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Desi Sex Stories Series - Komal Bhabhi ki Gorgeous Gaand

My bhabhi is a real sexy beautiful lady. Her name is Komal. She is a Punjabi and she is 24 with a nice slim figure and a gorgeous Gaand. Her balls are very pulpy firm and very nicely shaped like conical mountains.she is my unofficial wife now . the story goes seven months back. My bhaiya would always go to work for a long stretch. Because he was a sales manager of a high profile company his job would entail him to travel a lot. I would spend a lot of time with her. At first I would never used to think of her in a sexual manner. Once I overheard my friend rohit speaking to manish, "komal is such a dame. Fuck.kya Gaand hain. Her hubby is such a pansy guy." Manish said, "she makes me horny. I don't know how sunil controls his urges. With an ass like that I would even sniff her fart.". Their vulgar talk was making me somewhat sick and somewhat horny. I had to admit komal was really a sexy lady. From that day itselfI used to eye her sexily. Whenever she would sweep the room I would stare at her ass in the saree and imagine me showering it with wet kisses.i would also get to see her balls and the valley between her Mammes when she would bend down to get something.they were enticing and shake with opulence when she would sweep the floor or collect some stuff form the shelf .When she would look at me I would avoid her gaze.. then we began to get more free with each other she would ask me about my girlfiend and stuff like that. Then I started showing the sexy jokes in sms and she would laugh heartily. I asked her to tell me some non veg jokes and she narrated a couple to me. I began to fall in love and lust with my bhabhi and I would masturbate in her name at night. However, we would sleep in different rooms. One day it so happened that I was watching tv with her in the living room in the afternoon. Bhaiya had gone to panvel . Suddenly the peace was interrupted by a sexy booming croaking fart. It was a loud one with a rising booming crescendo and faded with a staccato of airy emission as it faded. it had a sexy buzzer ring to it She looked embarrassed as I looked at her with accusation. her fart was followed by a funny smell. But I was getting horny because it is not usual to hear or a smell a beautiful woman passing wind. I commented " apka tho paadh bhi sexy hain" she made a face and said, "then why don't you smell it". She could not face me and I comforted her and said, "it is okay. Why have you never farted before bhaiya?" she said, "he is never at home" I made a face and said, "bhabhi, ashok bhaiya is never home when you need him, don't you feel irritated?" she smiled and said, "you are there, why should I crib?" I answered, "because ashok bhaiya is a chutiya, or he does not have a Lund?" she burst in to laughter and then made a serious face, "of course he has that thing but he does not have time to use it." I loved her humor and said to her, "with such a beautiful wife like you, any body would have loved to be in his place.if I was him I would never have left you. I mean work is important but still I would have spent time with you". She looked at me with love and said," I wish your bhaiya was likeyou". I reached and caressed her face and her hair and asked her, " how many times a week does bhaiya have sex with you?". She replied, "not sure. Could be once or even not that" . I moved my hand across her neck and shoulders. I said, "i would have nade love to you endlessly.". then I caressed her thigh in a cicular fashion .it was so wide nd soft and i started getting an erection. I knew I had to have her and she was also in a sexy mood.she diod not stop me. I knew her married chut was itching for a big Lund I pressed her right Mamme gently through the saree. Her eyes opened wide as I cupped it. The pallu of the saree came down and I saw her Mammes straining to get out in the tight blouse. I feaseted my eyes and she saw me looki hungrily . at them. I just removed the zip of my pant and she saw my erect snake slithering its ugly head out in my blue underwear. She looked at it and said, " tera tho bahut bada lag raha hain". As she said it I removed my shirt pulled my pant and removed my underwear and showed my soldier of love to her. She was looking at it as if inspecting it. She stroked it and said softly, "it is really a big one-tera kela tho bahut mota hai re" I asked , "tere balls bhibahut tasty lag rahe hain, komal" I reached towards her and began to smooch her. We began to kiss while I stroked her Mammes through erh blouse. Then she reached to her side and removed the blouse and I saw her white bra. Her