aa gai. Unki chuchi bra me bahut mast lag rehe the. Khair fir maine kisi tereh unka skirt upper kiya jisse unke panty dikhne lage fir usi pose me mai so gaya. Next morning meri aankh der se khuli. Tab maine dekha ki didi jag chuki thi or room se baher chali gai thi.

Room ka darwaza lagaya hua tha or mai nanga hi soya hua tha. Usdin bhi kuch nahi hua or din aise hi bit gaya. Us raat jab mai sone aaya to didi muje ajeeb nighao se dekh rehi thi. Shayad unhe shak ho gaya tha ki raat ko wo sab mai kerta hoon so us raat maine kuch naa kerne ki sochi. Us din bhi mai sirf luingi me tha.

Or jaisa ki maine socha tha didi sone ka natak kerne lagi per us raat maine kuch nahi kiya per mai sari raat so bhi naa saka. Khair kisi tereh raat cut gai. Or next morning mujhe didi normal lagi. Shayad unhe sak tha ki unke sath raat me mai wo sab kerta hoon jo aab door ho gaya tha. Usdin papa ke office jane ke baad maa bhi paros me chali gai thi. Or us waqt gher me mere or didi ke alawa or koi nahi tha.

Tab didi me mujhse kaha ki “raj tum jaker naha lo” to maine unse kaha ki didi aabhi nahi pelhe aap naha lo fir main aha lunga. Tab didi ne achanak mujhse kaha ki thik hai chalo aaj dono sath me hi nahate hai. Ye sunker mai to bahut khus hua per bhaw khate hue maine unse kaha ki “didi ye aap kya bol rahi ho,aap meri didi ho mai aapke sath kaise naha sakta hoon” to didi boli “kyu nahane me kya burai hai?” Tab maine kaha kuch nahi.

To didi boli dekho maa aa jayegi to unke aane se pelhe chalo naha liya jaye. To maine kaha ki thik hai chalo naha lete hai. Tab mai or didi hand pump ke pass jaker baith gaye to didi ne mujhse kaha ki lungi nikal do. Maine unse kaha ki maine ander kuch nahiu pehna hai to wo muskurane lagi or boli ki ja ander jaker apni underwear pehen le.s mai ander gaya or underwear pehen ker aa gaya. Aab mai didi ke samne mai sirf underwear me the.

Maine bhi didi se kaha ki didi aap bhi apne kepde nikal lo to didi muskurate hue boli ki nahi mai asie hi nahaungi. Tab mai kuch nahi bola. Fir hum nahane lage. Didi mujh per pani daal ker muje soap lagane lagi. Mujhe bahut maza aa raha to to maine bhi unper pani daal di. Tab didi mujhper pyar se chillai ki raj kya ker rehe ho. To maine kaha apni didi se pyar. Didi ke wet hone ke karab unke bra saaf saaf dikh rehe the. Us din usse jayada kuch nahi hua per wo raat humari suhag raat hone wali thi.

Us din luck bhi humare sath tha. Sham ko papa aaye to wo bole ki unhe official tour per out of station jana hai. Tab maine kaha ki maa bhi papa ke sath ghum aaye. Papa maan gaye per maa boli ki to gher per kon rahega. Tab maine kaha mai or didi hai naa or to bus 15 din ki hi to baat hai kya ho jayega. Lastly maa bhi maan gai or wo or papa fir chale gaye. Us raat didi or mai jab so rehe the to maine feel kiya ki didi mere lund se khel rahi hai. Mujhe bahut accha laga. Thodi der tak khelne ke baad didi mere pant ke ander apna hath daal di or mujhse chipak gai.

Maine accha mauka dekh ker apne hoth didi ke hoth se laga diye or chusne laga. Didi ne bhi kuch nahi kaha or hum dono paglo ki tereh kiss kerte rehe. Lagbhag 15 min tak hum ek doosre ko paglo ki tereh kiss kerte rehe fir hum alag hue. Tab hum pelhi baar ek doosre ko dekhe or khub zor se hase. Tab main ek baar fir khub jor se didi ke hoth ko chusa or unse kaha ki didi i love u. Didi bhi mujhse boli ki rahul i love u too.

Fir didi mujhse boli raj tum khus to ho naa to maine kaha haa didi mai bahut khus hoon per didi kya mai aapko….. Didi boli bol naa pagal sarmata kya hai to maine kaha didi mai aapko nangi dekh sakta hoon tab didi ne mere hoth per zabardast kiss kiya or boli mere bhai aaj humari suhag raat hone wali hai. Mujhe nanga dekhna to kya jitna ji chahe chodna aab se tum mere doosre pati ho. Per tum naha ker taiyaar ho jao mai kuch kapde deti ho tum pehen lo or mai bhi thodi der me taiyaar hoker aati hoon per tab tak wait kero. Maine kaha thik hai.

