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My Sex Experience

Hi all I am a very new member to FSS. My name is Shikha, 24 yrs old. Today I am going to share some experience my college and hostel. It was my first college and hostel day. After long day in college I went in to the hostel. I was somewhat feared. I heard lots of things about hostel ragging. Evening all juniors was called to the hostel common room. Seniors were asking lots of vulgar question.
First time in life I was hearing all question. I was one among the beautiful girl in the batch. First question to me was “kitno ko pagal kiya ab tak (how many you made crazy about you?) I said no one. She was scolding me a lot. She was not believing me and asking with how many I slept with. I was saying no one. Really till that day I was not involved with any guy.
After some time we were asked to perform ramp walk. They played the music and we are walking like a model. After some time they select 10 good looking girls from the batch and asked only these girls to perform the walk. I was among those 10. Next instruction to us was to remove one of our clothing after each ramp walk. I was surprised but no way to escape. We were doing strip after each walk. The crowed was shouting like anything.
At the end we 10 were standing there in line in our lingerie’s. Two seniors were inspecting us placing their hands anywhere on our body. After that they crowned Laxmi as miss fresher and me a runner up. All were clapping and we two were standing on a table with only two piece. But till that I time I am not feeling shy. I was feeling somewhat proud. I was sharing my room with a senior. Night she was congratulating me and asked coolly whether I m virgin or not.
When she came to know I am virgin she laugh at me and said good dear you are going to achieve a lot in this college. I am not able to get anything at that time. Every day for around 1 month something like the first day was happening. Some day we need to play drama. Some will act as guys and some will act as girls. We need to perform lot many scenes like romantic, action even rape scenes. I was adjusted to this environment afterwards.
First in my life I kissed a girl in course of these dramas. Days passed on like this. After a month we got fresher’s and nothing happened and everything stopped. But everything not ended from my side. After that one month of training I develop some interest for sex. I am dying to lose my virginity. But could I do. At last I told my roommate about my feelings and asked her to help me. She told me to impress some guys from boy’s hostel and go with him. In boys hostel there will not be any problem.
But for me to get the guy is the main problem. I asked my roomy again. Then she gave me unbelievable proposal. She asked me for a threesome with her boy friend. I refused instantly and slept that night. But I was not able to sleep. I was thinking all the night. Morning I got up and went to bathroom looking at my body I feel that my body need sex at any cost. I came out of the bathroom and talk to my roommate and accept the proposal.
From that day we were planning. One day she planned. We will go to his room and fulfill our dreams. Finally the day came. I got ready with a salwar suit. When she saw me she scolds me. Where are you going in this dress my dear? She has got a pair of sexy lingerie for me. She gave me that and asked me to dress somewhat sexy. When I open lingerie pack my eyes were wide open. It was a g-sting and an open cup shelf bra with two stickers.
I refused to wear those. Then she told me you anyway going to be nude there then what’s the big deal to wear these. I wore those. First time I was wearing such type of lingerie. I was nervous by that time. I am going to have sex for first time that also with a guy whom I never met in my life and also accompanied by another girl. But my sexual desire was dominating all other things. Over that lingerie I wore a short denim skirt and a sleeveless t-shirt as suggested by roomy. She also wore short denim and a sexy tube top.
We reached in his house. He welcomed us. He was a good looking guy with a well build body. He is around 6’ tall and wearing a ¾ short and a t-shirt. I feel he was also little bit nervous. He offered us some cold drinks and chips. She introduced me as her roommate. I said, hi! First time I make a sound from my mouth. He replied his name. His name is Abhay. We all were silent for some time only cracking sound of chips was flowing in the room. At last Nupur broke the silence.
She said, Abhay we are not here to drink fanta and crack uncle chips. A current flows through my body hearing that. He stutteringly told ok come inside, he invite us to his bed room. In the bed room she jumps on the Abhay and kissed him passionately. By watching this, my head goes down. But my inquisitiveness forced me to see what is happening there. I saw both were kissing and Nups hold his hand and place it over her boobs. Automatically his hands started to squeeze them. I was mad by that time. We all there were in standing position.
By this time Abhay also got courage and he started to behave normally. He slid down her top to expose her boobs while kissing. She was not wearing any bra, only two nipple stickers. I was just looking at them. Abhay started to suck her boobs. Nupur is a fair girl. Wherever he is sucking her skin is turning red there. While he is sucking Nupur unbuttoned her denim and slid down and wink her eyes and signaled me to join them.
