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Office Me Larki ki Seal Torr dii or Mottii Gaand Phaarii ( Just for Fun- Must read- Awesome Sex Story)

Office Me Larki ki Seal Torr dii or Mottii Gaand Phaarii

Hi guys this is the first time i'am writing a story, it is a true story happened in my life and I don't want to bug you people with the same old things written in the other stories saying the dick is 10 inches long and breast is as big as a water melon huh ok now without wasting time let me come to the main topic.
I work for one of the world known company as an analyst.

I am a fun loving person and would like to crack jokes and keep others happy around me so one day I was doing the same thing with a bunch of my office colleges and when I crack jokes by default I end up in cracking adult jokes and also end up in double meaning jokes so one day while I was cracking jokes I noticed one of my colleges who is around 5 to 7 years elder admiring me. I didn't even know her properly so I started concentrating more on her because I was not close to her and she smiled at me, immediately without thinking who she is and what does I winked my eyes and she started blushing and she put her head down so I understood that some thing is gonna work with us.
I am not a person who will hurry in taking decisions immediately. I was waiting for a right opportunity so I didn't speak to her for two or three days after that incident but when ever she passed on my side she used to smile at me. I was only smiling back at her and not talking so one day she came sat next to me and she held my hand and asked me the reason for not talking to her. I gave her a lame excuse and we spoke about some general topics and I invited her for a coffee on the following weekly off(leave) but she didn't agree saying she has some other work since she is not that close to me I didn't force her but in the same time I din loose the opportunity because she is one of the pretty looking aunty in my office with a medium size breasts, curvy body, fair, silky hair, thunder thighs, cleanly waxed hands and legs, small tummy, well shaped ass and very attractive smile and eyes so I asked her if she can come with me for a coffee during her break in our office cafeteria and she agreed and left.
I was planning a lot as this is the first time she is coming with me for a coffee without any other companions. nothing major happen we started knowing about each other and gradually understood that her husband is an engineer who is working abroad and meets her once a year and friendly talks continued for almost 1 and half months and than I decided if I don't plan now we both will end up as friends for ever and nothing else will happen apart from talking and being friends so I started opening up a bit and used my double meaning talent where ever I got an opportunity and she never stopped me when ever I cracked double meaning jokes so I got to know even she is enjoying.
One day she asked the reason for becoming so close to her so soon, because after started talking to her I avoided meeting other friends and spent more time with her, so without thinking even for a second said, I become close to her because her lips is very attractive. she laughed at it and paused for a while I was confused I didn't know what was running in her mind and I kept silent and didn't speak to her for some time but suddenly she asked what else I like?
I thought what ever happens i will have to make use of this opportunity and make her understand that I like to fuck her badly. I immediately replied I like playing with her soft breasts and ass she started blushing and gently slapped me and she didn't say anything she sat silently for a while and I could see her smiling continuously and now I confirmed that she is ok with me going to a next level after a long silence I changed the topic asking about some general stuffs and before we could leave from the cafeteria she invited me to her house the following weekend I agreed for it without thinking twice and went home but I didn't get sleep at all that night so I called her around 3am and she was still awake I asked her the reason for inviting me to her house and she is very brilliant lady. she said she wanted to treat me a good homemade food I agreed but I knew the core reason for her invitation now I was eagerly waiting for the weekend.
Saturday morning woke up around 8 am itself as I didn't get proper sleep with the excitement that I am gonna fuck her but in other hand I was also scared what happens if things go wrong anyways I was ready to face the consequences since she invited me for lunch I had a healthy, organic breakfast and relaxed for a while later around 12:30 pm called her to find out what time to go, she said every thing is ready and advised me to leave my house so I left my house and on the way I bought some Flowers, Perfume, Chocolate syrup and Honey.
Reached her house I kept the chocolate syrup and honey bottle in my pocket and perfume and flowers in my hand now I was ready to ring the bell. The movement I rang the bell a massively big dog from a corner tried to bounce on me but for my luck the dog was chained I started shouting loudly and I was the floor hearing my voice she came rushing and opened the door and saw me on the floor with all the flowers on me seeing me in that condition she started bursting out laughing and invited me inside her house the movement I stepped inside her house immediately I found a sofa so I went and sat on it for some time she gave me a glass of water while drinking I noticed her wearing a semi transparent nighty so I started admiring her and I was not able to take my eyes off her boobs it was so pointed that I was feeling horny now but didn't know how to start and I was waiting for a right time we spoke for a while and she asked me if I wanted to eat I said m hungry so she served me food it was a awesome North Indian food enjoyed the lunch and we started playing chess. while playing chess I noticed her cleavage so very deep that my fingers wanted to take a dive in it and swim across her breasts but I was controlling and still waiting for the right time.
After playing for chess for some time we decided to watch a movie and she sat right next to me and this was the chance I was waiting for. she started watching movie but my main concentration was on her every second and every minute I was starving to taste her body one point of time I was unable to control I said fuck it let me face the consequences and slowly moved my hand and kept it on her thigh but there was no reaction from her so I slowly moved my fingers on her inner thighs immediately her hand was on my hand I was shocked thinking about what is gonna happen and looked at her she gave me a bitchy look that minute I came back to normal and started blushing at her And put my other hand on her shoulder she was still silent now I got to know that she was also expecting the same from me I looked into her eyes and went close to her and kissed on her lips she closed her eyes than i kissed on her fore head and on the cheeks as well and slowly moved to her neck and started giving her a love bite later from neck I continued licking till the chin and reached her lips the movement I reached her lip she gave me a passionate lip lock and ended up in a smooch