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Shyam and Rani Sex

Hi FSS readers! I welcome you all for this lustful incest story. This is an imagination only. Send your Feedbacks at Let’s get into the story.
I’m Shyam worked in a software company in Mumbai. Now my wife (Priya) is pregnant. No one is there to care of her in Mumbai, so resigned my job and staying in my elder brother’s (Kannan) house at Chennai and also searching for new a job. There, my bro and his wife (Rani) are staying alone. They have young boy (Gautham) staying wit my parents in my native. Since my wife is pregnant she said no more sex until the baby born. 
She said ‘No’ even for oral sex. Considering the baby in her I too accepted that. It continued for one month after that I can’t able control my urge towards sex. Seeing porn videos in net is my only food for my sex hungry. I desperately need sex and I slowly started eyeing my sis-in-law ‘Rani’. Well, on her personal appearance 5.6 ft tall, nicely shaped curves over her body made me crazy day by day but the relationship between us was weak.
She used to talk wit when she got married but I will not respond to her because of shyness. But now, no way I had to get close to her to fulfill my desire. I talked to her about the family n her hobbies when ever I get the chance. She was also happy in talking wit me.  Soon we came closer. To my eyes she was becoming fairer day by day. When she walks the boobs will jump rhythmically and hair will swing over her ass. I will always try to see her boobs while she serving the food.
I purposely ask the dish when she was at the opposite side of table. When she will bend over the table I can able to see her juicy cleavage a little. Daily, she won’t do anything but I was seduced by her walk, speech, laugh and every thing. At that time a question arose in my mind “will she have the sex attraction towards me?” I don’t think so. She is normal at all time. It was morning 7 immediately after my sleep.
I started searching for the job opportunities in net on my bed but my lustful mind told me to search for porn sites. So, I downloaded a clip and was watching the clip. My dick is at full length and I took it out and lay in bed closed my eye and stroking it hardly. Suddenly the bathroom door opened which is attached to our room. I thought my wife is coming out after her bath and I said “Priya, I want u like this, please we will have the fun at least for today.
I won’t as you later, or at least oral sex and I was screaming there but she didn’t say any thing. When I opened my eyes I was shocked to see Rani there. She was standing there wit petticoat around her breast and hiding her boobs wit the saree in her hand. She stunned after seeing me in bed like that. She said “Shyam there is some problem in my bathroom pipeline so I came here.
I didn’t say a word, rapped me wit the shorts and went to the hall. Two minutes later Rani came out when I saw her I can’t move my eyes away from her boobs because the pallu covered only one of it!  She didn’t wear the bra. I could see the wet patches on her tits. She wore the saree near to her pussy.  It made me crazy, my precum leaked. And she asked me what you want for the dinner? And I said “your wish. She went to the kitchen after that my heart beat reduced slowly.
Priya n my bro came into the hall. I asked them where you have been from the morning. My bro said went for the walking. I’m Rani, married and mother for a 5 yr old boy! I was happy with my husband. He takes care of me in all aspects. He satisfied me even in sex. He likes to have the sex wit other gals. When he told me about this I was happy and said ok for it because I too want to enjoy the sex wit different peoples.
He always goes for the late night party. He had sex wit many peoples. Some times it too accompanied threesome with him. His friends loved to play wit my boobs and pussy. I too played wit many dicks. But I didn’t allow anyone to fuck me. One day Kannan came to home along wit gal working in his office. After a little chat they two went to the bed room. When I entered in, Kannan was licking her pussy.  She was moaning loudly. I can’t control myself after seeing that.
I came out and sat in a chair, closed my eyes and started fingering. I didn’t notice I was doing it before my son. When I opened the eyes, Gautham was seeing me. Considering about his future I sent him to in-law’s place next day. We enjoyed our sex life secretly. At that time I received the call from Shyam that he and Priya were going to stay there temporarily. So I warned my husbby not to bring any gals to home here after and no more parties, because Shyam n priya is going to stay here temporarily.
When Shyam entered in my house I was surprised to see him as a husky man. Well muscular body, tall, handsome guy. I felt something is itching between my legs. I want his whole body on me. When I said about this to my husband he said since you have only one life enjoy it on your own way. Little by little he started chatting with me. I noticed that he was admiring my boobs secretly. Those looks made me crazy, but he hesitated to make an approach. I waited for the things to happen.
In the morning, Kannan n priya went for walking. So I went to shyam’s room he was sleeping. I thought of doing some fun wit Shyam. I took the things for the bath and went to shyam’s bath room. My heart something is going to happen which add on your hungry. I closed the door and naked me wit in a second. After finished my bath and peeped thru d key hole of bathroom door. Omg!! He was stroking his dick, seeing something in computer.
