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Exploited By Elder Sister Sonya

Hi to all, this is Rahul Roy from Bangalore. I am 23 and have been an ardent fan of this site from last four and a half years, especially the incest and the group categories. This is not because it’s hard to believe but also because it gives people like me a forum to share the sexual experiences which is considered as Sins in our society. Please note that the incident which I am narrating below is not fictions but a real life experience which I have been though.
This part is all about how I got introduced to sex and the forbidden zone of incest with my elder sister Sonya. To brief you of my background, we are a family of five. Me, my younger sister roshni, my elder sister Sonya and my parents. My parents are highly educated professionals and leading some of the biggest firms in our country. As per their responsibilities, most of times they are both out on client meetings across the globe which left us all by ourselves in our growing ages.
This happened when I was teenager and my elder sister was 19 years. Sonya is one among the brightest among the siblings, a class topper. It’s hard to find a combination of beauty with such brain. At the age of 19, a 2nd year student of Law in country’s premiere institution, she has all the curves at all right places. She must be 36B 26 36 young girl which all guys drool seeing her move as we stay alone most of the time, we three are the back bone of each other.
Though we do not share our rooms but we share all our joys and pains with each other. Those days, Sonya followed a strict diet plan and schedule not only to keep herself busy but all to keep herself in shape. I remember, after coming from college she would go to the gym and come back drenched in sweat to take her evening batch. One such evening, I was busy playing my video game in my room when she entered in her track suits shouting that.
She will be using my bathroom to take wuick shower as the gyser in her bathroom are not functioning.  I could see the outline of her bra and panty from her suit, you hardly care about all these, hence I continued with my video game. She went in the bathroom and I could hear her taking bath under the shower. To my surprise the shower suddenly stopped and I could hear a sound of someone falling.
Back to my senses, I rushed to ask Sonya what happened which she replied saying that she has fallen in the bathroom and not able to stand properly. I asked her to open the door so that I that I could help her get back to her. Somehow she opened the door. I rushed into the bathroom she was lying down on the floor stark naked with her one leg flat on the ground and other folded wide apart from her other leg exposing her cunt lips.
The sight was not something which should turn me on as at that age I did not know anything about sex or sexual behavior. I quickly went to her and took the towel and wrapped her boobs and till her thighs. The still is still raw in my mind now. A beautiful face, wet hair whose strands were hardly covering her tight 36 B boobs. The pink nipples, not erect with dew drops on them.
A deep navel, a perfect hour glass which shows off how tough she must be working out daily and her pubic.  Light brown triangle shapes rather perfectly trimmed and the cunt folds as if which has experienced the biggest orgasm of life. Fully drenched with water as if honey dripping out of the hive coming back to the story, I took her into my arms asking- Di if you are fine and if I should call our family doctor which she refrained.
I settled her to her bed and asked her if she wants me to call the maid to help her change from her towel for which she said-“bhai do not call anyone I can change if you just pass me my clothes. She asked me to open the wardrobe and guided me to take out a pink semi transparent panty and the matching bra. The next thing was the clothes which she asked me to fetch her skirt and loose t-shirt.
She apologized for troubling me so much which as a caring brother replied with a smile and said that I am happy to help. At the end of the day, we are family, she smiled and said to lift her and to help her stand so that she can were her panty. She removed the towel and with one hand around my arms she tried to wear her panty with the other but she failed.
I asked her to sit down on the edge of the bed so that I can put the panty on for her. I was getting irritated slowly as I was missing my game. She sat on the edge and I put her panty up and asker her innocently how come she has hair in her pubic area. She said it comes with age. I nodded and helped her wear her skirt. After that she wore the bra and T-shirt by herself and I rushed to finish the game.
My sister came back from her friends place in the evening by then and started studying. After having dinner I continued with my studies and about to sleep when I heard Sonya calling my name. I went to check her out, she was growing in pain. I asked her if I could help she said nothing but asked me if I could sleep with her tonight so that if she needs something she doesn’t have to scream.
I agreed and slept next to her. She was wearing the same clothes. She asked me if I could help her to the bathroom as she wanted to pee. I took her, she sat on the commode and I was watching her. I wanted to ask her how come she does not have a dick like stuff which she said girls do not have that. We went to bed and was lying when she asked me that if I am aware of sex, pussy and other stuff. I said no to her as
I really didn’t know my friends are those groups who are geeks and who do not waste any time other than studying. She asked me if I know why girls do not have the stick like thing to which she said that girls have a hole to accommodate the stick that’s how nature have created them. I was surprised knowing that to which I said not possible. She said yes that is the truth.
I asked her how, she asked me to come on top of her and try entering the pole and it will go inside her pussy to prove her point. To find out if that is true I went between her legs and inserted my dick. As it was 4 inch thin at that time, it went easily. I could see my sister moaning to which I asked what happened. She said that she is having pain in her pussy for which it needs a pole massage and asked me to move to and fro.
Unknowingly I was fucking her in a steady pace without even realizing what I am doing and with whom I am doing. After few minutes she asked me to get off as the pain is gone. As a happy brother to his sister, I slept off. This was every day’s chores between me and Sonya for next few days until she was fine again. Every night she asked me to massage her with my pole to give her relief from the pain.
When our parents returned, she asked me to promise her that I will not tell her anything about the incident or the massage thing to which I said I will not tell. Now it’s up to the readers to decide if this was not an exploitation which I went though in my early days. All you comments are welcome and how my sister got married, how was how first night with me post marriage in the next update depending on the responses I get.
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