She was also wearing a g-string. She was looks gorgeous. Abhay was trying to remove the stickers by his teeth’s but he was not succeeded. Nupur came to know that I will not join then by my own. So she stopped Abhay and asked me to remove the sticker as I was having nail. I stepped ahead to remove and as well as step in to my first sex experience. My hands were trembling while removing. By this time Nupur open the zip of Abhay’s short and put out his dick and then she put my hand on that.
You people can imagine what I was feeling at that time. For the first time I am seeing a dick live. My eyes were wide open and unknowingly I hold that big dick. She was clapping. I got somewhat courage. I hold that and handled it up and down. Nupur then started to remove his tee and short. I was doing the same looking at the dick. Nupur asked me will you suck or I will do. Then only I came back to reality and came back. She got onto her knees and started sucking.
Abhay was enjoying and his face becomes red. Nupur said Abhay do something to her don’t enjoy alone. Hearing this he drag me towards him and place his lips on mine. That was my first lip kiss by a guy. I responded automatically. He put his tongue inside. I too did the same. I was Horney by that time. He placed his hand on my belly under the tee. I forgot everything and support him in his each act. He put his hand up to reach my boobs. My boobs were already tight.
He was happy as he not found any cloth over my boobs. Then Nupur shouted what the hell you are doing Abhay? Open her up meri top to jhat se khol diya thi aur Shikha tu bhi abhi sarmaana chor.  This time both of us got courage he whispered, may I? I nodded my head. He did the action and removes my tee and skirt. I was feeling shy but feeling was good. He as pressing my boobs he put one hand inside my panty to reach my pussy. It was already wet.
He rubbed my clit. I closed my eyes and unknowingly make a sound aahh I was reached to 7th heaven. He removed my bra too and asked me to remove stickers. I removed them and he hungrily started to suck my erect nipples and rub my clit badly. I was moving my hand in his hair pressing his head on my boobs. Then I scratched him on his back and moaning. He stopped sucking and asked me to stand on the bed. I did accordingly.
He pulls my panty down and placed his mouth on my pussy. I can’t explain how I was feeling. Then I saw that Nupur put his entire dick in her mouth, gagging and tears flowing from her eyes. I was not able to believe all these were happening with me in real. Both of them were good suckers and both were doing the same. One was doing with dick other with my pussy. After some time he put one finger in my pussy and licking my clit.
I was feeling great. I was not feeling pain because I masturbate with more than 3 fingers. But after some time I had orgasm. I removed his head from my clit, crossed my legs and pressed hand in between my legs with a great force. By this act he too exploded in Nupur’s mouth. She instantly put out his dick and said “gadha bol to sakta tha. Abhay said sorry. Her face and mouth were filled with cum. She spited so many time.
She asked me how are you feeling Shikha? I said nothing. She again said, come down and handle this. She point to Abhay’s procumbent dick dipped in her saliva. I was trying to put on my panty hanging near my knee. Nupur stopped me and drag that full down and asked me to leave that there. Now I hold his dick. It’s slippery. I drag Nupur’s panty down. She helped me in removing. And with that I cleaned up his dick. To this act both of them laughed. I too smiled.
I never thought of taking a dick in my mouth but I did that.  Nupur make him lie on the bed and put her pussy on his face. Now his dick is erecting. I was trying to do like Nupur. I was putting his whole dick inside till throat tears automatically came from my eyes. I leave his dick and spoke for the first time I want to be fucked. Nupur looked at me and smiled and said sure dear. Both of them got up make me lie on the bed. Abhay spread my leg and came between them.
I stopped him, got up and open my bag, got one condom and give it to Abhay and lie down in the same position spreading my leg. Both of them again laugh to my act. He wore that and trying to put his tool inside my pussy but it is not going it is sliding away. Nupur came and said wait I will help. She came in between us hold his dick with one hand and spread my pussy leafs with other hand. She guided his dick to my pussy and asked him to give a force.
He applied full force and his dick is inside. I shouted aaahhh instantly Abhay kissed my lips to stop the sound and Nupur rubbed my clit vigorously. I was crying in pain but expressing only with tears because my mouth was blocked by Abhay. He was stroking very hard. After some time I feel good for the strokes and crossed my legs around his waist. They understand that I am ok now. He is now sucking my boobs but Nupur is continuing the same. After sometime he exploded. He is going to remove to his dick but I stopped. I asked him to stroke.
Hi is smiling and doing the same.  Same time I asked Nupur to suck my clit. She also smiled and started to suck. After some time his dick again got erect. And he started stroking hard. It’s time for me to cum. I got orgasm and telling Abhay to leave me but he was not leaving. I was shouting and crying. But he was not leaving me. He fucked me till he cum again. I was tired by that time. We both were done but Nupur was not. What we did after that and how Nupur was satisfied. If you want to know all this mail me at I am eagerly waiting for your mails and comments.
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