cleavage was rippling through it. I began to open the clips of her bra and then her beautiful Mammes popped out as if they were waiting for me. Her Mammes were so beautiful they were really perky looking like two cute mangoes. I began to squeeze one softly as I ran my tongue through her neck.. she closed eyes and moaned softly. Then I put her on the bed and began to suck her right nipple as I pressed her left ball. Then I changed and sucked on her other tit whild I pinched her left nipple. Komal moaned, "hmmm...unnnn". then I licked her entire left Mamme while I fondled her right Mamme. She was reaching down to feel my hardness. As she did that I started to suck on her right nipple with full pressure as if drawing milk from it. She cried as I sucked hornily at that sexy piece of fucking flesh. I began to knead her left Mamme as I sucked. I savored her nipples and big Mammes for fifteen minutes. When I finished with her Mammes they were shining with my spit. Her nipples were swollen by my oral attack. She smiled at me and said, "yeh mere bable hain .. ata nahin ..boondthe jaa raha(these are my Mammes not dough that you knead) I made a very sorry face. She got up and took my face in the hand and then said, "arey kya hua.." I said, "may be I don't know how to please you". She said, "no one had pressed and sucked my balls like you and you say ..le aur maja lee inke saaath" she offered her Mammes tome. I began to caress them again and began to suc k them one by one. She moaned, "oiiii.. maa unnnngh...aurdaba naaa" I did not bring my Lund near her so that I wanted to give bhabhi all the pleasure possible. I then lkifted her hands up and began to sniff the delicious sweaty kinky odor of her armpits. I then began to give love bits in her arm pit while I pressed her Mamme which was uplifted. I did the same with her othe armpit. I am a lover of female sex and I knew each and every part of a woman's body is to be pleasured. Then I got on top of her and licked her face and her neck. She began to sought my lips. As I caressed her Mammes sensuously our lips were locked in a sensuous kiss. We were chewing each other's lips and sharing spit.. then I began to go down and splashed wet sucking kisses on her belly. I began to put my tongue inside her belly button. She has a lovely circular belly button which looks really sexy on the little swell of her belly.. I licked her belly button thoroughly .then I pulled the knot of her petticoat. Komal lifted her hips and slid her petticoat. Her thighs were so fattening, gori gori and fleshy.. komal reached behind and lifted the clip form her hair and now her looked disheveled and sexy. I pushed her black undie down and I finally saw her sex temple.. Komal saw me looking at her Choot with so much interest. She asked me, "bahut baal hai naa.." I caressed her Choot lightly as I ran my finger lightly through her soft downy hair. I replied, "bhabhi Chooth me baal rehna hi chaiye. warna who aurat ka Chooth thodi lagta hain". She pinched my ear, " mujhe nanga karkar bhabi bulata hai" I said, " abhi aap bhabi ho.. chodne ke baad you will become my komal." She smiled sexily, "tik hain devarji." I began to run my finger through her wiry pubic busy. As I did so she lifted her hips sexily to offer me more . I spread her thighs and settled my face on her grand Choot. I just pushed her hairs to one side to see her Choot. There she was! Badi komal Chooth thi komal ki.. I fel t like turning her ass over and seeing her ass also but I thought after I have her Choot I will fuck her ass. Komal turned her face over and looked at one side as she was embarrassed as someone was inspecting her private part and that also her devar. I sniffed her Choot. It smelled sexy with piss, musky. The pissy smell along with her Choot's natural sweat smell was so heady and arousing that I was inhaling her Chooth ka suGaandh. I brought my self on her Choot and began to lick along the side of her Choot flap.her Choot was tightly closed. Normally a regularly fucked/married woman would always have her Choot flaps coming towards out because of the continuous fucking she gets. But in komal's case even though she was not a virgin her hole was like of an unfucked girl.. her lips looked thin even though they were wet. I pushed one finger in her hole and she moaned god she was tight. I knew I had to really eat her Choot and make her hole big to receive my Lund. My bastard bhaiya had never sucked her Choot, it seemed. I just spread her lips open and saw her pinkness. Then I pushed my tongue in and licked inside as I wiping her pre cum drops. She groaned ...hmmmmm.. I began to lap her Choot lips and then sucked on the other lips. The I smooched