after a warm pleasant smooch I started massaging her lips with my tongue this continued for sometime by now she was meoming with her eyes closed and I could feel the heat of her body so I slowly removed her nighty and started massaging and sucking her boobs without removing her bra by that time her hand was on my dick and balls she was playing with my mine while I was sucking than my eyes fell on her panty so without removing her panty I started gently rubbing her pussy and started feeling her pussy. it was worm and wet later I moved back to her breast played with it for some more time and removed her bra she had cone shaped breasts and it was very firm and sharp loved playing with it by now my dick was hard enough for a fuck so I undressed myself and her eyes was focusing on my erect penis she immediately pulled me close to her and her hands were on my dick she initially started rubbing it and later gave me a hardcore blow job she rolled her tongue on my dick head, sucked my cock and slowly her mouth moved towards my balls and she started sucking my balls it was a heavenly experience. I feel she is a pro in blow job (bj) she gave me a deep throat bj now it's time for climax I relaxed on the sofa for few minutes while she was sucking my dick enjoying every second once she was done I asked her to guide me to her bed room and took my pant along and followed her to her bed room.
It was a nice room not too spacious but it had a large double bed and few pillows perfect place to have sex. Now it was my turn to experiment things so I pushed her on the bed removed her panty and I took out the chocolate syrup and honey bottle from my pant pocket she was confused and amazed to these two bottles in my hand and asked me what is it? I showed her the bottles she looked into my eyes and started blushing brightly as she got to know I have pre planned things so without wasting time I first opened the honey bottle and started pouring on her lips continued on her neck, breasts, navel and ended up on her pussy walls than opened the chocolate syrup poured a little on her lips a lot on her breasts, filled her navel and pussy now it is show time which I wanted to try from a long time. Without touching her body I first started from her lips slowly I started licking her lips and we had a small tongue fight sucking each other's tongue and I slowly moved to her neck licked every drop on her neck gently now I asked her to sit and started massaging her breasts in the same time I was kissing, licking and playing with her ears and neck with my mouth and I could feel her body vibrating Yes I was really excited to know the she had an orgasm now. I made her lie down licked and sucked every inch of her boobs and now I noticed that her nipples were erect so I started concentrating little on the the nipples as well because every inch of a women's body gives a different pleasure to them so I gently bit her nipple while I was circling her nipples with my tongue it was a awesome experience and she co operated a lot with me and now it was the time to play around with her navel I started massaging and licking all over her navel and I was very gently moving my nails and scratching on her inner thigh with one hand so she was turned on and she started pushing my head down towards her pussy now I understood that she is expecting me to lick, suck and finger her Virginia so I continued licking from her navel and without taking my tongue off her body I slowly moved to her Virginia I licked out all the chocolate syrup and honey it was a great experience and I could see her Virginia walls swollen and stiff so I slowly rolled my tongue on her Virginia walls while one of my finger was searching for the g spot most of the guys say proudly that they are experts in finding g spot but it is not that easy to find a g spot it is very difficult and very rare happening in the first time and fingering is an art so we should play around with it very gently so that it doesn't hurt the girl because this may be a turn off for a girl at times so I carefully inserted one of my finger and gently fingered her she was meoming load now and her clit is hard so played a little with her clit sucked very gently I rolled my tongue on her pussy lips ( Virginia wall ) and started sucking her pussy while both my hands were massaging her juicy boobs. After a nice tongue fuck she had a second orgasm now she was craving for a fuck she called my name and I looked at her she softly said please fuck so I responded to her request and went close to her face she started kissing me while I inserted my penis into her pussy and passionately I started stroking her with the rhythm and she was very well responding to my strokes she was waving her body to support my strokes this continued for sometime and I was about to cum but I never let it happen because I didn't want the heavenly movement to end so soon so remembered reading about stop and start method in one of the porn article so I followed the same and it worked amazingly well so now I was little tired stroking for a long time so I decided that woman on top will be the best so I asked her to sit on me and now she was stroking me and I was enjoying it while both my hands were on her boobs it was a very pleasurable movement and at last I came huh now I was tired but she was still not satisfied this time she poured honey and chocolate syrup on my lips chest and dick and started licking all over my body and trust me girls have magic in their mouth because I got goosebumps and my dick was erect and I was ready to fuck again. This time I followed the same traditional method of fucking which is called men on top and I fucked her for the second time I was tired again so we both relaxed on her bed speaking about the fucking experience for some time and than she said she wants to bath so I told her that i am not gonna allow her to bathe alone so we both took shower together and it was one crazy experience as she soaped all over my body and I soaped hers, after soaping when I squeezed her boobs they were slipping off from my hold it was nice so we played around for some time in the water and at last we took bath and dressed up. Now it was time for me to leave but I was not satisfied I wanted to fuck her again before I leave but I didn't tell her about this intention. She made me sit on a sofa and went into the kitchen to make coffee while I was watching TV she came back after some time with a cup of coffee and she sat on me and we both were sharing the same cup. She was on me and said she didn't expect this to happen but than she also said she was extremely happy for having a good healthy sex after a long time but I was still not done I started playing with her boobs when the coffee cup was in my hand and poured coffee on her lap intentionally which fell on her nighty and wet her panty as well I guess and said I want to drink coffee not from the cup she understood and said she was expecting this I was happy to know that and started licking her pussy and than I fucked her on the sofa and after fucking we did a little foreplay she sucked my dick again for a while I came again in her mouth and I was exhausted so we clean't ourself and I left home with lot of memories and with a romantic send off smooch

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