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Ramya Gets Trapped

Hello everyone, I am Shravan 24 year old guy from Bangalore. The following story is completely a fiction. I hope you will like it and please do send your feedbacks to
Ramya, a married woman with a son, as usual had bath in the evening after applying oil. While having her bath she was thinking about her recent encounter couple of nights back when one of her dad’s friend who had stayed at her place entered her room while she was sleeping and he touched her and when she woke up that guy stripped her naked and licked her pussy and played with her boobs.
She at first objected but soon her oppose became weak and she let the man continue and she enjoyed the man’s touch after a long time. The encounter had come to an abrupt stop as Ramya was called outside for some work by her dad. So after bath she wore a grey colour sari with white and dark shades and also a grey colour blouse. She didn’t wear any bra or panty and walked out of bathroom. 
She went to her room and decided that she will go to her neighbors place and spend time with the neighbor woman. She went to the neighbours place and found the old man of the house sitting with the servant. She started speaking with the woman and she saw the old man and servant looking at her and discussing something. The 2 men had lusted for Ramya for a long time and even had shared their interests in Ramya with each other.
They made a plan and decided that today they will make their dream come true somehow. Ramya spoke with the woman and after sometime the woman went to sleep in her room. The servant went out telling that he had some work after the old lady went to sleep, Ramya decided to leave, when she was leaving the old man called her to help him in getting a mat from the top of Almirah in his room.
Ramya went to help him. She stood and tried to reach for the mat, at that time, the old man came behind her and in the pretext of helping her put his hands on her waist. Ramya was shocked at first and tried to move but the old man caught hold of her and told her to get the mat from the Almirah top when she moved her hands to get the mat a small cup of honey which was on top of the mat fell on her body. Ramya screamed in shock.
The honey fell on her blouse and pallu of the sari, making it completely wet and the old man found her more inviting. Ramya took the excuse and decided to leave. But when she was leaving the old man stopped her saying that he can’t find his golden ring that he had placed on the table near almirah, where a few moments before Ramya was standing. He started searching for it and even Ramya decided to help.
She searched for sometime along with the old man, but they couldn’t find the ring. Suddenly the old man announced that he thinks somebody has stolen the ring and he told Ramya to hand over the ring else he will call the cops. Ramya was totally shocked with the accusation and she told that she didn’t take it but the old man was adamant and he told that she has taken it and he wants it back, else he will give her to police.
Ramya told that she hasn’t taken it and she was innocent. So the old man told that he has to check her for the ring, if she is not having the ring with her, then she can leave, else he will call the cops.  Ramya was shell shocked and didn’t know what to do. Before she could say anything, the old man came behind her back and put his hands on her and began searching her body. The old man put his hands on her waist and moved his hands over her belly area.
Ramya was still shocked with the allegations and didn’t make any movements. Then The old man directly put his hands on her boobs which was wet due to the honey spilled over her sari from behind and held it tightly in his hands. Ramya moaned loudly aahhhh and she bit her lips. She realized what the old man was doing and tried to move and told that she is innocent and told him to leave her and but the old man told her that she has the ring.
He will get it from her; else he will call the cops. The old man put his hands again on her boobs and began to fondle it, He then moved the pallu sideways and caught hold of her boobs and pinched her nipples over the wet blouse. Ramya who was shocked at the action of the old man and moaned aaahhh and she tried to move and pushed the old man and tried to go out of the room in the mean time the servant entered the room and asked the old man what was happening.
The old man told that Ramya has stolen his ring and she is trying to escape. Ramya got afraid and told the servant that she is innocent and told him to leave her but the servant, who was involved in the plan along with the old man, told her that they will have to search her first and then she can leave. Ramya was in tears and pleaded that she was not guilty and she didn’t steal anything. The servant locked the room from behind, blocking the way of exit for Ramya.
Ramya was terrified and didn’t know what to do and she opened her mouth to shout, but the old man shut her mouth from behind and the servant put his hands on her boobs and started massaging them and pressing them. Ramya moaned loudly aaaahhh please leave me, I’m innocent. The servant removed the sari from her body and Ramya was standing only in blouse and petticoat with nothing inside.
Her blouse and petticoat was wet as she had bath only half an hour back and also due to the honey that fell on her. She was looking very inviting to the 2 men with her nipples visible from the wet blouse. The servant bent down and began to move his hands over her legs and up her thighs and he moved his hands slowly and when he came across her pussy area hidden inside the petticoat.
