Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Alcoholic hAlcoholic husband put beer in pussy licked and fuckedusband put beer in pussy licked and fucked

Who's the woman I'm 31, live in Ghjiabad, very drunk Hu, give my youth to make anyone mad at my husband's bastard brother without a number Chodta not drink alcohol or beer or simply ask you not to stand Lund that is, as long as they do not drink father several times because I put my finger in the pussy mouth and I do fall asleep even if you slept next to a hot sexy wife and her husband arrives on alcohol and next So what will it be unconscious passes you can understand.

One day we'll both fight took place early in the morning in my life too is a result of adapted day you go to sleep at night if I do, who quench the thirst of my pussy, you're my husband you have alcohol on the Tumhi not Bujaoge live in the unconscious does not, because of the alcohol should be abolished and the passion you put your cocks and even then it will not happen soon fall, so do not get better, so I stepped out of the door again so I took Squaw not speak, so hearing my husband angrily walked out and did not return until late in the evening, I was waiting Kete had received phone was switched off his phone, I also became upset, I suddenly she played Door Bell Door He was eating out of the shell he observed, when he came in, I saw a beer bottle in his hand was.

I did not come in today looking on, today I Piunga at home but first you'll Chodunga, today I brought along Hu tablet work force, will continue to tear your pussy today, I see today how much heat you , the sister, was so happy to hear I thought Chudungi's why right now, when his hand came over my blouse and slowly she started pressing my boobs. After a while, he tried to fill me in arms. I started to play the fun of sex Jayda something happens, I could not stop myself from Chuadane, he slammed me on the bed and opened my blouse, I was already hot, the flame kindled within me Even today his mind was something that was only after eating Viagra tablet they had me down like a hungry lion.

Then there's my Panty opened up my sari and my pussy was Chatne, I was pressed into the pillow his fist, and the tongue was licking his lips, I opened myself bra hook, so both boobs should also be free again I started pressing himself Acwchiyoan hand, was what he had brought beer bottle immediately, open the lid and then licking my pussy, puts a bit, you can get it in 20 minutes was completed on the first bottle he puts in my pussy licking me, then Rome, then Rome was simmering, I got today was the day to experience the not found in any sex.

I saw I had been plastered Lund today was quite taut may be due to Viagra, I got his thick cock in hand grip Sotne, he Ah Aah Aah Aah was strange from my mouth sexy The voice was coming, then I said, 'Please do not be late today, I was very thirsty Hu, he will make a full end of your pussy Madrchod Today I was then placed on top of his cock my pussy, and loudly stroke on stroke was giving his fingerprints were post on my Acwchiyoan why he was pressed harder, I was oblivious, even today I wanted to go all Chud,

He fucked nearly 2 hours to find us nearly 2 years later I saw that as I wanted to fuck I'll do what I get every day, I know it will not, so if you want to have sex with me down To comment, I have a hotel you can Chudwa Hu, hu I can do dirty dirty phone sex.

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