Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fucked My Aunt Kavitha In Chennai

Let me describe about me i am Ramesh from Chennai. 6 feet tall and average body with fair color and aged at 29. And about Aunt Kavitha height about 5.8″ and really good figure. Aged around 31. This aunt was a wife of an top most official and she also use to work in some sector. I used to watch this aunty whenever she crosses our house and she always use to wear saree. the way she use to wear the saree will show exactly all the parts and the back clearly. She looks homely and fair in color. i never find the skin of her body apart from the face and hand. she use to cover neatly. I use to think about her structure and masturbate daily.
One day i came to home and found no one in the home and the key was handed over to kavitha aunty and they left a message through kavitha aunty that they are going to native since there was a problem there. and asked to take dinner in a hotel. Kavitha aunty told this and asked me to have dinner if i don’t have any objection. I said thanks aunty but i will prepare it in home. She said ok and i left to home. After an hour time kavitha aunty came to my house and ranged the bell. I opened the door and it was kavitha aunty. I welcomed her inside the house. She asked me about the dinner i said i am in that work only aunty. and asked her what you like to have tea or coffee or juice. She replied as coffee and i prepared coffee. I asked about uncle with her, she said uncle will not be coming today because he went to tirichy on some official work. And i asked about kids for that she said she have 2 kids who were studying in some residential school. I wondered and asked her , what you have kids ha aunt i cant able to digest. she asked me why i cant digest. You still look like fresh and i thought you people recently married then she said we got married 7 years back. I was shocked. oh sorry i thought you got married last year like that.
Then she started asking about me and about my job etc etc. i used to explain all and she asked me about the girlfriends. i said i have some in work as well in colleges. She asked me when you are going to marry. I said that parents are looking for that aunty. and even i am looking for a good girl. then she asked me how your wife should be and i casually told i need a girl who looks like you because i like homely girls more that modern girls. She was surprised and asked me do you really like me. I said again casually yes aunty. and after some time she is about to leave and asked me are you going to sleep alone. I said aunt come on you know that my parents went ot native and it looks like a silly question. no as most of the bachelors used to arrange some night plans when parents are not there. i said that aunty even i am interested but dont have guts to do that. for that she smiled and went to home.
Around 10.30pm i got a call from aunty and she asked me to come home once and i went. I rang the bell she opened and said that she was scared with some bad thoughts can you stay her with me this night. my mind was thinking that today need to fuck her. I said ok and i went back to home to lock the door. Once i came back i cant find aunty and i was searching aunty and went near the bedroom and i found aunty saree was removed and the bathroom was locked. I thought that this is the right time to peep into the door hole and i found aunty body. really dam sexy man. I am getting hot and my pennies have grown like a rod and i cant control and its was standing as a tend in my night pant. i went from there and i was sitting in the hall sofa and aunty came wearing a nighty. She asked me when you came i said i came just now aunty and watching tv. then she asked me to sleep in her bedroom. i followed her and i cant hide my tent and she saw that asked me what happened i think you are too moody.
Aunty i saw some romantic scene in tv so that is the reason, sorry about it. Suddenly she said hey come on Ramesh you re grown up there nothing wrong and even i used to watch blue films. and i am in need of sex. Because your uncle will not satisfy me he is fully money minded and not interested in this and all.
i am really looking for sex and i cant ask any one because they use to think me as a bitch and also i am not interested to get with any one else. Would you be interested ? I said y not and hugged her and kissed her. I cant imagine this and she said slowly we have plenty of time and we can do everything.
she asked me to remove my dress and she opened the dress and i found everything which i was not able to see. I said you look dam good in this. i need to suck your both lips. She said please do that.she had a shaven pussy and good and smells good i tasted both lips and she cant ble to control. she said give me your dick i need to eat that please and the i have gave it to her and she was sucking and i came into her mouth and asked her how was the taste. she aid its nice and i need to get your dick inside my pussy and back hole.
I started entering and find tight and asked her why its tight she said this will be like this you do it bastard and dont talk fuck me soon i need to get satisfied and i fucked in the pussy and she was moaming like pula nalla adi da plese kilichuru othu thally mama. after hearing all i cant able to control i am in full speed even though its paining .after some time i cummed inside her vagina and asked her will there be any problem and she told to get me some pills tomorrow there wont be any problem. and i slept.
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