her Choot lips briefly. I again pushed hert lips apart and began to lick her pisshole. I began to puysh my tongue in her hole as I began to push my finger in her anus.. I saw her clitoris swelling from the top and it was standing. I pushed the foreskin down and began to suck on her clitoris. As did so I forcibly inserted two finger in her hole. I kept on fucking her with my finger as I lapped her clitoris and Choot hole intermittently. Komal pushed my head on her Choot and I was drowned in her Choot. I ate her Choot till she pushed her hips and came on my face. She was screaming when she climaxed, "ohhhh! Hmmmmmmm!aaaaaa" I immediately removed my face and looked at her . she was just recovering rom fucking my face with her Choot juce. . her nostrils were flaring somewhat and her lips looked swollen . her Choot was slick.. I licked her hole again and before she could say any thing I really sucked her clitoris. Iot was looking like a small boy's Lund now. She looked at my face wet with her Choot juice. She licked it from my face. She looked really satisfied. She said as I I caressed her face, " aaj tak unhone kabhi aise nahin kiya" I got up and walked naked to the kitchen to get some water for my dear bhabi. I knew that she was eyeing my Lund as I was coming towards with the bisleri bottle.. komal said, " aisa lag raha hai.. Lund nahin kala saap(black cobra) hain". She said, " rukh jaa.. aaj mein tuhe batati hoon.. teri bahabi kaisi aurat hain". She held my erect Lund in her hand and moved it up and down.she was praising my Lund. "bahut mota hai tera kela. Tu chalta kaisa hai isko leke" "aapke naam pe hilla hilla ke sooj gaya hai" She caressed it softly and said, "bechara! Yeh ab mera ho gaya.. ab isko jab bhi bhook lagegi pyuas lagegi mere paas lana.she was talking to myLund, "aaj se isko pareshan mat karna. Main hoo naa" Komal then caressed my Lund and began to suck it with interest. As she began to suck it I felt that I was in heaven. Then she pulled the foreskin gently she saw my pink cap. With the practised care of a loving house wife she began to lap the tip of my prick in a very careful fashion. I began to moan. " oh yess.. It was a real pleasure as she deftly gave warm caresses to my prick tip. The tip of my Lund started crying precum as she licked it. She began to lick my Lund up and down and then began to suck on it as she fondled my balls. As she sucked my Lund I began to massage and squeeze her marvelllous Mammes. It so happened that as she sucked with enthusiasm I felt I might come . she knew it and removed her mouth from my Lund. My Lund was bathed in her saliva.. oh komal I moaned.. . then suddenly the phone rang and she went to answer the phone . it was her saheli rupali. She picked up the phone from the bed and began to talk. As she was talking on the phone with her Gaand facing me.m, I felt aroused. I kneeled down and began to kiss her buttocks. I slapped them playfully and she moaned on the phone.. then I parted her ass cheeks and began to probe my tongue in her shithole.. she could not control her self and she said her saheli that she would have to hang up and kept the phone down as I licked her anus thoroughly. She looked at me and said, "u dirty boy". She smiled at me and parted her buttocks like a whore so that I would lick her anus more properly. Smelling and licking the most private place(anus)grown up lady like my bhabhi komal is so erotic. As I did so she played with her clitoris and masturbated herself we were in this position for 15 minutes. Then I asked komal to lie doggie fashion. She said, " why I want to fuck you from behind. I love your ass" but she said, " but please don't fuck my ass" I agreed. As she bend doggie style I relished her sexy fucking ass. I entered her Choot from behind. As I pushed my fat Lund, she cried, "aajajjjjhhhhh" I pressed her balls and played with her nipples so that she would get pleasure. She moaned, "aur gussa" I talked dirty, " le raand ..mera kela kaisa lag raha hai" she replied, " hmmmmm.. hhhmm,m" I variedm my stroke and gave it to her from angles. Her Chooth was real tight but wet and I felt that she was holding my Lund tightly with her Choot. . soon I groaned and came in her Choot. we g We rested for 2hrs and slept for some time. Komal woke me up and looked at my soft flaccid Lund. She kissed me and said, "ut raja chai peeoge.: I took her in my arms, "yes komal". Naked, she got up and went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks. She came with bread , butter and two cups of tea. We lay together and sipped the tea. I fingered her Choot as I drank the tea. She stroked my Lund and it was growing due to her actions. I told, "komal teri