Saturday, 28 April 2012

With Dad’s Friend’s Daughter

My dad Shankar is a business man. He has a restaurant in Bangalore and he has timber mill in Madikeri, his friend Naresh is his partner in this business and he is the one who look after his business. He and his family stays in Madikeri, family husband, wife and alone daughter. Dad doesn’t visit Madikeri that often. Both Naresh uncle and Dad has good understanding in the business and both of them have been best friends since college days.
Uncle’s daughter name is Kavana after her schooling she went to Pune to her Grand parents for college. I had seen her when we were studying 5th or 6th class, that to just once. Now I have completed my BE and doing M tech in Bangalore only (where we live) and even Kavana wanted to do M tech (came to know from my parents) one day I was lying on sofa watching TV, dad called me said that Kavana has got admission in 
Bangalore that to college was just 4 KMs from our place plan was that she ll staying and studying in our place, and dad asked me pick her from bus stand very next evening. Accommodation for her was not a problem in our home as we had spacious house, kitchen, master bed room, pooja room and drawing hall in ground floor, and three bed rooms, one mine, other one for guests and another one spare and a gym in first floor.
Guest was cleaned and kept ready for her. Next day after college I was working out in gym and received a call from a unknown number, a sweet voice came that side saying am I speaking to Manu very next moment I understood that it was Kavana. She said bus will be in majestic KSRTC bus stand in one hour. I stopped working out that moment, got freshed in 5 minutes and took mom’s car as she had luggage. Parked car and was waiting for her.
I got a call from her saying she is waiting near a shop in bus stand and need help to carry her things and she said she is wearing white top and blue jeans as I am seeing her after so many years making easy to recognize her. I started walking near the shop and saw a girl wearing white top and blue jeans with a two trolley suitcases and a kit bag from far about 100 meters.
She was a gorgeous girl as fair as snow, very cute looking from face and quite hot from body. She was 5ft 2in, had sweet voice after formal hand shake I lead her to car. We reached home. Mom wasn’t there in home; she said she is going to temple. I had my set of keys so not a problem to go into home. Kavana got settled in her room unpacking her stuffs and gifts given by uncle to us.
That is when I came to know why she was carrying so many luggages. There were lots of gifts like a jacket for me, sarees for mom and home made wine for dad and many more things. In couple of days she made herself comfortable with us and she was happy to stay with us. Mean while she started going to collage as her college was on the way to my college I used drop and pick her up.
We started becoming very good friends. She was very jovial fun loving girl,hard working too even loved working out in gym with to keep her fit. Dad used to be busy with his business and mom with with her friends and temple. I and Kavana used to spend lot of time with each other, as she had no friends in Bangalore. Some times I used get a view of her cleavage and curvy waist when she weared sarees occasionally most of the time.
I used to get caught when I had a peek at her parts. She always ignored it. Not intentionally some times when we used work out in gym I used get feel of her body when I was helping her and in work outs it was making hard for me to control. It happened one day when as usual Dad was out on a friend’s son’s marriage and mom was doing some work in kitchen.
Kavana was arranging her clothes in her wardrobe as it was govt holiday, I was getting bored. I went to her room to spend time with her. She welcomed me in we were talking about different things while she continued to arrange her clothes. There was lot of clothes piled up on her bed. In between them I saw her bra lying there. I don’t know why I took that in hand.
She saw her bra in my hand and tried to snatch it from me, she slipped and very next moment she on me on her bed. I was staring at her face, she was doing the. I don’t know how long we stared at each other. She was on top of me, my hands were on her waist, and we were laying on her bed next her pile of clothes. I moved my hands from her waist to her face.
Caressed her eyes nose lips cheeks and I took her face in my hands and started to kiss her beautiful lips. We never cared to close the door. She started to respond to my kiss and started taking equal part in the game by holding my face in her lovely hands. I pushed clothes which were on bed and came on top of her. I started to feeling her boobs on clothes.
First time in my life feeling a girl’s body and she took the initiative in removing clothes by pulling my t shirt of my body. One by one removed all our clothes of our body. I started sucking and squeezing her boob’s one after the other. She was moaning in low voice. I went down kissing her belly and her sucking her navel. I went further down in between her legs.
Cleanly shaved pussy was inviting me to lick. I smelled hit. It was very erotic. I was licking her very slowly and patiently.sqeezing her meaty thighs. Never worried about getting caught by mom who was in kitchen below and finally I positioned my self between her legs. Saw her face; she was trembling with fear and excitement so was I. Not sure whether to proceed or not and I called her name softly.
She opened her eyes. She was damn beautiful than never before. I was her whether to stop it here. She signaled me from her eyes to proceed. With out condom I tried to push my dick at first it dint go. She showed the by guiding my dick. She too tight and to my surprise she was virgin. I lip locked her and gave my al power to push my dick into her. She dug her nails on my back pleasure was more than pain.
I fucked for five minutes and discharged into her. Even she climaxed at the same time. I lay on top of her for 5 minutes. Then woke up I wore my clothes and she was still lying on bed spread had a patch of blood stain. I went out of room to see what mom was doing. She was taking nap in her room.
I went to kitchen, prepared coffee for myself and for Kavana with some biscuits I went to her room. She was cleaning herself in bathroom. She came after 5 minutes. I was seated on the sofa which was in her room. She came in my arms and kissed me on lips for few seconds and whispered in my ears I love you.
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