I gathered the courage and opened the door wearing my petticoat on my breast. He didn’t see me, He was lying in bed and screaming “Priya, I want u like this, please we will have d fun at least for today, I wont as u later, or at least oral sex”. After hearing this I came to know that they didn’t have the sex for some period and Shyam was longing for sex now. When I saw his dick it’s nearly 8-9 inch long, dark and thick. It was again started itching between my thighs!
When I placed my hand to rub my pussy he opened his eyes. I said some thing. After seeing me he rapped his dick and went out. I planned to seduce him. So I wore my saree below my navel; very near to the pussy. I covered only one of my boob’s wit my pallu. I closed the door by making some sound, so that he could see me. When he saw me he eyed at my milky boobs. That look made me something, my mammary glands secreted.
I went near to him and purposely asked, “What you wants for the dinner? But he didn’t understand words I think. He said, “Your wish”. I went into the kitchen, his dick always flashed in my mind. I desperately want his dick in me. Thinking all about this I was rubbing my pussy hardly. Suddenly I felt a kiss on my shoulder and a hand pressed my boobs softly! My mind told it was shyam. But it was wrong. It was my husbby who came after walking.
Kannan asked, why so horny in the morning itself?” I told him about the incident. He told come on my dear wife enjoy my brother for this whole week. I was surprised and asked how. Kannan, “I’m going for a foreign tour today for one week, along wit my lady boss” I know surely kannan will fuck his boss during the tour so I warned him to wear condom during sex. Kannan said sure my dear. And he asked me to give a blowjob now.
I hesitated first! Then suddenly it stroke in my mind. Immediately I opened his zip and eyed Shyam he was busy wit TV and priya went to her room for dress change. I took the half erected dick in my mouth and moaned loudly. Shyam might have heard this. He came near to the kitchen and peeped into the kitchen from outside. His eyes were out after seeing me giving blowjob. I can able to see the growing dick under his bramados.
Shaym here, I was always thinking about the sequence of thing happened. I also felt some changes in the behavior of Rani. When I saw her doing blowjob she smiled at me sexily. So I thought she too want something. So I planned to try my luck. Kannan went for foreign tour; my wife is along standing before my thought. I planned to pack her. I, Priya and Rani was taking lunch. I asked Priya, “Would you like to see your parents? Priya, any problem in staying here?
Me, after getting a job and a house for rent we will stay together. Rani saw standing near priya and smiled at me. I think she got my mind. I called Rani for the support. She too supported me wit some valuable points. Priya reminded silent for minute and told me to call her father. After finishing the lunch priya said that she was feeling tired and also told that she was going to sleep. After priya gone for the bed I took the phone and went out of the house to call her father.
I told priya’s father about that he happily said that he would come by tommorow morning. But I insisted to come that day itself. He told that he was having some important work. So I sadly kept the phone. When I kept the mobile I noticed that I was standing near to Rani’s Bed room window. So I thought of peeping inside the room. But I said no for that and came back. When I came back a little I heard some strange sound in Rani’s room. That sound made me to see thru the gap of the window.
There, Rani was standing wit bra and panty. She was squeezing her boobs and rubbing her pussy over the bra and panty. It was so erotic. I saw her curved body and my dick started growing after seeing this. I slowly took the dick inside my pants. She wore a short skirt and matching tops and removed her panty. Suddenly she turned towards the window where I was standing. There was a chair before her. She placed one leg over the chair. Her milky thighs were exposed to me clearly.
She slowly raised her skirt. I could see her hairy pussy more clearly even thru the little gap. She didn’t notice me I think. Slowly she started rubbing her pussy over the hand rest of chair. The hand rest nicely pierced her pussy cleavage. Her hands were inside her tops and rubbing those sweet melons. I can’t control my self; I’m shaking the dick hardly. I even forgot that I was standing outside. She started moaning! Oh god!
She was moaning wit my name. When I heard this I was totally flattered. She moan, “Shyam, oh shyam, when your going to dig my pussy? I’m urs Shyam. Come on shyam. I’m waiting for u.” she was moaning like this. After hearing this how can I keep quiet? I thought of breaking the window and getting inside the room but Priya was there. So I had to keep quiet but I didn’t stop shaking my dick and she was biting her lips.
I was squeezing her boobs and rubbing her pussy and often kissing my name. She took the carrot on the table n inserting into the pussy and shaking her hips nicely. She was moaning rhythmical. Her moan reflected that she was reaching the climax.  I too got the climax. I’m going to release my cum. All of the sudden my mobile ringed. Rani might have heard the ring! After that I realized I was standing outside. I rushed to the toilet. When I was going to open the door Rani appeared from her room.