He pressed his hand over her pussy area and pinched her pussy lightly, making Ramya let out a moan in pain aaaaaaah. The old man kissed the neck of Ramya from behind and ramya moaned again. Ramya tried to move but the 2 men held her still. The old man put his hands on her lovely ass and started kneading them in his hands. In the mean time the servant came up from kneeling position and in the process.
He came across her belly which was visible. He moved his hands over her belly and he planted a kiss on her belly and chewed it with his mouth, making Ramya moan in pleasure, servant came up and he saw her blouse which was wet due to honey. He put his hands on her breast and started massaging them. Ramya leaned back a bit enjoying the touch of the servant.
Servant then put his mouth over her breasts inside the blouse and started chewing her left breast over the blouse. He could taste the sweetness of the honey and also of her lovely breast. Ramya moaned loudly aaahhhh and the Servant started biting her nipple and tasting her honey drenched blouse and massaging the beautiful breasts after some time servant and the old man took her to the bed and they  made her lay on her back.
She tried to get up, but the servant pushed her back onto the bed and he put his hands on her blouse and began to open it. Ramya tried to get up again this time the old man pulled her back and the servant pressed her boobs again and Ramya moaned loudly aahhhh and lied on her back closing her eyes. Servant opened her blouse completely and the 2 men looked at Ramya’s marvellous boobs in all its glory.
Old man put his hands on the naked boobs and pressed it and then he put his mouth on her boobs and kissed it and tasted the sweetness of honey flavoured boobs. Ramya moaned loudly aahhh old man started licking her Nipple and biting it making Ramya moan loudly. Ramya by now was thoroughly enjoying the attention she was getting by the 2 men in the mean time the servant untied her petticoat knot and he pulled it down from her legs completely revealing her pussy to the 2 men.
The old man kept sucking her boobs to his satisfaction, and Ramya lay quietly on the bed closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation. The servant put his hands on her legs and moved it over her thighs. Ramya closed her legs to prevent his further intrusion. But the servant leaned and kissed her inner thighs and Ramya opened her legs wide for him and the servant spread her legs more and he put his face near the pussy and smelled it.
He kissed her pussy lightly making Ramya scream in pleasure aahhhhh. He put his tongue inside her cunt and started licking her pussy lips and he increased the speed of his action making Ramya ready for the fuck that he was planning on giving her. The old man kept on licking her boobs and then he went and kissed her lips and inserted his tongue inside her mouth and soon Ramya co-operated and the old man and Ramya
We started kissing each other passionately and play with each others tongue when servant found that Ramya’s pussy was wet enough, he undressed himself and came on top of bed and spread her legs wide. He kept the head of his cock on her pussy entrance and he started pushing it in. Ramya started to shiver and soon the servant had all of his cock inside her pussy and he soon started moving in and out and soon.
He was fucking Ramya in rhythm and Ramya started screaming aaahhh. Servant increased the speed and soon Ramya had a loud orgasm and she closed her eyes in pleasure after she ejaculated. The Servant increased his speed and soon he too came inside her pussy. Then the servant pulled his cock outside her pussy and he went to her boobs and started playing with it in the mean time the old man undressed himself and he came near her pussy.
I spread her legs and kept his cock on Ramya’s pussy and he pushed it hard inside her. Ramya moaned again ahhhhh and the old man soon started moving in and out of her pussy and soon he was fucking Ramya in rhythm and Ramya started screaming aaahhhh mmm. The old man couldn’t last much long and he came inside her and he fell next to her on the bed panting and he went to sleep soon due to tiredness.
The servant kissed Ramya on the lips and played with her tongue. He again started savouring her boobs and started chewing them and biting them to his hearts content. Then he made her sit in doggy style, he then held his cock firmly in his hand and he kept it at Ramyas pussy entrance and he pushed it in again, and when the cock was completely inside her
He started fucking her hard and hard and soon in few minutes Ramya had an orgasm again and screamed in pleasure. The servant kept on fucking her and he increased the speed and he came after 20 minutes of fucking and he deposited all his cum inside Ramya’s pussy. Ramya and the servant laid flat on each other and they kept on kissing each other and promised each other of more fun in the future. I hope you liked my fantasy story, will wait for any feedback. Thanks
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