Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Sex Experience

Hello friends this is DJ4U here again with my very new experience with a colleague of mine.  I Am DJ 28 male from Haridwar send in your suggestion specially girls aunty and hot chicks. I had been to Delhi for some work and it required me to stay there for about a week, the company had provided a translator for me to translate the manuals, her name was Shweta.
Shweta was a good looking girl of 28-30 years of age, good figure, average breasts, slim waist; I enjoyed my working with her kind of a social girl. It was a Saturday, I was in my hotel room when I got a call from her, she wanted to go out with me for dinner and I agreed , we went to a restaurant, and were enjoying the night , she was having some wine and we had a good social talk, she got a bit drunk and wanted to dance.
I agreed and we were dancing to some wild tunes and after some time to some slow music, it was late night about 3 am, when we were dancing she pressed to me ,her breasts were heating up my loins, I was getting aroused my dick was getting hard, she held me tightly and our hips were joined together, slowly I was pressing my hips to her , she could feel my hard on, she looked up and smiled, it was feeling great pressing her to me.
I asked her can we go someplace she nodded yes. We went to my hotel room I put on some music on my computer. I pulled her close to me and put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her head against my shoulder. The sentimental song and the wine was making her feel romantic and we were dancing slowly she offered no resistance.
Her hand was rubbing the back of my neck. My growing bulge was touching her thighs I lifted her head back so that she was looking up I leaned forward and kissed her lips .she pulled me tight against me and pressed her mouth against mine I opened my mouth and her tongue slipped inside. My hand went to her breast and pressed it then very slowly I slipped my hand inside her shirt and to her bra her nipples were getting hard to my touch, my fingers bent her nipples.
I went further to feel her breast, it was smooth and soft. It felt great and she was moaning with pleasure, oouuuuuu, she pulled my head and kissed me hungrily. I lifted off her shirt and saw a thin lace bra covering her cute breast. Her nipples hard and ripe wanting to be freed I undid her bra and pushed it aside exposing her milky white skin. I pulled her close to me her soft breasts were pressed to my chest, my hands going down to her hips.
I pulled her to me, kissing her again, her hands were moving along my back, pressing me to her. She removed my shirt we were now bare waist up I slowly bent down to her breast and took the hard nipples in my mouth biting them slowly with my lips, she arched back and pulled my head to her chest, moaning in pleasure, ahhh yes yes DJ4U slowly slowly, while kissing her nipples my other hand lifted her skirt up.
I felt her legs and opened them slowly and found her wet down at her pussy. She shuddered to my touching her pussy and held my hand with her thighs tightly, I slipped my hand into her panty and felt her pubic mould and my fingers were feeling her puffy lips and gently massaged her clit and slowly inserted my finger into her wet dripping pussy. I said “you are really wet down there Shweta
She said, ‘please don’t stop go on Satish, ohhhhhh yeaaaaa ohhh ummm, feels so good. She is sweating and hot now, her head is on my shoulders and hands pressing my hand to her pussy. I slide my finger in her pussy for slowly sliding it in Out in out oohhhh Satish ahhhh feels good don’t stop now please I want you So much ohhhhhhh.
She held my head and gave a long passionate kiss, without breaking the kiss she reached for my dick which was hot and ready to come out of my pants, she undid my pants and put her hand inside my shots, her soft hands slid the foreskin back and was feeling the soft mushroom head, “wow the feeling”, after some time I told her, wait and took off all my clothes, I was bare naked in front of her.
She was wearing her skirt and panties. She said to me, I want to kiss it. I want your cock in my mouth. Do you like to have your dick sucked? I told her, “it’s my favorite thing in the whole world.” she knelt down and holding my hard dick she opened her mouth and slid it into her mouth, “ohm the feeling of a hot mouth on the dick feel so good.
I held her head as she was sucking me off, I was moaning in pleasure, her tongue was making circles on the head of my dick and I was in a great ecstasy, pulling her head to me fast now I just could not control it, she was pumping now faster and it felt so great. I lifted her up and hungrily kissed her lips and took her to the bed. I put her down and slowly kissing her went down to her breasts, biting and nibbling her nipples.
Going down to her tummy and took off her skirt and panties, they were very wet with her comings, I slowly glide my hands on her pussy, she opened her legs wide, and she held my head and was pushing it to her pussy I opened my mouth and gave her a kiss opening her outer lips , my tongue dipped into her wet hole licking her wetness, Shweta was screaming, ohhhhh goddd iii aammm cuming, ohhhhh yes!
She lifted her hips to my face and came in one big gush I was licking her cum .after several minutes of orgasm, her body relaxed and I slid on top of her, laying on her breasts , she holding me smiling, this was very good DJ4U, I liked it very much, I slowly gently started to lick her nipples again making small circles on each nipple, We kissed again tenderly she pressed me to her breasts crushed to my chest
I was getting a hard on again, it was hard against her thighs, against her soft mould, her legs wide to receive me in her. I lifted my hips and placed my dick on her pussy , Shweta said oh yes DJ4U put in I need to feel it in me please fuck me, she took my dick in her hands and placed it in front of her pussy I pushed a bit and the head slowly entered her hole it was wet
I pushed in slowly she bit her teeth and said umppph ahhhhhhhhh yes slowly good I pushed it in one hard stroke as her pussy was very wet, it went in fully and she held me tightly and her legs were around my waist pulling me to her tightly and said wait I want to feel it inside me for some time my dick was in up to the hilt and was pulsating inside her.
I gave a kiss and was held her tightly to me then I slowly started to thrust in out in out her pussy was holding my dick tightly after some time she screamed ohhh DJ4U I am coming, I held her hands to her sides not allowing her to hold me and her legs were now on my shoulders giving me a good fucking position, her pussy was around my dick holding tightly only the hips were coming into contact, her breasts wobbling up and down.
The whole bed shaking, I was fucking her faster and faster now also screaming yes Shweta I am also going to cum now ooohhhh yes and when just about to cum I took my dick out of her pussy and came in big spurts on her pussy and tummy she took my dick in her hands and was milking it gasping it was a wonderful feeling being milked by a soft hand.
I lay on top of her having spent up energy and cum, then slid off her and she put her head on my chest and said I love d it DJ4U”, we kissed and hugged each other, after some time she held my dick and was slowly bringing it to life again and said this time I will be on top, ok, I said ok and when my dick was hard again she got up and sat on my dick slowly it went in smoothly now and she started to move up down
I held her hips and was moving her on me she arched her head back in pleasure and was moving more faster moaning in pleasure , her breasts bouncing up down with her movements I held them and was squeezing slightly, pinching her nipples made her more horny and she was riding me more hard and faster, after some time she fell on my chest her hips moving on my dick kissing my mouth slurping my tongue and shouted yes I am coming,
I could also feel the heat in me erupting and I also said yes Shweta I am coming too, and we both came at the same time she was moving her hips slowly tired, our mixed juices were on her thighs slowly dropping from her pussy, she gave me a lingering kiss and said DJ4U thanks for the wonderful night, I said ya thanks to you took, kissed her and we both slept in each other’s arms. This was a very good experience I had till date; send in your replies to
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