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Me And My Mom Hindi Sex Stories by Mastram

Hello Guys and Girls, Uncle and Aunties. I’m Karan from Tamil Nadu. Speaking of me, I’m 22 years old and I love women and girls who are much older than me. I was always fascinated towards women and girls who are much older than me right from my childhood days.

The heroine of this story is none other than my mom. My mom is just like any other normal Indian woman. A bit plump with some extra skin on her sides. Those extra pounds are what makes her sexy. I forgot to mention that even though I’m muscular built, I find plump girls much more attractive than skinny girls.

My mom is a very traditional woman and an ideal housewife. She always wears Sari at the house except during my Dad’s stay at the house. My Dad works abroad and visits us once in every five years. During my Dad’s visit, my Mom would wear nightie at home and we all know why she does so. Don’t we? My mom’s sex life was limited only to the one month during which my Dad was present and it was null for the next five years.

This story begins on the day of my Dad’s departure to Dubai. Mom and me accompanied Dad to the airport. Mom was very sad because she was gonna miss him a lot. I didn’t have any feelings because Dad was never there for me as I grew up. Mom was the only one around whenever I needed any help. Dad was just the money provider in my life. I loved my mom a lot for this reason because she was always there for me. I could not see my mom sad so I asked Dad if he could extend his stay.

Dad simply shook his head signaling a big “NO”. We watched as Dad walked past us waving a bye to us. On the way back home, Mom came and sat in the front seat next to me. I tried to cheer up mom but she was in no mood. I suggested having dinner at a restaurant. My mom plainly nodded her head. I drove towards a good restaurant and order food for both of us. We both sat in silence and ate our food. I tried to make a conversation with mom but it all went in vain. After dinner we made our way to our house. Since it was a long way back, she slept in the car itself. She wasn’t wearing her seat belt. I reached for the seatbelt and while fastening them, my hands rubbed against her breasts. It was the first time, he touched her there after being grown up. She didn’t wake up.

I tried calling her but my mom was a sound sleeper and she wouldn’t wake up very easily. It was very strange because I was feeling sexually aroused by that small touch. I had a hard-on. I wanted to masturbate right then in front of her. I thought of pulling over the car by roadside and masturbate with my mom besides me but I was afraid to do so. At last we reached home and mom was still asleep. I woke her up and she followed me inside. I was still very horny. All I wanted was to have sex with her. As soon as she came inside, the beast inside me overtook my actions and I hugged her tightly and kissed her lips. She was fully awake now and was in utter shock.

She pushed me away and slapped me hard on my cheeks. I came back to senses and apologized but she was still angry. She again slapped me and without saying anything, she walked away but as soon as she tried to walk away, I caught hold of the loos end of her saree and pulled it. She had pinned her pallu to her blouse and when I pulled it, Her blouse tore apart and she stood in front of me in bra. She covered her chest and tried to run away. I caught her from behind and whispered in her ears. Let me do what Dad left unfinished. She was horrified to death. She pleaded me as told me that she would give me anything if I left her alone. I told her that all I needed was her and her love. She cried ‘Please stop. This is wrong, I’m your mother”

I was in no mood to listen. I forcefully disrobed her and she stood there in front of me in bra and petty coat. All she could do was cover herself as she knew that I was in no mood to leave her alone. Tears were running down her cheeks. I went near her and wiped her tears and told her that I won’t leave her and go abroad as Dad did but would be with her until the end. She didn’t respond. I hugged her tightly and said. Sudha… I loved you. I truly love you and kissed her lips. At first, she wasn’t responding but within some time, she started responding and hugged me back. We stood there kissing each other for nearly fifteen minutes. I broke the kiss and asked her if I could continue.

She remained silent which I took as a yes and carried her to my Parents’ bedroom. She was looking at my face when I carried her in my arms. I dropped her on the bed and want her. She stopped me and told that I could continue If I promised that I would never leave her alone and will be always with her. I promised her and kissed her forehead. I reached for her breasts and kneaded them. They were so soft and smooth. I kiss her breasts over her bra and licked them. I went for her cleavage and planted several kisses there. I then unhooked her bra and was overtaken by her beautiful breasts. They were big and round. I held them in my hands and kneaded them like balloons. I played with her nipples and sucked them like a baby. Mom might have been so horny too because as soon as I started sucking her beasts she, caught my head and held it tight to her chest. I reached for her pussy with my right hand. I rubbed her pussy over her petticoat and she let out a slight moan. I untied her petticoat and underwear in one go. Her pussy was well trimmed. I rubbed it and inserted a finger into it.

She told me that Dad never did that to her. I asked her if Dad ever lick her pussy. She said yuck so disgusting. I said that it will give her more pleasure than intercourse. I moved towards her pussy and kissed it. My mother reacted as if the current had passed through her body. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and licked it. I imitated fucking movement with my tongue and within a few minutes, she came all over me. She squirted her love juiced all over my face and was breathing as hell. She pulled me towards her and hugged me tightly. I inserted my dick in her pussy and started ramming her like a rabbit ramming its female mate. She was moaning as hell. After a few minutes of fucking, I came inside her and we both slept naked. Next day, we avoided eye contact as much as possible but as soon as night approached, we started our sex.

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