Gaand itni sexy hain, mujhe chodhn de na". she smiled and said " lekin tu meri kasam ka ki hum ne jo kiya tum kisi ko bataoge nahin" I promised her that it would be our secret. "but I would tell every body that you farted in the afternoon" . she looked embarrassed and said, " shut up. Please". I said, ' okay then seal my mouth with your lips". We sought each other's lips and smooched for five minutes. After that she sensed my urgency and moved in a doggie fashion style presenting her ass for me. When her ass was towards me, I tenderly stroke each globe of her big Gaand.. then imoved my fingers toward the crack between her ass cheeks and parted them to look at her fart hole. Her anus was looking like brown eye looking and winking at me I put my tongue in and tasted that sweet shit pit of my lovely komal.. komal was looking at me and seeing the weird things I was doing to her asshole I told her, ' komal, I will give you pleasure like you never felt before" I took some butter amul butter from the butter knife.and applied it to the crack. Then I took lot of butter and applied it all over her Gaand (bums). Her ass became very slippery and shining. I dished maximum butter in her asshole. Now I was eating 'THE GAAND MASKA" of komal ( a very special dish). I licked the melted butter off her hot ass and licked,sucked the oily asshole filled with butter.. I fingered her asshole and licked it so much that her asshole parted and looked bigger and deeper now. Her anus was very slick with butter and ready to take my Lund. Taking a hint she spread her ass further so that she could allow my Lund to fuck her butter Gaand.. I told her as I put my Lund towards her ass, "isko bolte hain ,maska marna". She turned and kissed me and said, "aise nahin, tera Lund tho sooka hain, let me apply butter on it". Igot up and she looked at my Lund which was erect. She took the butter (vey less was remaining) and applied it on my naked Lund. I shivered with delight as her hand stoke my Lund with butter. Now my Lund was real slick with butter. I asked her, " hot dog khaegi, maska marke." She sucked it a couple of time and said, "aaj main tere hot dog kho Gaand se khaoongi" the way she said it was so erotic. Imagine a woman saying to you in total privacy!the I moved behind her and pushed my Lund towards her ass. I positioned it towards her anus.and pushed it in. she moaned huskily as my tip went inside her hole. She grasped the pillows as my Lund went further in. her ass was so hot and tight. my god what pleasure. She was moaning, "dheere sae ahhhh" I squeezed her balls and gave another stroke. Komal pushed her ass towards me to fuck me back and take more Lund in her. It was slightly painful to me but we were enjoying Lund would slip from her ass now and then because it was slick. Then I would try again and push it in her her ass. Komal would laugh and moan as I pushed in her ass again. And I pushed more and more till the head and a quarter of my shaft was in her ass. I pushed more. We were doing it slow and steadily. I pushed more and she pushed back till my Lund was in her ass almost fully. I increased the strokes and she would enjoy every push and fuck. Komal bhabhi would moan.hmmmmm ahhhhhhmmmm o ohh. The cheeks of her sexy Gaand would roll on my Lund so sensuously that it felt her bums were milking my Lund.. the room was filled with the facch facchh sound of the butter and our Gaand maring.. I continued fucking her ass for about 20 minutes and then I felt I was about to come. . I told her softly , " I am coming". She rached down and playfully squeezed my balls. I screamed, "ohhhh komalllll"and began to fire my cum drops in her ass I was pumping for about 20 seconds as I released all my lava in my favourite ass. I never had imagined that my fantasy would turn real and I would get to fuck komal's ass. Let me tell you how her ass looks. It is like the famous heroine rani mukherjee or madhuri's ass nice, fat round and sexy . Now we settled in each other's arms and rested to catch our breaths. We were sweating.. her ass and my Lund was wet with butter and semen. Komal looked at my Lund and told me "le me isko saaf kar deti hoon". She sucked my love burger topped with sperm and butter dry and cleaned it with a hanky. Then we talked . here is our transcript of our dialogues. I: kal bazzar se butter naya lana padega. Bhaiya bholenge kal wala butter jo unhone laya tha j kahan gaya? Komal: main bol doongi maine Gaand me dal dhi aur mere anil ke Lund pe mal dhi.