She was standing with short skirt and tops. She eyed my bulge inside my pants and smiled at me sexily. I flushed out my cum! It made wet on my pants. Rani came near to me. She came close to me. She was standing so near to me and told, your wasting urs in the pants? I felt ashamed and went to my room!
Hi Rani here. What kind of man he was? I was really frustrated. How many times I gave the signal? I got a chance but that bloody Shyam silently went into the room and slept. During the sleep I dreamt that I was sitting on Shyam’s naked dick, and I was asking him to press his dick inside my hole. But he was remained silent by holding his over his chest. I felt some one shaking my shoulder.
I came out of dream. It was priya. She said, “Me and my husbby are going for shopping are you coming wit us? We 3 went for the shopping. Shyam drove the car priya was nxt to him. I was sitting at the back. Shyam saw me often thru the front mirror and gave some smiles. I was frustrated to see his face. I didn’t speak to him during the shopping. We had the dinner at a restaurant and came back home at 10pm.
Priya was so tried so she went to her room. I too went to my room to change my clothes. I removed my saree and searching for my nighty in cupboard wearing only my blouse and petticoat. He came behind me hugged me from back. I was surprised by his hug. I acted to remove his hand but wit in few seconds I surrendered to his strong hug. Something was flown inside my body before.
I realize that, he planted a kiss on my bear neck ssssshhaaaa with this pleasure I couldn’t control myself. I moaned loudly. He was rubbing his penis over my ass and was finding the cleavage to park it. I was slowly getting into his control. He was kissing my neck and chin. His lips and the kissing sounds attracted my lips towards his. I locked my lips in his lips. We were getting deep into each other.
One of his hand was entered into my blouse and smooching it. Another hand was rubbing my clitoris over the clothes. I was totally melting in his hand. We parted our lips and he slowly whispered I bought a gift for you and he gave a box to me. I opened and surprised to see pink color bra and pink panty. He said, “I found u was not wearing this today. I kissed him, we locked up again. I inserted my hand into his pant and measured his dick.
Suddenly we heard Priya’s voice from their room, calling Shyam. We were parted. Shyam shouted, “Coming dear I said, “We will have the fun from tomorrow.
He said, “No, tonight itself
I asked, “But how”.
Shyam, “I will make some arrangement for it.
He said, “I will be back within half an hour. Be ready with my gift only with my gift and left the room
I locked the room, took a steam bath and was waiting for him. I remembered his words “Only with my gift. I wore the new bra and panty presented by him. I didn’t wear anything other than that. I heard a knock on the door. I rushed to open the door wearing only bra and panty. He was standing wit his bramados and hairy chest. He blushed to saw me at bra and panty. I greeted him a smile and welcomed. He came in and I closed the door.
He forced me towards the door and kissed me hardly. Smooched my boobs, rubbed my pussy and crushing me hardly. I asked are you so hungry? Come on Shyam, do it slowly I’m for you and you only. Then he moved away and sat in bed and told that he didn’t have sex for last two months. I sat near to him, “come on shyam, this is not time for sorrow, enjoy me and make me to enjoy you and opened my arms he came into my arm and kissed and sucked my boobs.
I removed his bramados and felt his ass, dick and balls. His dick was half erect. I like the dick wit half erect. I asked him sit in bed. I went to the floor and took his dick to make it full erect. I moved the fore skin of the dick back and kissed on its head. He moaned, first I heard his moan. I gave him the blowjob for 10 to 15 mins. I drank his cum completely. Then he gave cunnilingus.
He went deep into my pussy and even he touched my g spot. I flushed on his face. Then we had three rounds over that night. It was nearly 3am shyam was lying on my breast and was rubbing my pussy and told me, I was afraid to make move towards sex, but u are really nice person and he added your better than Priya in sex your so experienced. Where you got it from? You’re a sex goddess
I said you will be really surprised wit my ans. Shyam, oh then tell me! I said that I got it from my mom and I added she taught me everything about the sex. We were a lesbian too. He was really surprised with the last sentence. Shyam, “What on your mom is lesbian? Ya, I lost virgin before the marriage itself. Shyam, what? Who did that? Shocking for me, me, clam down dear. My servant in my village tore my virgin. Even your bro knew that.
I continued that after your wife went to her we would go to my native one day and there my mother will show you the ultimate pleasure. Shyam, oh! I never thought you mom in such way. Any way I’m early waiting for it. To be continued please give your feedbacks to based on your feedbacks Shyam in Rani’s village will post as Shocking Incest’s second part.
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