Fir didi nahane chali gai or naha ker maa ke room me ghus gai. Mai bhi naha ker room me aaya tha kurta pajama rakha hua to jo maine pehen liya. Thodi der ke baad didi muje maa ke room me pukari jab mai wanha gaya to dekha ki didi dulhan ban ker bed per baithi hai. Maine wo room ander se band kiya or unke pass gaya. Tab didi ne mujhe pine ko doodh di or mere kaan me boli. Aaj mai sirf tumhari hoon jo kerna chaho kero mai kuch nahi bolungi. Tab mai didi ke pass baith gaya or sabse pelhe unke sarir se sari jewelry nikal ker alag ki. Fir maine unki sari nikal di.didi sharma ker sir jhuka ker khadi thi.

fir maine. Didi ke sarir se unki blouse or petticoat ko alag kiya. Aab didi sirf bra panty me thi. Tab didi ne kaha ki sirf mere kepde hi khologe. Apni bhi to nikalo. To maine kaha kyu tum khud hi nikal lo. Tab didi ne mujhe bhi nanga kiya or maine unke badan se baki bache kepde alag ker liye. Aab hum dono bhai behen bilkul nange khade the. Fir hum dono ek dosre se chipke or humare sare ang ek dooser se chipke hue the humare hoth chhati mera lund or unka boor sab kuch. Thodi der kiss kerne ke baad hum alag hue or fir maine didi ko apne god me uthaya or bed per lita diya.

Or unke chuchi chusne laga. Didi moan kerne lagi ahhhhhhh raajjjjjjaaaaaaa chusooo orrrrrrr zoooorrrrr ufffff chus bhai chussss. Oohhhh maaaa. Lagbhag 15-20 min tak unke left chuchi chusne ke baad maine unke right chuchi per attack kiya or use bhi khub chusaaa. Fir mera agla nishana bana meri didi ka boor.

maine jaise hi apne hoth didi ke raseele boor per rakha didi chilaaa uthi. Aaahhh mai use chatne laga or unke boor ke ander apne jibh dalne laga didi mera sir pakad ker apne boor me dabane lagi or apna sir idher udher patak rahi thi or chilaa rahi thi mmmmaaaaa cccaaaatttt bbbbehenchoddd orrrrr chhttt bilkul randi bana de apni beehhheeeee nnnnn ko sallllleeeeeee lagbhag 20 min tak chatne ke baad didi ka amrit nikal gaya or life me first time maine amrit piya or wo bhi apni didi kaa.

Didi bahut khus hui or mujhe upper khich ker mere hotho ko chusne lagi or boli kaise laga apni nehen ka boor chat ker or uska amrit piker. Maine kaha mai ye amrit roz pina hahta hoon. Tab didi ne kaha ha ha ye tumhare liye hi to hai jab dil kere ise pi lena. Fir didi ne mujhse kaha ki aab tum let jao. Mujhe bhi ice-cream khani hai. Maine kaha haa haa kyu nahi. Fir didi mere lund ko apne muh me le li hhhhhaaaaa chuso or chuso sali randi chusss isko chus or 15-20 min baad maine kaha ki didi mai aa rahaaa honnnnnnnnn or mera bhi amrit didi ke muh me per mera amrit itna nikla ki didi ka muh pura bher gaya or kuch baher unke chuchi per bhi gira jise wo utha ker pi gai. Hum fir ek doosre ki kiss kernel age.

Fir 25-30 min hum aise hi lete rehe or fir didi boli chalo aab ghode daurane ka waqt aa gaya hai. Maine kaha haa maidan bhi gila hai bada maza aayega. Fir hum dono hasne lage. Fir mai utha or didi ke boor ko targer ker apna lund usme dalne laga. Didi ki boor bahut tight thi.