(she giggled) then looking at me said: nahin re, me bol doongi.who choakaran ka party that ho sandwitches me khatm ho gayee. Tu tension mat ley. I: I love you komal, kyat u meri secret wife banegi. K: main teri sab kuch banoogi.. main teri rakhel hoon aur teri sex teacher..waise tu student kafi achha hain.. you satisfied me.. aur ek aurat ko kya chaiye? After that we went to the toilet to release our bladder. Komal pissed with a sexy whistling sound which was very arousing. There after I pissed and she looked wide eyed at the way I was pissing. So I aimed it towards her face and gave her piss wash. Komal said, "kal tuje barabar main apna mooth chakaoongi". We were to tired to fuck now and so we took a shower where we cleaned each of our parts thoroughly. I applied sunsilk on her Choot hair and cleaned it. So dear friends the whole day went in fucking and enjoying. Finally we slept. The other day she woke me up with a blow job but she did not finish me here. We enjoyed that day too.whenever bhaiya would go we would do everything together like eating, showering, tv and even toilet. When bhaiya would be there also we would just fondle each other, squeeze her Mamme or feel her ass. At times she would massage my Lund in front of bhaiya when he would look at the other side.. when he would not be there, then it was total pleasure. I would bunk my lecture and just enjoy her. Every woman becomes shameless with a man only if he know how to pleasure her.. you know I would apply butter, cheese, cream, dahi, icecream and even dal or some sambhar in her Chooth and eat/drink . she would increase the taste by giving her own flaoured Choot juice in it. Like wise she would always apply lip stick on my Lund, or make a double sandwich on my Lund with tomato sauce and cucumber and just eat it. I would reward her with my own uniue burger white sauce on the sandwich which she would eat. We would also passes gasses incase we wanted to infront of each other. Hers had a sexy smell which I would sniff like a dog behind her bums and sniff in the rectal aroma happily .she smield at the way I would give her respect even for such a small thing. It is amazing that we would feel the urge to shit at the same time in the morning. Since morning piss is good for health(ask morarji desaai) what could be sweeter than my favourite komal darling's piss? Every morning before emptying her bowels I would ask her to pee her golden shower in my mouth. Believe the tingling taste kept me fresh and horny all day long. It was the best health drink I have drunk.. komal would gladly sit on the commode and I would get between her legs as she would squat and release a long sexy stream in my mouth. This is not to gross you guys but I felt it erotic. After her piss I would make drink my piss but mostly since I wuld wake with a hard Lund,I would not be able to piss.. she would drink my piss at times only after I fucked her. We would shit together.. we would face each other hold each other and excrete our motions. At times she would shit first while I would watch the entire session . or she would stand and watch while I did. Either ways we would complete our shitting sessions together. It was by nature that we were so made for each other that we would even answert the morning call of nature at the same time. Komal would be very open with me. She would punctuate her shits with sounding farts purposely and giggle. She would say, tum mere pati ho tere saamne kya sharam". Would also do the same with her. The shit pieces which she would release normally were sexy stinky smelling big brown logs fat and creamy or curly like snakes. I like the way she would make an _expression if a fat turd would slowly hang and then fall out of the ass and in the commode with a klump sound.we would always laugh and giggle at the toilet sounds we would make . hum log ek dusre ke Gaand dhotethe. We wouldclean each other's respective anuses after we were done. One day komal told me to eat her shit in an argument we had. The next morning after she had her bowel movement, I went ahead and took a small brown piece and tasted it.. she felt very sorry and apologized tome. Itold her since I drink her pee, I tasted her no2. and believe me even that was yummy because it was komal's my beautiful komal's. with love and tears in her eyes she kissed me and we fucked in toilet . Now komal and I are inseperable. We are so close that we are one body and one soul. She is pregnant with my baby now. Bhaiya hardly fucks her and she invites him to fuck during the safe period. I have to thank my stars for that incident that special fart which she released that afternoon which brought us together. It might have stunk but it had an air of love. Komal is in the other room washing clothes as I write this. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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