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First Sex Experience With Maid

this story happened when i was 19 years old summer, when in the tuition break we all our close friends used to discuss about sex n stuff that time i came to know that we all are born from vagina off a women after hearing that i felt so disgusted that how i am born, and one if my senior explained about masturbation how he self satisfy her self in bath room while having shower following day was Sunday i been to shower as instructed by senior i applied soap to my penis and created lots of lather on my penis
and hand in couple of minutes my penis was very huge in size like it was 15 cms( i measured when it was fully erected when i was alone at home) i started moving my hand up and continued doing for 2 -3 minutes after that my penis ejected very few amount off semen it was a wonder full experience that lead me in to world of lust, my penis head was reddish in colour because i have no foreskin and i got circumcised penis
Coming to the story as i told you we live in govt staff quarters there was a 40 to 45 years old women living in our colony her name was sharma ji, she lost her mind and migrated to hyd from north of india she spokes bhojpuri and hindi, she used to live by begging in colony all colony people got pity on him and serve her with food she used to sleep in college ground under a tree , every body in colony was disusing about her she is so disgusting that she stinks very badly, when ever in my home if our maid servant is absent for doing the work my mom used to call her to do work like washing utensil and clothes in return my mom used to feed her some food and money, we got back garden with boundary walls and door, she used to come from back door after finishing the work she eats food under a mango tree and takes rest in the after noon,days where passing like that, one day my mom gave her some money to go and cut hair because her hair was very bad and smelling, as suggested
by my mom she had her hair cut and returned back to home, strange thing happened when my dad went to duty ,
After she coming back from hair cut my mom told her to remove all her clothes and my mom told me to go inside and she told me to lock the door from inside i was suspicious that y my mom told to remove her clothes , in back yard we had a small tub for filled with water where our maid used to wash utensils and clothes, after my moms request to remove her clothes she obeyed my moms instructions, all this what is happening i was peeping from our bed room window i was shocked to see here pert tiny little breast , my mom gave here cheap life buoy soap to her to wash off her body i was scared that i will get caught , after finishing shower my mom gave her some old trousers and shirts of my dad to wear days been passed , i was unhappy that i didnt seee her vagina, in summer time we will play in ground after finishing playing all my friend left to home to have a bath except my friend, it was already dark but some rays off street light falling!
On her, i called her by her name sharmaji, me and my friend where sitting on a cement table which was in the ground , as soon as i called her she came to me because she know me that she had shower in my house and works in my house when ever our made is absent to work, i got like 1 or 2 rupee coin in my pocket i asked her to show what is under her belly , she was saying some thing in bhojpuri language i cant under stand her i requested her to show her vagina it all gone into vain because i cant understand her, at last i told her in hindi(tumhare paint niche karo aur bathau ) and i promised her that i will give her 1 rupee she said in hindi nahi nahi nahi, at that one rupee for me is like one hundred rupees at last my friend sitting next to me insisted her to give her one rupee coin, i gave her one rupee coin, as our deal she lifted her shirt and holded in her chins she was wearing a trouser her waist was very small and the trouser which she wearing has a big waist size so she uses a rope to tie the trouser as her belt, she opened her rope and undid her trouser until her knees ,
I was surprised to see lots off hair that was covering her vagina it was like a blackbush my friend sitting next ;to me asked her in hindi what is inside her hair she put her left hand and showed her vaginal hole it was like black colour with with black meat in both sides of her vagina after that she said some thing in bhojpuri put her trousers back to normal and tied the rope around her waist and left grom the ground , i was worried that she will inform the act to our parents what i asked her, following day she came to our house for begging some food and she left after eating food, i was very happy that she did not inform to my mom that i asked her to show her vagina last evening
Since that day i was thinking off her vagina and to have sex, it is normal that she comes and sleep in our back yard under tree in the summer time, one day i was alone in afternoon i heard of some sound and i peeped from our window i saw her sleeping under a tree , slowly i locked our front door and opened the back door and been to her she was lying on the ground and she was saying some thing in bhojpuri , i sat next to her and asked her to remove her pant down until her knees she did as i told her, i asked her can i touch her she said yes, she got hold of my right hand and was guiding to her vagina which was covered by lots of hair and it was smelling very badly i got rid of my right hand and gave her my left hand she spreaded her legs so that her hole is clearly visible to me i inserted my two left hand fingers in her vaginal hole and started rotating my fingers in the mean time she opened her shirt buttons so that that i can see her both breasts ,
While i was playing her pussy with my left hand she took my right hand to keep on her breasts it was amazing i was pressing her boobs with my right hand , in the mean time my left hand which was playing with her vagina it was all wet and some white discharge oozing from her vagina, i took off my left hand from vagina and placed my both hands on her breasts and was pressing them , it was a wonderful felling for me as they where soft with black aerola and black nipple she hold my head and guided my head to her nipples, i was biting one nipple with my mouth and playing with another breast, once i got her breast in my mouth it was like salty i took my head off and playing with the boobs all this was happening when show was laying on the ground and i was sitting next to her( i was 19 years old at that time)
