Thursday, 8 September 2011

how sisters fucked me

i got very wild penis molestation by my own sisters and female cousins. It was about 6 years ago at that time I was about 13-14 years. In summer vacation of school I had gone to my native village with my parents and my sister who was one year older than me. We had not gone to our village for many years. So I was too excited .my uncle-aunty and their children’s live in the village. There were two female cousins who were elder to me and one male cousin who was younger to me. When we reached to village I could not adjust myself in rural environment. But soon my sister became good friend of my female cousins. After some day we had started irritating one others for own dominance and superiority. I did not want to stay too long but we had a plan to stay for one month.
One day we had made a plan for a river bath, as there was a river in the village. We reached to riverside and started bathing and swimming in river. But soon there had become altercation between my female cousins and me. Suddenly my female cousins pulled down my underwear and grabbed my balls. My balls pulled me out from water. My cousins had started teasing my genitals. When I started protesting one of them had hold my hands from behind. The started teasing genitals and showing my privates to my sister. I started abusing them. They became furious and they stuffed my underwear in my mouth as much as they could like a gag. My sister started laughing madly on my helpless situation.
After a short time they had leave me. I thought it was all over. But the worst thing was to be happened with me. Next day our parents and uncle-aunty had gone in village to attend local ceremony. They left us for house keeping. At that time again my female cousins attacked on me and forcefully removed my all clothes. And again started teasing my genitals and spanking on my bare butts. Suddenly one of them had whispered something in the years of my sister and they both started smiling. After that I was forced to go on my all fours like a dog. They started hard spanking. One of them had abruptly shoved a round stick in my asshole. I shouted in pain and tried to run away but they all grabbed me. They grabbed my balls and again forced me to go for same position. After that they started fucking my ass hole with stick.
My sister too joined my female cousins. she was fucking my ass hole with stick and others were teasing genitals and squeezing my balls. They all together did this one by one. I felt, as despite a boy I was gang raped by my two female cousins, it was a humiliating and horrible experience. I thought it was worst and last but I was again wrong.
After that incident my female cousins and my sister had started taunting and molesting my all privates part whenever they got a chance. they had squeezed my balls and penis over trouser or they used to hit on my ass. This all made me irritated and one day i had hit one of them. In evening they found me again alone so they grabbed my arms and one of them slapped on my face by saying you need another lesson, and one of them pulled downed my pants and underwear. Both my female cousin and my sister grabbed my penis and balls with their hands while the second female cousin was standing behind holding my both arm twisted.
My sister started giving hard yank to my penis. She was pulling my penis like a spring. She pulled my penis so hard and then leave it and again she pulled as much as she could. She did that until i started screaming in pain. I begged her mercy but she said she is going to pull and yank my penis until it would become as loose as a rubber, and started again yanking it but due to pain I started screaming. So once again they stuffed my underwear in my mouth badly. Meanwhile my cousin, who was holding my hands, suddenly grabbed my soft ass cheeks in both her hands by inserting her fingers deep inside my ass and started spreading my ass as far as she could. I felt that she was going to tear my ass–cheecks. Her nails were very big and sharp so it was causing too much pain inside my ass and she was nailing too. It was very horrible condition. My sister was pulling and yanking my penis and one cousin was holding, squeegeeing my balls and other was spreading my ass apart. I wanted to
scream but as my mouth was stuffed from my underwear and my both hands was caught by them so neither I could scream nor move to anywhere.
After 20 minutes they again forced me to go all my fours like a cow. They said now they would milk my penis like a cow and they started milking my hanging penis like a cow. They did this one by one and all my penis and fore skin has started burning due to too much friction and scratching so it was causing extreme pain.
After another 30 minutes they left me and they took kiss of my checks by saying beware of us and never try to hit us. After that incident i never oppossed and protest what they wanted to do with me. They molested me and my genitals with a number of methods until I had left the village but unfortunately I had to stay there one months.
One day they complained a severe false charge against me to my mom.they said i was sniffing panties of my elder female cousins and trying to peek inside bathroom when my cousins were bathing. That made my mom so angry so i got another humilation and punishment infront mom and aunty. I was forced to go nude and then they had punished and humilatle me. after that incident my female cousins and my sister had started molesting my genitals sister alwayas wanted to molest my genitals she frequentely grabbed my penis and started pulling and yanking it mercilessley.she forced me to seat over her laps nude and she held my penis and she pulled it up and down brutely. whenever i had complained to mom for stop this she said you deserve it whatever punishments you getting.and after that i returned my home back and my sister continued to molest me, even mu mom also liked it. she likes when my sister humiliate and molest me because she never stopped my sister. They are still h
umiliating me but not so frequently. I am still not allowed to wear any undergarments in house. They humiliates me in public too. i remember when my aunt came my sister told her how she dominate me . my aunt asked to her if she could do that alone. than my sister attacked on me .she pushed me down and inserted her hands in my paint and grabbed my balls firmly and after that she removed my paints by pulling it. So i was standing nude and she was grabbing my balls so that I could not ran off. After that once she invited her four friends to home. When they all came to house. She again forcefully removed my clothes her friends were too assisting her. I was feeling shamed and humiliating so I covered my genitals by my hands and I started abusing her. She became very aggressive and she tied my both hands in my back and stuffed clothes in my mouth. After that she wrapped a cloth bandages in my hole face excluding my nose. my face was looking like a mummy. after she grabbed my balls
very firmly she dragged me in her room . Where she molested my penis and balls brutally and her friends too did that. After that she brought a gas lighter and inserted the lighter in my ass by stretching it. After that she pushed the button of lighter and I felt electric shocks in my ass ..All her friends were laughing and gig lings for what was she doing. When her friends went she asked me it was punishment of my misbehaving and not obeying her orders. I was humiliated in public many times. But still most humiliating thing for me is tat when she molest me in front mom. some times she made me nude and molest my genitals while watching T.V my mom were also there and she did not feels its uncomfortable.times i was forced to go nude in outdoors too.worst thing was when once we are in farm and i was forced to nude in-front many females.and after that my sister holed my penis and she almost pulled me from farm to home in village.last week my aunt came in my house.and my sister f
ound a new method for humiliating sister asked to my aunt that she wanted to take her photograph by holding my aunt and mom laughed on it but finally they both became ready.i was made nude and firstly my aunt came behind me and grabbed my penis and my sister toked a photograph. after that my mom came and she grabbed both my penis and balls and my sister toked another photograph.after that my mom stroked my penis and squeezed my balls was totally humiliating when i saw these photos in mobile and after that in computer.after that incident my female cousins had also come to my house. and one day they all planned to fuck me by strapon . i was forced to go nude and than my sister and female cousins fucked my asshole by toy penis even they had shoved sugar and chili also in my ass hole and again fucked my ass hole brutally . it was extremely painful…………

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