Sunday, 25 August 2013

First Time With College Receptionist

I had a sexual encounter and enjoyed a bit though. The girl I am speaking about is receptionist in my college. I am studying Intermediate and our college has study hours. That day all the people in my college went early and even the teachers.That was my day and I first approached her and sat beside her. She and I were good friends. I had just come and in the mean time I had patted on her back and caught hold of her bra strip knowing it is bra strip I had asked her what is this thing. She ignored but I kept bugging her and she said you shouldn’t ask about it.

I kept asking her and she told it is innerwear which women wear so I kept a hand in her chudi from the back and felt it. When I kept like that she shivered and said me to remove my hand. I asked her what happened she said she felt something bad I asked what she said a strange feeling I asked her let me feel again as it is not bad and we shara a healthy relation but she didn’t accept.

Then I kept an angry expression she said you are like my bro you shouldn’t ask things like these. At times I even touched her thighs.. Then I came near her and kissed on her cheeks and she was shocked and also amused and didn’t react. I said you are so damn kissable and cute.

She Laughed and then I attacked her I kept kissing and seeing no resistance I kept a long kiss on her cheeks and then sucked her neck she was uncomfortable and scolded me. I smiled then she moved to the cabin corner and I came near and she stood turning her back then I kept kissing her neck and mimicked of fucking her by putting my cock on her ass (without removing dress) and moved to and fro as it is my first experience I cummed with the mimicking and then kept doing that for 1 min. Then she ran from cabin and I was satisfied with first experience and left her and while going I kept a short kiss on her cheek and said bye this is my first experience.

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