Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hidden Talent Of A Laxmi Aunty

I live in an apartment which is seperated from all other houses around hundred meters there is not apartments or house i purposely chose this place to satisy mysexualy desires. With in a month moving to this apartment i became familiar with all the families here. every one knows i good at computers so if they have any doubt they would contact me. Days was running smooth one day a lady who is located opposite to my home her name is Laxmi she is in her mid 40's but she always maintained her phsic.
Her boobs were perfect and she maintained her curves. Her structure is 36,32,34 even at this age. Her husband is living in japan and she was living with her only son who is just 13. She use to smile at me when ever we meet but she never spoke to me even once. One day to my surprise she stopped me and said she has few issues with her laptop so she wanted me to help with some technision to help her resolve the issue. I said i will take a look at her laptop once it i come back from my office. As soon as i reached home i went to her flat she greeted me and i sat in couch she brough her laptop and gave it to me. She forced to me to have something i said i will have coffee she smiled and went inside the kitchen.
All of sudden i was hearing a loud sound from kitchen when i went there i saw her lying on the floor she got scared when lizard fell on her. I gave a hand to her and lifted her .Her saree top fell down and I was able to see her top wearing only jacket looking at her in that stage woke the devil that moment i decided to fuck her at any cost. She remained her in that same position as she dint regain from that shock. I brough her to the hall and made her sit in the couch while bringing her i slowly pressed her boobs and kept my hands around her waist . after some time she regained senses and understood she was sitting with out covering her jacket. then she covered and went inside i secretly enjoying her assets . I knew she is alone and she dint have much contacts in the city so i thought i will use that to my advantage i caught her hand and asked her if she is alright she said she is fine. i dint leave her hand i called her Laxmi aunty she asked me what . You look beautiful even at this age. I was secretly admiring you all the way. She blushed and i said her that i am jealous of your husband. He is very luck to get a wife like you.
She remained silent and dint utter a word . From that time we started becoming close and we use to roam around the city when ever we feel like.As our friendship became stronger my thoughts to bring her to bed also increased. I found she like to roam in the bike so one her birthday night twelve i woke ever up and made her come to my flat. She came to my flat i had arranged her a cake and made her to cut that. then i gifted her a black t shirt and a jean i made her to wear that she was little hesitant at the beginning as that was the first time she wore such a dress. She looked like a model with out any second thought i fed her the cake . She was stunned to see her in such a dress she was admiring her. i went behind her and hugged she was shocked but she never stopped me that gave me confidence . I knew it has been long time she had sex i wanted to drill her. I went on my knees and asked her " Beautiful lady would you like to go for a ride in bike" She replied " Yes Mr. Handsome". We went for a long ride and reached home by 3 in the morning she loved it and her reaction towards me started i was able to identify it because while going for a ride she hugged me all the way i was able to feel her nibbles getting harder. As soon as we reached she hugged me and went inside her home.
Me: Laxmi!!
Laxmi: Ya da what happen?
Me: I am bored how about we had a coffee and chat for some time. I dont want to miss you beautiful.
Laxmi: Sure da
We both inside and locked the room. I thought i should use this time to fuck her. I used all the chance to touch her.She said she had a wonderful time wit me and i am making it a memoraable one .Mean while I bought coffee and little snack to my suprise she then revealed to me she was never satisifed in sex by her husband. He comes drills her pussy for ten minutes then he sleeps.and its been more than 10 years she ever had sex. So i found she ready for me and giving hints to me to satisfy her.So i went and sat next to her and holded her hands she rested on my shoulder. i called her" Laxmi if i was your husband i would have fucked you with every chance i got and i never leave you single minutes away she was in tears so i wipped her tears and hugged her she hugged me tight i moved apart hold her face and kissed her in lips she dint say anything she kissed me strong we were kissing passionately for more than 15 minutes sucking the lips and tasting our tongue. i was massaging her boobs and i inserted my hands inside her T shirt she started mouning i lifted her and brought her to my bed. removed her t shirt and say her breast standing stiff and wanted me to suck her i grapped it slow and smooth and was sucking it she rose up and hugged me her hands was in my head holding me tight. she tore my t shirt apart and sat on me made kissed me all over the top. Laxmi darling common satisfy your self i am here to satisfy you and conquer your pussy.
Laxmi: i want you badly shankar i love you,
I removed her pants and kissed all over i can smell she is leaking i pulled her panties i removed it and look her legs kept it on my shoulder, She yelled at me common darling rape me do what ever you wish i am all yours. I i kept my mouth on her pussy and started sucking it and also inserting my fingers . as soon i licked her pussy she reached her orgasm, i was sucking her pussy like crazy she was holding my hand tight and pressing it towards it, Her moaning was very high even outside ppl would have heard it. She said her husband has never went near her pussy or kissed it, I was grabbing her ass tight and my tongue was rolling all around her pussy it was tasting great. She then pushed me down and removed my pants she tried to removed my boxers as she was shivering she was not able to do it properly so she tore my boxer and pulled my 8 inch long and 2 inch think dick and kept inside her mouth she was having it like a corn she loved it she was sucking my cock and balls for 15 minutes and had drank all sperms .
She then parted her legs and made my dick to touch her wet pussy she was leaking she then inserted my dick and while entering she shouted in pain as she never had a dick so big she was shivering in pain i yelled at her bitch common do it my dick is waiting she hugged me while m dick was in her pussy it was very tight no air to move inside, i rose up to her and gave kiss. she then started the bumpy ride her massive boobs was jumping up and down that was the greatest scene . 36 size boobs jumping up and down for me. she was on my top and pumping my dick for fifteen minutes she already reached her second orgasm i then went on top of her streched her leg and pussed my dick she was screaming and saying i love you make me your wife, i inserted my sperm in her pussy after 20 minutes. after releasing me sperm i said " Happy birhtday Laxmi" she was dead tied after 3 long fucking hours of sex.
After she woke up she kissed and said this is the first time a man has satisfied her in whole life and she is luck to have me as a neighbour.We then continued our sex every day when ever we get time. Currently i moved in with her i am like her husand now, she never wants me to use condom.

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