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Me And My Lovely Didi!!!!

  Hi all, this is story about me and my Didi where i managed to get her into bed with me after 10 years which happened in 2009. My name is Roy and i live in Chennai. I am 30 years old and a bachelor. I am 5’5 tall and average built. I was a virgin when this happened. You can send me your feedback to daringdevil85 at yahoo dot com. I’ve had this crush on my Didi ever since i came to know about sex. I seriously can’t remember since when or if there was any instance that made me to admire her. She is my Didi’s cousin sister who visits our house almost every day while she returns after dropping her kids at school. Now, let’s get to the story. She is not a mind blowing beauty or anything. She has got a very good 38b east size which attracts me the most towards her. Her husband works in the Saudi and he comes once or twice a year. She always travels by bike and at that time, i dint have a mode of transport. So, whenever she comes home, i will ask her to drop me at some place or the other while she returns home. She will drop me but she never showed any kind of interest towards me at any time. She used to appreciate my looks once in a while. While traveling with her on the bike, i used to sit close to her and used to hold my legs tightly towards her and never mkdked any opportunities to touch her when she hits the ake. These events kept going for several years. My cousins had come from us at that time and they are much younger than me but of the age group of my Didi’s children. I used to play with them and keep them occupied. One day, these kids wanted to stay at her place and enjoy the night there. I was also asked to join them as she was the only adult and her hubby was in Saudi. I was really excited with this opportunity and packed my things and went to her place with the kids. We all decided to go to bed by around 10pm. Her daughter was sleeping at one end, next was her, then a cousin of mine and then me. This cousin was in between us. She also had a night lamp switched on in the room. I was not able to sleep and was just thinking of doing something adventurous with her. I slowly moved my cousin really close to her and i moved close to my cousin. I was able to reach her body easily and was so scared to put my hand on her. Slowly, i got the guts and placed my hand on her hips. She was wearing a nighty and facing the other side. I waited for a long time and she did not make any move. I started moving my hands up very slowly and gently on her body. I was more scared than to enjoy the feel in the beginning. Slowly, i moved my hands on her ass and was massaging it. She was so soft and big there that i spent quite some time there feasting on the flesh. As time passed by, i got more guts and decided to sit and lift her nighty up. I moved it up till her knees pretty fast and was enjoying the view. Then i placed my hands on her legs, the first time i was touching her skin and i was getting goose bumps. Her legs were smooth but there was hair here and there but i did not mind that and was enjoying the touch. As time passed by, i took my face to her legs and started moving my nose and lips on her legs and was enjoying the feel. Then, i started to lift her nighty further up and was looking at her thighs and touched it slowly and wow….. She had the flesh on her thighs that makes me go crazy. I started kkdking her thighs and was going over the moon with that. I was not able to lift the nighty further up to her ass as it was stuck there….. I slowly moved my hands into her nighty and started feeling her upper thighs and her ass. She was wearing a panty and i was a little disappointed when i felt the faic as i was hoping that she won’t be wearing her inner. I was moving my hands along the border of her panty and enjoying the feel. These things were happening over the space of about 2 hours and i dint know to proceed further as she did not make any signs that she was awake. I was stuck and decided to touch her boobs over her nighty. I started feeling it slowly and they were really soft and tender. Her boobs were not facing and i was not able to see her face expressions. Suddenly, she got up with a jerk and i went off to the bed as if i was sleeping and she pulled her nighty down and started to get up. I was scared and did not know if she knew about my moves or she just got up by herself. She went to the washroom and by the time she returned, i moved my cousin to her place so that she will have to lie down next to me now. She came back and was watching my cousin’s position and i acted as if i got up while she was getting onto the bed and she asked me if she disturbed me. I replied as if i would be really happy if she had but she dint give any kind of response. I had my eyes wide open and she was lying down right next to me. She was again facing the other side. I slowly position my face near her neck and started eathing heavily so that she can feel my eathing. After a few seconds, she asked me if everything was fine without changing her position. My response was no and that i lost my sleep and feeling a little weird as i was sleeping in a different place. She immediately turned towards me and when she turned her easts were near my face. I was like so hot and she asked me what is the problem and if i needed something. She noticed that i was staring at her east and i got scared and moved up and was looking at her eyes. She again asked what it that I needed is. My response was like i don’t know as i usually sleep very late in the nights and sleep during the day i am not getting proper sleep and kind of disturbed sleep. By this time, she had also lost sleep and i dint know how to continue the conversation. Then i managed to start like this. (This conversation happened in Tamil but i am translating it to English) Me when was the last time that uncle had come? Didi about 4 months back. Me when is his next visit? Didi not sure, at-least another 6 months and can get delayed to even a year. Me won’t you feel bored as he comes just for a month and u have to manage things here for the rest of the year. Didi what to do!!! He has to work and that is how we can take care of the children. Me why can’t he try for some job here?