Mujhe ye thoda ajeeb laga to maine didi se kaha ki didi jija ji chudne ke baad bhi tumhari boor itni tight kaisi hai. To didi ne bataya ki unka lund bahut chhota hai or thik se ander bhi nahi jata. Aabhi tak to mera seal bhi nahi tuta hai or ise aab tum hi todo or wo bhi wildly. Tab maine kaha thik hai sali kutiya dekh aab ye kutta kya kerta hai or maine apne lund ko unke boor per rakh ker ek zordar dhakka diya or mera lund aadha unke boor me gus gaya didi chilla uthi tab maine apne hoth unke hoth per rakhe or fir thodi der baad unse pucha kya hua ruk jau kya didi ke boor se khoon aa raha tha per unhone kaha harami maine rukne ko kaha kya chod sale kutte jaise chood maine fir dhakka diye or mera pura lund unke boor me. Or aahhhhhh kr rahi thi.

fir maine dhakke dena start kiya. Or mai 30 min tak unse chodta raha fir is dauran wo 3 baar jhadi. Fir maine kaha didi mai bhi aa raha hoon. Didi ne kaha ander hi nikalo or thodi der me mai bhi jhad gaya. Jab mai jhed raha tha didi mujhe zor se pakdi thi or boli aah kyaaaaaa ehssass hai apne bhai ka amrit liya.phir hum dono lipat kar so gaye.

