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Sex in Local Bus

Hi everyone, this is a experience of me that had happened about two years ago in a local bus. Hope you enjoy it. Please forgive me if any mistake as this is my first story and make comments that would encourage me.
Well, about me, a chubby girl of 22 stated 34-30-36, wheatish color with mid length hair. I was doing my graduation that time in a college which is about 15 KM from my home. Since to my easiness, I stated this in present tense.
It’s a formal Monday of my college which I have to be frustrated to get off bed early(I think everyone).  It is raining for the past two days, I expected a holiday till now, but it is too late. I should go for college since my attendance is little lagging (just 67%). Though I had done my morning works faster, it is quite late. I used to college bus for transportation. My friend called me that bus was already left my stop. No way back now. I have to go for college by any how. As usual my mom scolded as I was lazy on my studies and I wont be survive if I m married.
By somehow I reached my stop with my dad’s help (he can do such things only that too without clue to my mom. he he..). Even though I used my umbrella is drenched a bit and to my fate I wore a white kamiz and patiyala, which little bit revealing me. Since it is quite late stop is free now but some glimpses on me from the few people. In a few minutes I got the bus, but I have to stand. I managed myself that I can sit as people may get down in further stops.
This bus goes for a quite longer route to a remote village but you know how local buses would be. Though it may take hardly 30 min to my college by my college bus, this local bus would take more than 45min.
In a few stops, I came to know that government has announced holiday for schools but not for colleges (Hell?!?  These guys cannot make this decision even in early morning, whatever I have to move on). This route had got some of the elementary schools and middle schools. They got burst into the bus happily by screaming. I watched them jealously and cursed the government. (That only I can do).
Since they cannot hold the upper rod of the bus I managed to center and made them to stand by the side bar. That’s the first mistake I had done. Those children… No they are not children those students are only to my chest. Of course few women were there but they are seated. So they themselves made the students to sit on their legs and made stand them between the seat and their legs.
It is not a prime time, so there wouldn’t be more buses. Because of that more and more students get into the bus as the bus halts on the oncoming schools. We cannot the blame the driver, if he didn’t stop at schools, then at least two stones would hit the windows.
I declared I can’t sit today and its only a half distance to my college. But it is jam packed now and definitely there would be more than 70 or 80 students and some 40 adults standing and sitting. Adults somewhat managed to hold the upper rods. Poor students what they can do? They just hold on to the sidebars and the peoples. Some grown students got to the steps as it would be safer than these little monsters.
The poorest people are those they are seated. They are filled by the monsters bags and there lunch bags. They can’t even move a bit since many where hold on to them. I am only 5.2 but it is more than enough for these monsters to hold on me like a sidebar. There were a crowd surrounded the each adult. Though I stand near the girls side I m the last women from the bus front. So I had girl monsters on my right and remaining three sides were boy monsters (like a peninsula or island or whatever). But I got only the little monsters around me, aged about 9 to 12 something.
At first they hold on to my clothes, as this is a government laid road ( that too in rainy season) u know how it would be. I scared my clothes would tore off if they hang to this. People started shouting on this monsters, I felt bad about that people. Now I understand that they would also have situation like me and  I too started disgusted and removed their hands forcefully from me.
Girls started pleading that “ akka, nikka mudleka. Kochukathinga akka,pleaska”na( please, I cant stand. Please don’t anger on us). So I too felt pity, and told them to hold my hand and not to pull my clothes.(This is my second mistake and the blunder one).
I held the rod with one hand and the girls on my right hold another hand). Boy monsters said nothing they got hold my legs that I didn’t said anything to the boys now since they are little. But bus got more pressure and jumped on each pothole. It is raining outside the bus, since the bus got over crowd its being a little darker. Bus started leaking inside the bus. Due to the sweating because of the crowd and leaking water I got even more drenched.
Kamiz I wore is up to my waist only. So these monsters hold my two legs with their hands and made it separate. That is I opened my legs a little wider. Due to my fragrance they got no shame on sticking to me. Knowingly or unknowingly they patted their heads to my waist in front near my crotch and to my ass.
This tickling sensation was new to me. Though I masturbate I am a virgin and this feel was new to me. Some monsters played on the embroidery in my kamiz by pulling the juns and the threads. Since I wore shimmy I doesn’t wear panty but shimmy was enough up to my thighs. But I held the upper rod so that shimmy pushed upward. My patiyala is a printed material and some monsters played that with there nails. This aroused me more. Though my conscious warned me it s a public, what else I can do.
But situation got worse that monsters holding to my legs pulled my apart for their support and got hold near my crotch area. Patiyala is quite loose enough to get their hands to my crotch area and that is best tickling that excited me ever. Those monsters didn’t know what it is and what for is? (I believe so). Since the shimmy can cover from only front and back not from my legs, somehow a monster pulled my pussy hair over my clothes a bit , I got a shock over my body, automatically I pulled my legs closer. So that, the monster’s hands was in my pussy. They grinded the pussy well and patted my front and ass.  I aroused like a whore, I massaged my boobs myself with my hands covering it with my shawl. I managed to not cum because it would notice the monsters and they might think that I m peeing and if they shout I m peed, it would be a shame. So I managed to not cum by massaging the boobs and stop it suddenly. So that, I got aroused and frustrated alternatively. In a 5 min, my college came. I burst to the steps and got out from the bus. Since they all were from village they still on board and it is a safety too. I m the only one got down from the bus at my college stop.
I rushed immediately to the toilet in college. I noticed that still a tickling is in my pussy when I m walked. I get into the toilet and raised my kamiz , I came to know that some length of patiyala was inserted to my pussy  from front till my ass. I slowly pulled the clothe out of my pussy that effect killed me and I immediately had a orgasm there itself. I washed myself and get into the class.
I hope that you enjoyed the story  and please make comments…
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