(i was asking her questions just for the sake of asking as i dint know how to take it closer) Didi the pay isn’t that great. That is the reason. Me i appreciated her sacrifice and said that i admire her a lot for the care and efforts that she puts in to take care of the children all alone here.(i patted her arms while saying this and was looking into her eyes continuously) Didi thanks. She smiled but there was sadness in her eyes. Me anytime, u need any kind of help, let me know. I am there for u here and will help u. Didi (she held my hands) thanks a lot. That really means a lot to me.(while she was doing this, i shivered). What happened? Why are you shivering? Me i don’t know, i guess your touch had that effect on me (smiling and looking into her eyes) and passing current through my body. Didi (blushing) as if my touch is going to have an effect on you. Me when a beautiful lady like you touches, anyone will have that shiver and feel through their body. Didi (she was shocked with my response and didn’t know that i was even more shocked) ohhh is it!!! (She saw me from top to bottom and must have noticed my erection as i was in my shorts without underwear) Me definitely (i wanted to speak more but no words were coming out) Didi why is it so???? Me i guess it happens for everyone. Might be the human body is designed in such a way. (I was sweating) Didi is that the reason for your sweating too??? Me sweating is because my body is getting over heated up. Didi shall i switch on the ac. Me i don’t think that will help. Didi why??? Me (dint know what to respond but was still looking into her eyes) as if u don’t know. Didi why will i ask u if i dint know the reason??? Can’t you explain it to me??? I guess it’s really late and my mind is not working. Me (with great difficulty and scared) because i am lying next to you and…… Didi and what??? Me admiring you!!! Didi what are you admiring?? Me (stammering) your beauty. Didi ohhhhhhh!!!! What are you admiring??? Am i that beautiful????(She placed her palms on my arm) Me ohhhh yeah!!!! You are very beautiful….. This dim night lamp is making you even more beautiful. Didi (naughty smile from her and pushed me with her arms) what makes you admire me??? Me (moved closer and got a little bit of confidence) your eyes, lips, cheeks, (paused) you jaw, your smooth neck…….. You are a total beauty. Didi you are simply saying.(blushing) Me why should i lie to you when i like you sooooooooo much. Didi really??? Me how can i prove it!!!! I would spend the entire time with you and not go to Saudi to earn money. Didi (she got upset) that s fine. Let’s sleep now. I was like so pkdked off with me that i shouldn’t have spoken about uncle at that time as everything was heating up. But she closed her eyes facing me and did not open for the next 10 minutes or so and i was getting more and more impatient. I tried to call her and wake her up but she was not responding. I saw a drop of tear in her eyes but it was still closed. I moved closer and placed my hand on her as if to emace her and to comfort her. She opened her eye and i was lookingectly into her eyes. The drops started to roll from her eye and i caught it and put it on my lips. Consoled her and was still hugging her and my erection was touching her thighs. She whispered sorry into my ears for being rude. I just patted her back and told her that i can understand her situation. She started hugging me too. It wasn’t a tight hug but just a comforting one. I slowly kkdked her forehead and placed my lips there. I told her that i am always there for her for anything and everything that she needs. Her hug was a little more firm now and my hands were caressing her back. I kkdked her ears and she shivered in my hands and hugged me tighter. Didi something is poking my legs!! Me it’s been starving for such a long time and its overjoyed now. Waiting for this opportunity from the time he was born. Didi (giggled) i hope he is ready for a feast now. Me hope you will take good care of your guest and show him the master bed. You have to rock him to sleep. Didi i can show the bed, make him lay down on the bed. He has to rock himself. Bed is ready as nobody has been using for the past 4 months. Me wow!!!!! Both of us were laughing in each other’s arms and i started kkdking her lips. She was so tasty. She had small lips and she is the 2nd person that i am kkdking in my life…. It was pretty long and i started sucking her lower lips and biting her. My hands were moving all over her back and pressing her ass. I started cupping her east with one hand and pressing it so badly that she moaned a little loudly. She had buttons in the front of her nighty and i started to open it while kkdking her. I was struggling to do it as i was shaking a bit in happiness and nervousness. I was now touching her east over the a and it was soooo sooooo sooooo soft that i loved the feel of