Meri Sister is Very Garam

Hi friends I am Sahid from karachi dosto meri age 22 years hai. Main Ka student hoon . Meri ek choti bahan hai naziya aur meri ammi
aur abbu mere abbu business man hai is vajah se vo aksar ghar se bahar
rahate hai. Naziya ki age 18 years hai aur 12th kar chuki hai aur sirf
ghar me ammi ka hath batati hai. Naziya ki figar jabardarst hai .
Bilkul model ki tarah koi bhi use dekhe to chodne ka man kar de. Paint
fad kar land bahar aa jaye. Ye bat kuch ek sal pahale ki hai jab main
apne exam ki taiyari kar raha tha thand ka din tha aur naziya aur main
ek kamre me sote the magar main mouka dekh kar kabhi kabhi usk boobs
daba liya karta tha. Magar use chodne ka mera sapna adhura hi tha.
Papa ko business ke silsile se bahar jana tha magar unki tabiyat kuch
tik nahi thi to ammi bhi abbu ke sath chali gayi. Wo do dino ke bad
laut kar aane wale the . Maine socha mauka accha hai naziya ki ****
chodane ka . Subah naziya chai bana kar layi sirf nighty me thi maine
usk boobs dekha to mera land khada ho gaya . Maine use apne pas baitne
ko kaha to wo baith gayi . Maine use kaha ki cd me o movie to laga do
to wo lagane chali gayi magar galti se usne bf ki movie laga di. Thodi
der me jab ek ladaki land chuste huye dikhai di to wo jane lagi kaha
chi kaisi movie hai maine kaha ruk aur dekh to o boli aapke sath nahi
main nahi dekh sakati maine kaha dekho nazo tum ladaki ho aur main
ladaka humari bhi kuch jarurate hai jo hum ek dusare ke sath pura kar
sakate hai . Wo boli aap mere bhai ho to maine kaha bahar ja kar
chudai karogi to badnami bhi ho sakati hai magar yanha sirf main aur
tum usne kaha magar kisi ko pata laga to maine kaha ki tum aur main
kisi ko batainge to pata lagega na. Maine uska hath pakad kar khich
liya aur o bhi aagayi maine apna hath uske boobs par rakha aur dabane
laga aur o aanhe bharane lagi .
Movie dekh kar hum dono garam ho rahe the usne kaha tumahara o dekh
loon maine kaha kya to usne kaha o ladaki jo chus rahi thi main kaha
ha to usne mere paint ko utra aur underwear se mere land ko aajad kar
hath se chune lagi ab mera land ek dum tigt ho gaya aur main use nagi
karne laga phale maine uski night utar di ab o sirf bra aur panty me
rah gayi . Main uske bra ki hook khol kar uske boobs ke nipples ko
suck karne laga aur o moaing karne lagi ahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh ab
main uski panty utar di aur uski kuwanri **** ko hath se chune laga
use jaise karant laga aur usne mera hath hata diya maine fir se uski
**** chuaa aur chatane laga use maine kaha mera land chuso gi to usne
thod hi chusa aur phir mera land jhatke marne laga ab maine socha yahi
sahi mauka hai aur maine use bed pe lita diya aur uski bina chudi ****
me apna land dalane laga magar use bahut dard ho raha tha to maine oil
le aaya aur uski **** me thoda sa dal ke apne land pe laga liya ab
phir se maine apna land uski **** pe ragadna suru kiya aur uske ****
ke ched se apna land tika ek jor ka dhakka mara o chila ut
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mar diya bahi aapne to itna mota land mat pelo meri
choti **** me maine kaha ab kuch nahi ho sakta tujhe chod kar hi ye
land thanda ho gaya to usne kaha dhire karo maine apna land uski ****
se bahar kiya to dekha uski pudi se blooding ho rahi thi .
Maine use kaha pahali bar me aisha hota hai phir maine apna land uski
**** me ek jor ke dhakke ke sath pela aur o phir dard se chilla uti
maine apne hot uske hot pe rakha aur uske boobs ko sahlane laga jab o
normal huyi to maine use dhir dhire chodna suru kiya ab o maja lene
lagi aur mera 8″lmaba aur 3″ chouda land puri tarah se uski **** me
tha aur o moaning kar rahi thi ahhhhhhhhssssssssss sssssshhhhhhhaur
chodo bhai jor jor se chodo uski ye bat sunkar maine speed bada di aur
chodne laga karib 15 mint bad usne muje jor se pakad liya aur o jhad
gayi magar maine chodna jari rakha ab uski **** se pahc pach ki awaj
aarahi thi magar maine apni speed aur bada di uski **** ki sil tod di
aur 30 mint bad main abhi uski **** me hi jhad gaya jab tak o tin bar
jhad chuki thi.
Maine uske kaha ab main tumahari gand marung to o boli nahi bahut dard
ho maine use ulta kiya aur uski ass hole me oil dal ke apna land pelna
suru kiya use dard ho raha tha magar o gand marana chahti thi aur o
maoning kar rahithi assshhhhhaaaasssssh aaaahhhhh
Ab mera land uski gand mar raha tha 20mint tak maine uski gand ke ched
ko drill kar chouda kiya aur hum dono ek sath jhad gaye sham ko jab
hum sone gaye to bilkul miya biwi ki tarah suru ho gaye maine naziya
ke sath puri do din full maja kiya ammi abbu ke aane ke bad bhi hum
roj chudai karte the galti se o praganet ho gayi magar hum dono ne
jald hi ilaj kar ke apna khel jari rakha.
Kuch samay tak mere aur naziya ke bich kuch bhi nahi ho saka iska
karan hamari mammi hia jo aaj kal naziya ki taraf jayada dhyan de rahi
hai isliye hum dono ko mauka hi nahi mil saka aur hum chudai ke liye
taras rahe the.
Sanday ka din tha papa ki chhutti tthi to ammi aur papa dono marketing
karne ke liye nikale us samay tak main so raha tha aur thodi der bad
naziya chai bana ke le aayi aur mujhe jaga kar chai diya mujhe to
malum hi nahi tha ki naziya aur main aaj akele hai is liye maine chup
chap chai li piya aur bathroom fresh hone ke liye chala gaya . Uske
bad jab main bahar aaya to dekha ki naziya ke sath rasoi me koi bhi