When i was playing with her i donno what to do further , she told me to stand up i stood as she told , when i stood she sat on the floor and she removed her trouser and shirt i was shocked to see her naked from top to bottom she was weatish in colour, she opened the buttons of the trouser and took off my trouser i was not wearing any under wear at that time because i was in home, she seen my penis and told some thing in bhojpuri language , i asked her in hind what r u saying, she told me you are very small and i got very tiny little pubic hair,she got hold of my penis and was playing with it , all this was happening when she was sitting and i was standing with my bottom naked i seen my penis was fully erected due to her touch it was like hard rock shivering, once my penis was fully erected she was putting my penis in her mouth,
I objected her to do that act( at that time that i was unaware of oral sex pleasure) she laid down back on the floor and she hold my two hands pulled me on top of her once i was on her it was smelling very badly and my fully erected penis was between our both stomach, i was lying on her with small amount off white fluid coming out from head of my penis it was kind off sticky, she got hold off my hips with her two hands and lifted my hip to an extent that she got hold of my penis and pointed to her hairy vagina after that she put both her hands on my back and was rubbing my back, now my erected penis was in between her thighs, she was looking at me and telling in hindi to start my act , i was telling her what to do , she was very patience that i dont know and i was invice in sex, she spreaded her legs widely and caught my penis and pointed to the vaginal hole,
I can sense that some hot fluid touching my penis with that i was so excited after that she got hold of my bums and was pressing inside so that my penis will enter in her, and she told me to push my penis in her i was doing as she was guiding me, i can feel that my penis was entering in her slowly i was moving to and fro i was moving my hip to and fro once i got the pace with her hole she started making strange sounds and she was making rhythm with her back to up side so that she can feel while i was doing that act she was trying to kiss me on lips i avoided her , she caught hold of my head and was rubbing my head between her breasts, i got hold of her to hands and my fingers are locked with her fingers while doing sex it was very fantastic to me i enjoyed every second while i was penetrating her hole and my penis was paining, she was getting hold off my penis in side her hole with pressure like some body tied my penis hardly with a rope , at one stage she caught hold of my penis so that i cant move in or out to do intercourse i think that was the time she got her orgasm she got hold my penis like 1 minute and released it, after that i started her stroking her hardly it was sound coming like puchh puchhhh from her vagina and my penis was fully soaked in fluid after doing this act of sex for 5 minutes i ejected in her vagina itself and layed on her with my head in between her boobs she put her hands tightly around my back n was pressing hardly ,
I was laying on top of her still my penis inside her after ejaculation, she was kissing me on my forehead and chins on my nose with in couple of minutes my penis got small and came out automatically from her vagina as soon as my penis got out from her hole i got down from her layed next to her i seen that my penis was fully wet with sticky fluid i was feeling very disgusting after getting out from her, she got hold my penis with one hand and was pressing it , we never talked to each other during the whole sex session, after that i was feeling very bad got up and been to water tub which is next to us i washed my penis with soap and came back to her i weared back my trouser, and sat next to her still she was laying on the floor with naked body and she was thinking deeply while looking into sky, i seen my semen and her fluids coming out from her hole i took a waste paper and wiped her vagina, she told me that she was tired and cant move, so i helped her in wearing her trousers and put her shirt buttons she was still laying ,
I asked her why u got loys off pubic hair, she told me that she dont have blade to cut her hair, and dont have money to buy a blade i promised there that i will buy her blade, after that i entered back into my home from back yard and had a shower , after finishing shower there was a knock on the door , once i opened the door she was standing and was asking me for some food that she was starving and told me that she didnt had food since last night , i asked her to come to back yard and from the back door, i opened the door from the back side and served her food, she likes onion and chillies while having food, this incidence changed my world
After a couple of days our regular servant stopped working in our home, so my mom asked that women to come and do work in our house daily in return she will get food in lunch and dinner she happily agreed for it , some times she asks money so that she can go and watch movies in the cheaper class that costs 2 rupees and she was addicted to tobacco , every time she had tobacco between her teeth and lower from that day onwards we have sex when ever i was alone at home in the afternoon,
This incident happened when i was 19years old and now i am 33, in all this years i had observed one thing, sex has no age, sex has no colour, sex has no religion,sex has no relation, sex is wonderful gift from god to human being, after that i moved to different places for higher studies and further studies in Australia i had sex with 7-8 women but i never tried oral sex nor sucked some bodies vagina, i used to watch in porn movies i thought that oral sex is applicable only in western countries but after reading the stories here in this site i realised that oral sex is also happening in India, i think i miss the pleasure of oral sex ,so guys please leave me your feed back how was my story and my narration of the story, even now when narrating this story here after nearly 15 years i got precum in my undies lol,

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