it. I started moving down from her lips and her jaws and neck was being kkdked slowly. Then I started kkdking the upper part of her easts. That was such a heavenly feel and i started licking her so much. She was in ecstasy. I pushed my hand into her nighty and place my palm on her arm pits and she shivered as i was doing this while showering kkdkes on her east. I buried my nose in between her easts. It was such a lovely experience. She stopped me there and said that lets go to another room as the night lamp is on and the kids can see us if the wake up. I jumped out of the bed and she stretched her hands. I carried her in my arms with her legs wrapped around me. She opened the door and closed it. I took her to the hall sofa and placed her there and continued kkdking her lips and sucking her tongue. I removed my t shirt immediately and threw it on the floor and started opening her nighty. She was in her a and panty me in my shorts with my dick protruding outwards. She touched it and said that he is ready for such a long time. Can he wait for some more time…. I was like yeah sure. I removed her a as she made me nude and hugged her so tight. The feel of her easts on my chest and our bare thighs was too good….. I started sucking her nipples and circling them with my tongue. My dick was touching her there over her panty and i was pressing really hard. I started kkdking her arm pits and was moving my tongue kkdking her hips and slowly to her thighs. I was scratching her thighs with my nails and she was pulling my hair. While kkdking her inner thighs, i started pulling her panties down. The smell was awesome. She had her pussy trimmed. I continued kkdking her and started moving up. She made me sit and held my dick. My dick is about 7 inches and she said that it is bigger than her husband but the thickness is more or less the same. I started kkdking her lips while she was speaking and was lying on top of her and pressing my dick there but i was not able to enter. I was just rubbing her cunt with my dick and teasing her. I was feeling that i may even cum before entering. I started sucking her east and while i was doing it, she held my dick and inserted it inside her. Omgggg!!!!!! So many volts of current passed through my body and i was just over excited. I could feel the heat of her cunt and i slowly realized that i can insert more and slowly moved further in and she scratched my back with her nails. I was motionless and enjoying the best feel of my lifetime. Slowly i started kkdking her lips again and started moving in and out, my dick came out of the hole a couple of times as i dint know to do it properly. She used to guide it back inside and again i gave a few jerks and cummed very quickly. It was maybe 3 minutes or so. Am sure she dint have the excitement that she was hoping for and i felt very bad about myself. She consoled me and said that your stamina increases as you do more. I was still disappointed. I said that i couldn’t satisfy her completely. She said that she is more than happy as she has me always rather than wait for 1year to have sex. We smiled and kkdked each other. While i was kkdking her i move my hand down and inserted my finger and started the to and fro and she started kkdking me wildly. After about 5 min or so, she had her orgasm and hugged me really tight. I was lying on her for some time like 15minutes. Then, i turned her around and was kkdking her back from her neck till her ass and bit her ass cheeks while my hands were roaming on her easts. I was like erect again in half an hour’s time and she felt my dick on her ass checks while i was kkdking her. I turned her around and started kkdking her lips and fingering her pussy at the same time. After a few minutes, i managed to enter into her by myself and started jerking her really fast and was lying on top of her. She was murmuring my name and kkdking me all over. After about 7 or 8 minutes, i cummed again and was really exhausted. I told her that i loved her so much and will always be with her. We both kkdked and lay naked there for 15 minutes or so and then we got up and went to the bathroom. She saw my dick and said that she wants to taste it the next time as she liked it. I was like anytime available for you. We cleaned ourselves in the bathroom and went back to bed. I was feeling really tired and slept off. I woke up at around 11am and was looking around if anyone is there and heard the kids playing in the hall. I called her mobile and she came inside and gave me a good morning kkdk. She said that she had such a wonderful time and loved the way i touched her gently with love and made her feel better than her first night. I also said that i will never forget this night and want many more nights better than this. She promised me that there will be better days but not sure about the nights as i may not be able to stay at her place. We laughed and had a deep kkdk. We’ve been having this relationship for the past 4 years now. I go to her place during the day after her kids leave for school. I work in night shifts, so it’s a lot easy for us. We have explored each other’s body so much and we continue to do interesting things by have sex in each and every place in the house. I’ve not had sex with anyone other than her in these 4 years as we keep ourselves so happy. Hope you all enjoyed my story. I am sorry if this did not meet the expectations. I will try to do better next time.                      nateserahttpwww.blogger.comprofile0312649594031643711102015-04-12T052740.424-0700

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