nahi hai to maine us se pucha ki ammi aur papa kanha to usne kaha ki o
market gaye hai to maine socha ki aaj mauka mila hai to maine naziya
ko kaha ki mere kamare me aao to usne kaha abhi nahi to main uske pass
jakar use piche se pakad liya aur uske chuchiyon ko masalne laga aur
uski gardan pe kiss karne laga to usne mujh se apne aap ko chuda liya
aur kaha ki aaj nahi to maine kaha ki ek to itane dino ke bad mauka
mila hai us par se tum kah rahi ho aaj nahi kyon kya bat to usne kaha
bhaijan abhi mera mc period chal raha hai to hum isme chudai kar ke
khatare me pad sakte hai kyonki maine suna hai ki is bich chudai karne
se ladkiyan preganent ho jati hai.
Magar mujh se raha nahi gaya aur maine use piche pakad kar kaha ki
upar se to maja le sakte hai to us ne kaha ki sirf upar se andar kuch
nahi. To maine kaha tik hai mere room me chalo to usne kaha ki aap
chalo main aa rahi hoon. Aur main apne room me chala gaya thodi der
bad naziya aayi to maine use turant hi bed pe baitha kar uski
chuchiyon ko masalne laga aur use lip kiss karna suru kiya aur thodi
der bad o garam ho gayi maine uski top utar di aur bra bhi khol diya
ab main uski nangi chuchiyon ko suck karne laga aur apna hath uski
skirt ke andar dal kar panty ke upar se hi uski choot sahlane laga
uski munh se siskariyan nikalne lagi siiiiiiiiiiiisssiii iahahhhhhhhh
aur maine ab apna hath uski panty ke andar dal kar uski choot ke bal
ke sath khelane laga aur usne mera hath pakad ke kaha aapne kaha hai
ki upar se maine kaha ki hath se kya hoga to usne mujhe mana nahi kiya
aur maine apna kam jari rakha thodi der uski jhat se khelane ke bad
maine apni ungli uski choot me dal di aur andar bahar karne laga ab o
puri tarah garam ho chuki thi maine dhire se uski skirt utar di to
usne kaha ki kya kar rahe ho to maine kaha ki maine tumko bahut dino
se nangi nahi dekha hai to usne kuch nahi kaha aur mujhe apna kam
karne diya ab maine uski gili **** se apna hath nikal kar uski
chuchiyon par rakha to maine dekha ki uske niples tan gaye the to
maine socha ki ab ye garam ho gayi hai aur mujhe chodane ke liye mauka
mil jayega maine dhire se uski panty bhi utar di aur uski choot ke
upar apna munh rakh diya to bilkul tadap gayi aur mere bal pakad kar
apni choot me mera munh dabane lagi ab lag raha tha ki use bhi dar
nahi tha aur o dhire se mere land ko paint ke upar se pakad kar
sahlane lagi ab maine apna paint utar diya aur shirt bhi ab main sirf
underwear me tha aur usne mera land apne hath me lekar sahlane lagi
main uski choot chus raha tha aur o pagal huyi ja rahi thi maine use
bed pe lita diya aur uske upar chada to usne mujhe mana nahi kiya main
samjha gaya ki ab ye puri tarah se garam hai aur chudane ko taiyar hai
to maine uske tangey faila di aur bich me baith kar apna land uski
**** ki taraf bada diya to usne mere land ko hath me pakad kar apni
choot pe ragarne lagi aur maine apna land uski choot ke upar paya to
uski choot gili aur garam thi maine bhi ek jor ka dhakka mar diya aur
mera mota land sat se uski choot me adha andar ho gaya to o chikh uti
uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiisi iiiiiaaahhhhhhhh . Toda dhire magar
kuch ho gaya to maine kaha ki kuch nahi hoga aur maine use chodna suru
kiya aur dhakke marna suru kiya to uske munh se aawaj aane lagi
ahhhhssssssshhhh aur chodo aur main use chodta raha aur uski **** se
aawaj aane lagi pachc pachh aur main thodi der ke bad full speed se
use chodane laga karib 20 mint bad wo jhadane wali thi to usne mujhe
kas kar pakad liya aaur maine bhi speed aur bada di aur use jor jor se
chodane laga mera pura land uski yoni tak ja raha tha aur bahar aaraha
tha aur use maja bhi aa raha tha main bhi bahut khus tha kyonki bahut
dino ke bad main naziya ko chod raha tha main use chodate huye aachank
o jhad gayi aur mujhe kas ke pakad liya aur main bhi jhadne wala tha
ki usne mujhe itani jor se pakda ki main apna land bahar nahi nikal
paya aur uski choot me hi apna virya gira diya aur uski choot mere
virya se bhar kar bahane lagi . Aur main uski chuchiyon ke upar sar
rakh kar thodi der aaram karane laga jab hum thande huye to humko hosh
aaya ki hum logo ne kya galti ki hai aur o rone lagi ki is time pe hum
logo ko aisa nahi karna tha agar kuch ho gaya to main kya karoongi to
maine use kaha ki galati hum dono se huyi hai ab jo bhi hoga dekh lenge .
Aur ek mahine bad jab naziya ka mc prieod ka time tha to usne mujhe
kaha ki mera period nahi aaraha hai lagta hai ki main preganent ho
chuki hoon ab kya hoga to maine kaha ki tum daro mat main kuch karta
hoon aur maine ek doctor se advice li to usne mujhe pregancy strip ke
bare me bataya diya to maine medical se pregancy strip kharida aur
naziya se kaha ki subah ut kar jab tum pesab karna to use kisi botal
me rakh lena aur usne mujhe apni pesab botal me rakh kar diya aur main
apne teris par ja kar uski choot se nikale pesab me o strip dal diya
to uska color pink ho gaya jis se mujhe malum ho gaya ki naziya
preganent ho gayi hai . Tab maine doctor se bat ki to usne mujhe
aboration ke bare me batya aur kaha ki agar 1st moth hai to tablet se
kam ho jayega aur usne mujhe un tablets ke nam diye aur maine o tablet
naziya ko diya aur 2-3 dino me naziya ke choot se bahut sara khoon
nikla to usne mujhe batya aur .us rat maine naziya ki jam kar chudai
ki aur hum khus ho kar so gaye ab hum savdhani se chudai karte hai aur
condum ka use bhi karte hai .